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A massive explosion sounded out as a powerful shockwave blasted the doors and windows open. Countless rocks flew everywhere as Zhao Fu stared outside in shock. There was a massive crater that was hundreds of meters wide in the ground outside, with the spike that Zhao Fu had condensed at the center.

This destructive power was quite shocking; after all, there were countless protective restrictions within the Great Qin Palace, and the bricks used were all incredibly tough.

After hearing this disturbance, the nearby soldiers all quickly hurried over.

They stared at the massive crater in shock and respectfully called out from outside, "Your Majesty, are you alright?"

Zhao Fu waved his hand, signaling that everything was fine, and had them withdraw.

With a slight thought, the spike within the crater flew back and hovered in front of Zhao Fu, turning back into its orb-form.

This Saint Realm Domain was quite powerful, and Zhao Fu felt that it would be very useful; he could use it as a powerful trump card in the future. Moreover, Zhao Fu found that his body could store many of these transparent blood-red orbs.

A single Saint Realm Domain had such immense power, so if he could have a large number of them, the power that he would be able to unleash would be incredibly terrifying.

During the Emperor Path College examination in three years, this Saint Realm Domain would definitely become a powerful method for Zhao Fu. Thinking about this, Zhao Fu grinned, feeling quite excited.

Zhao Fu took out another Saint Realm Blood God Pill and swallowed it. A blood-red Domain once again expanded out, and Zhao Fu started to refine it.

Because Blood God Pills could only be used once, consuming this second Blood God Pill did not cause Zhao Fu's cultivation to rise. However, Zhao Fu did not care because his goal was just to refine the Saint Realm Domain and turn it into his weapon.

Seven hours later, there were now seven transparent blood-red orbs floating around Zhao Fu. However, this was far from enough, and Zhao Fu's body could still contain many Saint Realm Domains.

But, Zhao Fu did not have any more Saint Realm Blood God Pills, and Zhao Fu felt that he had been quite extravagant to use such precious and rare Saint Realm Blood God Pills like this.

However, Zhao Fu felt that this was quite worth it because the Emperor Path College examination in three years was incredibly important to him. As such, Zhao Fu did not hold back in increasing his strength.

Now that he did not have any more Saint Realm Blood God Pills and it was quite difficult to obtain Saint Realm corpses in the boundary region, Zhao Fu could only order people to go to the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain. It would be much easier to obtain them there, and with the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's help, it would be quite simple.

The prices at which the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group sold corpses and their attitude towards him made him feel quite embarrassed; they had simply helped him too much.

In total, they were able to obtain 65 Saint Realm corpses, and they were all from various races: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Demons, etc...

Including the seven from before, Zhao Fu now had 72 Saint Realm corpses. This was the limit for how many Saint Realm Domains his body could contain, and this was mainly because of his powerful bloodline. If it was an ordinary person, containing even a single Saint Realm Domain would be impossible.

In the following days, Zhao Fu focused on refining the Saint Realm Domains and turning them all into his own possessions.

Three days later, under a blue sky and white clouds, Zhao Fu stood in the air, surrounded by 72 transparent blood-red orbs. He gave off a terrifying aura that could cause anyone to feel shocked.

Zhao Fu looked at the ground below and stretched out a hand, pressing it down against the air. The 72 transparent blood-red orbs brought with them a massive force as they slammed towards the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Terrifying explosions sounded out as the transparent blood-red orbs blasted into the ground like meteors. Dust and sand were thrown into the air, covering the sky, and the nearby mountains were rocked as if a disaster had descended.

After everything settled, Zhao Fu looked at the 72 craters in the ground and gave a pleased smile. He then did some more testing before returning to Great Qin.

With these 72 Saint Realm Domains, even though Zhao Fu was only at Stage 9, his aura was at the level of a Saint Realm expert.

Not too long after returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu received news that they had found a new godly spirit altar that they could use to summon a godly spirit. They had discovered it while clearing out the Half-Beast Continent, and they were preparing to bring it back to Great Qin.

This godly spirit was quite weak and was an evil god. It required sacrifices of flesh and blood; in actuality, most weaker godly spirits were evil gods.

Evil gods did not use regular methods to condense their Divinity, instead using shortcuts. Even though it made becoming a god easier, they were usually much weaker.

In front of the current Great Qin, this godly spirit was just something that could be used to enhance things. After the altar was brought back to Great Qin, Zhao Fu prepared to summon the godly spirit and kill it to refine it and obtain its Divinity.

Because the human world did not have the Heaven Domain Boundary protecting it and City Lord Seals had become unusable, Zhao Fu planned to personally take charge of this operation to avoid anything unexpected from happening.

Divinities were incredibly useful, and because Zhao Fu had only killed the clones of two godly spirits before, he only had two Divinities, which was not a lot.

It was mainly because the altars of weaker godly spirits were quite hard to find, and Great Qin did not dare to offend more powerful godly spirits. Some godly spirits could descend with their true bodies, and some powerful godly spirits were stronger than even higher-beings.

The various higher-beings were wary of the godly spirits of the godly spirit world, and they would not offend them lightly.

If even higher-beings had to be wary of them, of course Zhao Fu had to take them seriously and only bully some weaker godly spirits.

The altar was quickly moved to Great Qin, and they prepared to make sacrifices. Because they had done this twice before, they still had many of the things around, such as pillars around the altar, which already had people and animals tied up on them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

A priest raised his staff and stood on the black altar as he chanted a strange incantation, causing the black altar to give off a faint light.

The priest then gushed out with all sorts of flattering words before shouting, "Respected Evil Fang God, please descend!"

Swish, swish, swish...

As the priest's words fell, the black altar gave off an intense black light as a powerful attractive force exploded out.

"Arghhh..." the people and animals tied on the pillars looked terrified as they cried out. Their blood and energy were sucked away, leaving behind withered corpses that looked quite terrifying.

Countless traces of blood-red qi gathered above the altar, forming a massive blood-red vortex that brought with it a massive gale.


A massive explosion rang out as space seemed to be torn. Within the center of the blood-red vortex, a long crack appeared, which was filled with darkness. Traces of black qi appeared, filled with an evil and twisted aura.