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 Zhao Fu sat on his throne as he listened to Li Si report about the injuries and casualties from the battle. A trace of fury could be seen on his face; even though the two Kingdoms had immediately withdrawn, they had still suffered heavy losses.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Great Qin's army did not have a very powerful advantage and could no longer sweep through the three worlds. However, Great Qin still had a numerical advantage.

Before, Zhao Fu had wanted to develop the two Kingdoms and use them as pieces to turn the situation around, but he had never thought that they would be discovered so early on. Now, he had taken a big loss at the hands of the three worlds.

Luckily, the Killing Sword Kingdom's identity was not revealed, as it was linked to the Killing Sword Master. That person had shaken the entire Ancient Stem Domain and caused countless experts to swarm over.

The Elf World did not dare to offend such an important person. They never would have expected for Zhao Fu to be the Killing Sword Master, nor would they have expected the Killing Sword Kingdom to be a piece of Great Qin.

However, this was a special period, so they had to be careful and not develop the Killing Sword Kingdom too much.

This cut off Zhao Fu's thoughts of expansion to the outside, so Zhao Fu turned his gaze to the two worlds beside the human world. However, before Zhao Fu had thought for long, he received news that Mo Qi was leading people to attack the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world.

Great Qin's matters had been leaked; there was no way to hide this. They knew that the Great Qin Empire had finished unifying the world and had counter-invaded the three worlds. They also knew about the big battle between Great Qin and the three worlds.

The Dark Demon world had sensed that there was something off about the close connection between the Night Dynasty and Great Qin; after all, Great Qin had also used Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders in the Dark Demon world, and the eight Aquatic Beast Kings had also appeared before.

In fact, Great Qin had used them to unify the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world; almost everyone knew about this. This confirmed that the mysterious organisation behind the Night Dynasty was just Great Qin.

Now, everything made sense - everything that had happened to the Night Dynasty and Ye Cang's rise to power were all due to Great Qin's control.

Following this, the Night Dynasty's rise, its establishing of a Kingdom, and the unification of the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world - Great Qin was the mastermind behind all of this. All of the Dark Demon people marveled at how insidious Great Qin was to have planned all of this so early.

At first, with Great Qin having such momentum, they could not do anything and could only bide their time. Now that they had heard that Great Qin was fighting with the three worlds outside, they did not hesitate to attack and take back the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu felt a headache coming on. Most of Great Qin's forces were facing off against the three worlds, and now the Night Dynasty was in danger. Zhao Fu could only withdraw some troops to support the Night Dynasty, or else they would not be able to defend against the attacks.

Luckily they had a Contract with the Fish Scale world, so it was impossible for them to attack. Otherwise, Zhao Fu would not have any more soldiers to send.

Great Qin was currently fighting against four worlds, and all of its soldiers were being tied down. It would not have any more forces to defend against an invasion from the Fish Scale world.

Zhao Fu had sent out his three most trusted subordinates: Wang Jian was responsible for standing guard in the Fish Scale world, Bai Qi was responsible for dealing with the three outside worlds, and Wei Liao was responsible for the situation in the Southern Continent in the Dark Demon world.

Now, Zhao Fu's only option was to continue setting up pieces in the Fish Scale world.

With the current situation in the four other worlds, they could not continue setting up pieces there, or else they would most likely be discovered and result in losses for Great Qin.

If they could control another Continent in the Fish Scale world, Great Qin would control three Continents, which was almost half of the entire world. In the future, the Fish Scale world's resistance would be much smaller.

Facing the Fish Scale world, Zhao Fu was mainly concerned with underwater battles. If it wasn't for the fact that they would have to fight underwater, Zhao Fu would not be so wary about the Fish Scale world.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu ordered people to collect information on the other Continents of the Fish Scale world to see which one would be suitable as their next target.

Collecting information needed some time, so Zhao Fu planned to cultivate for a while. Zhao Fu did not forget about the Emperor Path College recruitment in three years, and he had to do well then.

After all, that was the center of the Heaven Domain, where the geniuses of millions of worlds gathered. If he did not work hard, he would be completely destroyed. As such, Zhao Fu did not dare to be careless and used all of his spare time to cultivate.

The bright red sun set over the mountains and stars appeared in the night sky, twinkling with starlight. Night descended as families lit fires, illuminating the dark city.

Zhao Fu sat cross-legged on his bed, his eyes tightly closed. The fiery crow mark on his chest gradually disappeared, causing the high temperature around him to recede. The rabbit mark gradually appeared, causing gentle moonlight to be drawn over and wrap around Zhao Fu's body.

After obtaining these two Devil Marks, Zhao Fu's cultivation progressed much faster both during the day and night. During the day, the Sun Devil helped Zhao Fu collect Extreme Yang Qi, and during the night the Moon Devil helped Zhao Fu collect a large amount of Extreme Yin Qi.

However, there was a slight side-effect to this, which was that Zhao Fu's power now contained a trace of Devil Qi. Zhao Fu did not feel that this affected him much, so he did not pay it much mind.

Soon, he stopped his cultivation as the people collecting information in the Fish Scale world had returned and brought with them some surprising information.

There were actually people who took the initiative to contact Great Qin and expressed their willingness to submit. Some people could not bear the pressure anymore; by doing so, they would not have to worry about Great Qin and would be preparing for the future.

When Great Qin's intelligence officers were collecting information, they had secretly notified them of their intention, expressing that they were willing to submit to Great Qin.

In order to take precautions, Zhao Fu first had people investigate this information. After confirming that they were truly willing to submit, a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face.

Since they had come to find Great Qin and were willing to submit, Zhao Fu did not have to go and find a target himself.

Moreover, they were next to the Darkwater Continent, which made it even easier for Zhao Fu.

According to the information, their faction was not very powerful, and it was made up of five or six small factions. They controlled ten or so regions and were waiting for Great Qin to incorporate them. After hearing that their surrender had been accepted, they were wild with joy.

They had never thought that they would immediately come to the attention of Great Qin's Emperor; if they performed well, they would have a high status in Great Qin in the future. When Great Qin conquered the Fish Scale world, they would have the highest status out of all of the Fish Scale people.

This was something that a small faction like theirs did not even dare to think about. However, even though they were extremely happy, they could not overtly do anything in order to prevent the factions around them from realizing that they had submitted to Great Qin. Otherwise, they would not be able to accomplish anything.