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 Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates to discuss how to help that faction quickly develop. They could not draw too much attention, but they could not develop it too slowly either.

This was a special matter, and everyone was incredibly tense. If they were not careful, they would be discovered, and with their prior experiences, Zhao Fu had to be incredibly careful.

Zhao Fu needed a large amount of power, and he could not develop the faction too slowly, as Great Qin did not have much time. Great Qin could be discovered by higher-beings at any moment, and once they were discovered, they would be dead beyond a doubt.

As such, Zhao Fu wanted to quickly raise Great Qin into a Royal Kingdom and leave this boundary region and head to the inner regions.

However, he found that it would be quite difficult to develop that faction due to the Contract. Great Qin could not directly do anything, and it could not reveal all of it cards, or they would discover that Great Qin was behind this.

A Minister stepped out and cupped his hands as he lowered his head, saying, "Your Majesty, this Minister has a suggestion. Since we are unable to use Great Qin's power, we can only help them raise their own strength. We can give them a large number of Blood God Pills and equipment and cause some chaos that will give them the opportunity to rise up."

Following this, he explained this in detail, and Zhao Fu felt that this was quite viable.

Great Qin had a shocking number of Stage 1 Blood God Pills stored up, billions of them. the Fish Scale people roughly had Stage 0-6 to 0-7 Cultivation, so if he gave them a large number of Blood God Pills, they would instantly be able to nurture a large number of Stage 1 soldiers.

If he then provided them with a large amount of good-quality equipment, they would not be weak at all and would be able to rise up and form a useable army.

At the same time, these things were not restricted by the Contract, so Zhao Fu could provide these things without receiving a penalty.

Now, the most important thing was to create some chaos to give this faction a chance to rise up.

This was left to the 11 Assassin Leaders. Zhao Fu first had them officially leave Great Qin's forces and join the Fish Scale world's forces before carrying out their assassinations. Their main task was to assassinate leaders of factions; once the leader of a faction died, there would definitely be a lot of chaos.

The assassination abilities of the 11 Assassin Leaders were incredibly powerful, and Zhao Fu had also given them the Darkness Soul Jades, which had perfectly fused with them. Not only had it raised their assassination abilities, but it also made them more powerful and gave them a trace of the Darkness Bloodline, which further helped with assassinations.

Now, their cultivations were all at Stage 7 but assassinating Stage 9 experts would not be too difficult. Giving them this mission was perfect.

Following this, Zhao Fu set the plan into motion.

The faction had around 40 million people and counted as a mid-sized faction on that Continent. However, in Great Qin's eyes, it was still too weak and small. After all, Great Qin could easily conquer a Continent now.

Zhao Fu personally brought a large amount of Blood God Pills and equipment, which greatly moved the Fish Scale people. They had never thought that Great Qin's Emperor would personally come, and they quickly kneeled to pay their respects.

Seeing their attitude, Zhao Fu felt quite pleased and smiled as he said, "As long as you are truly willing to serve Great Qin, We will not treat you unfairly."

Following this, Zhao Fu took out the Blood God Pills and equipment so as to help them quickly increase their strength. They were extremely grateful to Zhao Fu; without doing anything, they had received such massive rewards.

One week later, their faction had become much stronger and satisfied Zhao Fu's requirements, and only then did Zhao Fu set the next stage of the plan into motion.

With the current situation in the Fish Scale world, it was impossible for solitary small factions to survive, as they would be undoubtedly destroyed by others. Now, there were only large factions or alliances made from many small factions.

The faction loyal to Zhao Fu was called Little Scale, and there were three alliances and one Nation Legacy next to it.

The three alliances were about as strong as Little Scale, and they were called White Lake, Six Jades, and Qi Moon. The Nation Legacy was called the Guyu Nation and did not have a very long history, but it was quite powerful. Before, it had been suppressing the four factions around it by itself.

Something that was good was that this Nation Legacy did not have a Nation Armament, making it much easier to deal with.

Zhao Fu wanted to have Little Scale first ally with the three alliances to destroy the Guyu Nation. The alliances had been suffering from the Guyu Nation's pressure and threat this entire time, so it was impossible that they would not want to act. As such, allying together would most likely be quite easy.

Zhao Fu had people from Little Scale write letters, and the three alliances were quite willing to ally together. In actuality, they all had thoughts of allying together because the Guyu Nation was too powerful and they could not stop it by themselves.

Zhao Fu had wanted to ally with the three alliances and attack together, and he would have his Assassin Leaders assassinate the leaders of both sides, resulting in both sides suffering heavy losses while he would reap the gains at the end.

However, the three alliances were not willing, as they felt that it was not yet time. If they fought against the Guyu Nation with their current strength, they would suffer heavy losses, and it would be detrimental to their development.

This forced Zhao Fu to give up on his original plan and carry out his backup plan.

At night, a muscular Fish Scale man sat on his throne within the Guyu Nation's Palace and listened to people give reports. He coldly harrumphed, "The four of them allied together and want to attack us? They're seeking death. Gather the army and follow this King to destroy them!"

A Minster hurriedly said, "O King, we must not act rashly. The combined strength of the four of them is not weaker than the Guyu Nation; if we forcefully attack, we will suffer heavy losses. We should think of other methods."

The muscular Fish Scale man looked quite displeased as he said, "What other methods are there? This King wants to quickly destroy them and increase our own strength. Only then will we have a chance at stopping Great Qin in the future."

The Minister replied, "Their alliance is but a temporary measure, and it was started by Little Scale. How about we maintain good relations with the three factions and destroy Little Scale before turning on each of them?"

The other Ministers nodded in agreement; this was the safest option, as attacking the four of them would be quite risky.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After concluding the meeting, the Guyu Nation decided to go with the plan proposed by that Minister. They planned to deliver gifts and establish friendly relations with the three alliances before destroying Little Scale, which had instigated all of this.

However, late at night, 11 figures snuck into the Guyu Nation's Palace. The King only had Stage 8 Cultivation, but because he had his Fate Dragon and was within his Legacy City, it was easy for him to sense that something was wrong and be awakened.

However, a magic formation suddenly appeared on the ground as a formless Domain silently spread out - this was the Assassin Domain.

The Fish Scale King was furious as he held his long saber. 11 figures appeared around him from the darkness, and the battle quickly concluded. Under the cooperation of the 11 people, it was virtually impossible for the Fish Scale King to survive.