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 Suddenly, one of the female monkeys sneezed. No matter how calm Zhao Fu was, he couldn't help but be given a great fright. All of his hairs stood on end, but it seemed that the sneeze didn't disturb the other Whitefur Monkeys, who continued to sleep soundly.

A wave of relief washed over Zhao Fu, and he finally came to the side of the sleeping Whitefur Monkey King. This monkey was hugging a female monkey on either side and was snoring loudly. To a monkey, this fellow had reached the pinnacle of its life.

Zhao Fu slowly brought out the Sky Demon Sword, gathered all of his strength, and used the Assassination Technique. He stabbed out, and the Sky Demon Sword turned into a black blur as it soundlessly buried itself into the Whitefur Monkey King's heart, instantly obliterating it. Just like that, the Whitefur Monkey King, who had been blissfully sleeping, was killed.

Following this, Zhao Fu spun his sword and killed the 2 two female monkeys by its side so that the Whitefur Monkey King wouldn't be lonely on its journey to the Yellow Springs.

After the Whitefur Monkey King died, it dropped three items and a large pile of gold coins. Zhao Fu did not hesitate at all, and he immediately put the Whitefur Monkey King and the two female monkeys' corpses, as well as the three items, into the King's Ring to prevent the smell of blood from traveling. As for the pile of gold coins, Zhao Fu did not even bother to look at it.

In the next moment, Zhao Fu rushed over to the Den. Now that the Lord had died, the Den had no owner, so Zhao Fu could choose to conquer it. As such, Zhao Fu did not hesitate, nor did he spend any time looking at the Den's information. He chose to conquer and [Relocate] the Den.

At this moment, even though Zhao Fu had dealt with the blood from the Whitefur Monkey King and the two female monkeys quite well, all of the Whitefur Monkeys received a system announcement that their Den had been conquered. In that instant, almost all of the Whitefur Monkeys were shocked awake.

Just as Zhao Fu put the silver clay into his King's Ring and was about to pick all of the white spirit fruits, countless furious gazes fell on his body, and Zhao Fu felt a chill pass through his body.

Zhao Fu didn't even think as he immediately tossed out a white orb. The white orb gave off large amounts of light in the air, and it seemed quite piercing in the darkness.

Suddenly, a 7-meter tall black bear descended from the sky. As it landed, the ground quaked - Zhao Fu had chosen to use the Soul Crystal that he had obtained not too long ago.

When the massive Ironback Demon Bear landed in the center of the horde of monkeys, its powerful aura seemed to suppress everything around it, and it opened its mouth and sent 30 or so energy bombs towards the monkeys around it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions sounded out as each energy bomb sent countless Whitefur Monkeys flying. If there weren't so many monkeys, they would have been scared witless and ran, but with nearly 10,000 Whitefur Monkeys, there was nothing for them to be afraid of.

The Whitefur Monkeys furiously roared, and it was to the point that their roars could be heard in the surrounding 10-kilometer radius area. Following this, the monkeys started to charge at the Ironback Demon Bear.

As the two sides clashed, Zhao Fu took advantage of this chaos to silently vanish and escaped. He returned to where the soldiers were resting and told them to quickly run, as the Whitefur Monkeys had started to go berserk.

The soldiers had heard the Whitefur Monkeys' roars, and they had felt quite scared. They knew their Majesty had gone off to do something, and when they saw him return safely, they let out sighs of relief.

Following this, Zhao Fu led the soldiers and ran tens of kilometers away before finally stopping and resting.

By now, the sun was slowly rising, and they had spent most of the night running. The soldiers caught a few wild rabbits and were roasting them, and Zhao Fu started to look through what he had gained.

The Whitefur Monkey King only dropped three items, which was quite a small amount considering that the Ironback Demon Bear dropped four items.

The first item was something that Zhao Fu was familiar with. It was a white orb that was as big as a pebble. Indeed, it was a Soul Crystal.

[Soul Crystal - Whitefur Monkey King]: The Soul Crystal of a powerful creature that can summon the specific creature. The creature's strength will be 80% of what it was before, and it can only be used once.

Zhao Fu never expected that after using one, he would obtain another one. It was quite the coincidence.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the second item, an Innate Orb.

[Sky-Splitting Roar]: Grade: B grade, Description: Releases a powerful soundwave attack.

This skill probably counted as a special skill. Sound-type skills were different compared to normal skills, and because they were difficult to defend against, this skill was quite good.

The third item was another Talisman. This Talisman was unlike the Allmonster Warding Talisman, as the paper it was made on was gold and the ink was white, but it also had mysterious runes on it.

[10,000 Kilometer Teleportation Talisman]: A very mysterious high-grade Talisman that can teleport the user anywhere within a 10,000-kilometer radius area, and it ignores all spatial locks.

After looking at the Talisman's description, Zhao Fu was shocked. He knew that the Talisman was quite powerful, as it could teleport him within a 10,000-kilometer radius area without a teleportation channel. What's more, it could even be used when there were spatial locks, which added to its value.

Zhao Fu did some tests and found that it could even be used in Void Zones. However, this item was a consumable, and it could only be used once.

Compared to the items that the Ironback Demon Bear dropped, these three items were quite lacking, and there wasn't a City Creation Stone. Perhaps Zhao Fu had used up all of his luck after killing the Ironback Demon Bear.

Finally, Zhao Fu took out the silver clay. The clay looked quite soft, but it was actually quite hard, and Zhao Fu found that he could not mold it as he wished. It was most likely similar to the statues from Dens, as it had also been floating above the round stage. Zhao Fu looked at its description.

[Universal Den]: Grade: Silver, Description: A Special Den that any creature can conquer, and it will spawn creatures of the same race.

After seeing this, Zhao Fu was quite shocked. This Den was not restricted by race, so any animal could conquer and spawn the same type of animal.

This item was definitely incredibly precious, but Zhao Fu wasn't sure if it could really spawn any type of creature. For example, if Zhao Fu obtained a dragon and had it conquer this Den, would it spawn dragons? If it could, Zhao Fu would laugh himself to death.

It seemed that the risk he had taken had definitely paid off. Even though the items that the Whitefur Monkey King dropped were quite lacking, he had obtained a Special Den, so Zhao Fu was quite content. His only regret was that he had not been able to obtain any of those white spirit fruits.