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 Zhao Fu did not care much for their treasures anyways; the main things were the Cities and people. As such, he had them give up on everything and escape to the Continents controlled by Great Qin. Otherwise, the people of the two Kingdoms would be slaughtered by the other Kingdoms.

The various Kingdoms soon heard about the two Kingdoms withdrawing. At first, they had been hiding their intentions, wanting to suddenly attack and slaughter the people of the two Kingdoms.

However, their plot had been discovered, so they did not hold back anymore and ferociously charged towards the two Kingdoms. They also spread news of the two Kingdoms' betrayal, causing everyone to view them with hatred.

The neighboring Kingdoms took this opportunity to quickly conquer the territory of the two Kingdoms, obtaining great benefits. They wanted to stall the two Kingdoms while waiting for the armies of the other Kingdoms to destroy the two Kingdoms.

The two Kingdoms were Marquisate Kingdoms and had over 1,000 regions. After destroying those two Kingdoms, they could split the territory among themselves.

The sudden attack from the neighboring Kingdoms made it so that the two withdrawing Kingdoms were forced to stop; facing these attacks, they were unable to withdraw.

In the end, they could only give the order for their soldiers to stay behind and defend while the residents escaped.

Time was of the essence, and the various Kingdoms quickly attacked the two Kingdoms, who quickly sent their soldiers to defend while the residents ran. The other Kingdoms' armies also hurried over, while Great Qin also gathered its forces.

"Kill! Those two Kingdoms are traitors of our worlds; don't let them get away!"

The armies from the neighboring Kingdoms formed massive tides as they gave off massive auras and charged forwards.

Ahead, the soldiers of the two Kingdoms had constructed a simple defensive line and were waiting for the Kingdoms to attack. Behind them were countless residents escaping in terror.

Perhaps it was because they had suddenly become traitors, but the morale of the soldiers of the two Kingdoms plummeted, causing the situation to become quite unfavorable; if this went on, they would be defeated without a doubt. If they could not stop these soldiers, they would not be able to withdraw.

A General riding a warhorse shouted, "No matter who's right and who's wrong, they're coming to kill your friends and family. If you don't want your friends and family to die under their swords, all you can do is fight!"

The morale of the soldiers instantly rose; they did not have the time to consider the rightness or wrongness of this situation; all they wanted to do was protect their friends and family and allow them to escape safely.

However, the combined armies of the attacking Kingdoms were many times stronger than the two Kingdoms' armies. Their ferocious auras caused the atmosphere to be incredibly suppressive.

The General on the warhorse stopped in front of the army and looked at the soldiers seriously. As a veteran General of the Lelai Kingdom, his eyes were resolute as he once again shouted out.

"Facing so many of them, are you afraid? Remember, as soldiers, protecting our Kingdom is our mission in life! Not only are you doing this for the Kingdom, you're doing it for the lives of countless residents. Even though you might die, giving your life on the battlefield is immense glory!"

The soldiers' gazes became determined as they looked at the massive army coming towards them. They gripped their weapons, causing an austere atmosphere to descend.

"Charge!!" The General on the warhorse raised his spear and cried out, leading a wave of Cavalrymen to flood forwards with unstoppable momentum towards the incoming armies.

"Kill!" A team of Cavalrymen also split off from the incoming armies to charge towards the Grassi Cavalry.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of metal colliding could be heard as the two Cavalries collided. A shocking aura exploded out as both sides started killing each other.

On the other side, the armies of the various Kingdoms flooded forwards, while the Grassi side had constructed a defensive formation that was like a firm and unbreakable mountain.


A massive explosion sounded out as the frenzied flood smashed against the mountain; an enormous battle soon unfolded.

Spears stabbed out of the shield wall, piercing the incoming enemies. Blood continuously spurted out, and soon, some Shieldbearers were sent flying backwards. The incoming enemies charged into the shield wall, causing cries to sound out.

People from the Grassi World and Half-Beast World continuously headed over. With their combined power, destroying these two Kingdoms would be incredibly simple.

By now, Great Qin's army had finally finished its preparations and simultaneously attacked both worlds ferociously.

The people from the two worlds were not too surprised, as they had guessed that Great Qin would do this to protect the two Kingdoms. As such, they quickly reorganized their forces defensively.

"Roarrr..." Great Qin's beasts gave heaven-shaking roars as they unleashed violent auras; it was as if a catastrophe was about to descend.

The beast army attacked first, but they were not too effective. The two worlds were prepared and had many items that countered large beasts.

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On the Grassi side, a large amount of green light exploded out, dyeing the sky green. Massive spears leaving behind rays of light caused the air to explode as they shot towards the Great Qin's beasts.

"Roar..." on the Half-Beast side, they summoned half-wolf and half-human monsters that gave off loud roars. These monsters had powerful auras, and their blood-red eyes were filled with madness as they charged towards Great Qin's beasts.

It was not just these two worlds attacking; the Elf World on the side was also of the same mind and gathered forces to attack Great Qin.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive explosions sounded out as the ground violently trembled. Massive trees that were 70 or 80 meters tall and had hands, feet, and human faces appeared - these were the Ancient Treants of the Elves.

The sudden explosion of battle caused the clouds to swirl and filled the surrounding worlds with an austere aura. The neighboring worlds were completely dumbfounded; they had only just concluded the mediation, yet such a large battle was unfolding again, making them feel quite startled.

Luckily both sides held themselves back; after suffering some losses, the battle concluded. The Lelai Kingdom and Blue Wolf Kingdom were able to withdraw into Great Qin's territory with great difficulty after having suffered heavy losses. They were only able to withdraw with 70% of their residents and 30% of their soldiers.

However, things were not completely over yet. Both sides stood guard at the boundary, facing off against each other. The smell of gunpowder seemed to fill the air, and it was as if any slight action could cause an explosion.

Both sides were like water and fire, and nothing could fix their relationship. The surrounding worlds did not interfere anymore; it seemed that there would no longer be peace here.