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 Now, Zhao Fu was going to have Little Scale develop for a while and gather enough strength before expanding out. His goal this time was complete.

Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and found that the situation with the four other worlds was at a stalemate, and he guessed that things would be like that for a while. They were unable to break through Great Qin's defenses, while Great Qin could not do much to them either. As such, the only path they had was the Fish Scale world.

At the same time, Zhao Fu received news from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, requesting for him to participate in an Ancient Stem Banquet. This was organized by the Five Great Sects, 20 Royal Kingdoms, and a few major financial groups, and it was one of the largest events in the Ancient Stem Domain.

Not only were there all sorts of rare treasures, but there were also all sorts of races and genius-level figures. After all, they would be re-ranking the Ancient Stem Rankings, so the various geniuses had to be present. Of course, the prizes were incredibly abundant as well.

Thinking about how all of the major factions of the Ancient Stem Domain would be present, the prizes definitely would not leave anyone disappointed. As such, Zhao Fu was quite interested.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group had requested for Zhao Fu to attend as an Elder of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, and it had asked incredibly sincerely. As such, Zhao Fu quickly agreed.

Great Qin was at a stalemate with the worlds around it, so Zhao Fu did not have much to do anyways. Perhaps going would result in him obtaining some gains, so it was worth going.

There were still five days until the Ancient Stem Banquet, so Zhao Fu was not in a rush. He returned to his chambers to continue to cultivate; by now, his cultivation was at the peak of Stage 8, and it was just a bit away from breaking through to Stage 9.

A day later, a muffled explosion sounded out as a powerful aura burst forth. A black aura flame erupted around Zhao Fu and gave off a faint black light as Zhao Fu's body once again went through changes.

An hour later, the aura around Zhao Fu stabilized and he opened his eyes, causing a black light to flash. Zhao Fu now had Stage 9 Cultivation.

This power was not something that someone at Stage 8 could content with, and his constitution had also become much stronger. His mind and senses had also gone through changes.

Zhao Fu did not stop cultivating and instead planned to continue. He took out a blood-red medicinal pill. This blood-red medicinal pill was as big as a longan fruit and had a jade-like luster. It contained a powerful might because this was a Blood God Pill refined from the corpse of someone in the Saint Realm, and it was not something that an ordinary Blood God Pill could compare to.

After the Nine Stages were the Nine Realms, and there was a great level of difference between them, just like the heavens and the earth. Saint Realm experts were incredibly difficult to kill, and Zhao Fu had obtained this corpse from the outside.

This corpse had been obtained when they had invaded the three worlds. Luckily, Nation Armaments were still usable, or Zhao Fu would have been doomed when facing so many powerful experts.

Zhao Fu swallowed this Blood God Pill, and as it entered his stomach, it gave off a brilliant light. A blood-red Domain spread out, covering Zhao Fu's body.

This was Saint Realm power that the Saint Realm brought, and before, that higher-being had asked Zhao Fu what the Saint Realm was. Zhao Fu did not have that level of cultivation, so he naturally could not answer. However, after using this Blood God Pill, Zhao Fu had a better understanding of the Saint Realm.

The Saint Realm was essentially exceeding mortality and stepping into the realm of the divine. Whether it was one's constitution, lifespan, or power, they all went through fundamental changes.

The constitution of those in the Saint Realm was completely different to those below the Saint Realm; their fleshly body was not only incredibly powerful, but they could also even use their bodies to refine medicinal pills like using spirit medicines, and this was quite effective.

They also received a great increase to their lifespan, which was many times their original lifespan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Finally, the power that the Saint Realm wielded completely exceeded anything that Stage 9 could use; it was on a completely different level.

The Saint Realm also formed a Domain, and within the Domain, one would be the sovereign. The power that would wielded within the Domain was similar to source energy.

It was also different to a Domain obtained through one's comprehension. For example, Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain was something he had comprehended, which was more about his mind and spirit. The Saint Realm used one's fleshly body as the foundation to create a Domain.

As such, refining the corpse of someone in the Saint Realm would result in the Blood God Pill still preserving some of the Saint Realm's power.

At the same time, a Saint Realm corpse had all sorts of powerful effects and could be used in various ways, so they were quite rare and valuable. They were usually worth more than ten times as much as the corpse of a Stage 9 expert.

The blood-red Domain was three meters wide, and because Zhao Fu only had Stage 9 Cultivation, he could not fully refine this Saint Realm power. However, after refining it, it would greatly increase his strength and constitution.

After refining the power for a while, Zhao Fu had not even refined 10%; this was incredibly slow. Zhao Fu could only think of other methods, and he thought of his terrifying Sovereign level bloodline, which he could use to forcefully refine the Saint Realm Domain's power.

Currently, Zhao Fu's Sovereign level bloodline was incredibly terrifying, and using it to refine the power of this Saint Realm Domain would be quite easy.

Zhao Fu started to invigorate his bloodline's power, causing his bloodline to start to roil, and a black aura flame appeared around Zhao Fu's body.

This aura flame quickly expanded, and it soon filled the entire blood-red Domain. The blood-red Domain became dimmer and dimmer at a speed observable by the naked eye as its power was quickly refined.

Zhao Fu's body quickly absorbed this Saint Realm power, and the blood-red Domain continuously became dimmer until it finally disappeared.

After refining the Saint Realm Power, Zhao Fu's own strength greatly increased, while his constitution increased by a slight amount; this was because Zhao Fu's constitution was already quite powerful.

After stabilizing his power, what surprised Zhao Fu was that a blood-red Domain had appeared within his body. This Domain was quite special and remained within Zhao Fu's body like some sort of item. It had a powerful connection to him, and precisely speaking, it was like a part of his body.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and a blood-red Domain appeared on his palm. At first, it was only as big as a marble. Soon, it had become as big as a rubber ball and looked like a transparent, blood-red orb.

This blood-red Domain contained immense power, as this power belonged to the Saint Realm. Using Saint Realm power while still at Stage 9? Thinking about that, Zhao Fu felt quite excited and started to investigate this blood-red Domain.

He soon found out that it could be used as an ordinary Domain, as a Saint Realm Domain, and even as a special weapon.

Zhao Fu condensed the transparent blood-red orb into a 30 centimeter long spike that was also transparent and blood-red colored.

Following this, Zhao Fu lightly flicked his wrist, sending the spike flying out. It pierced through the doors of his chambers in just an instant and slammed into the ground outside.