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 Zhao Fu flew to the City Walls and stopped. There were countless restrictions above the City, which evidently did not permit flying. There was a team of white-armored soldiers outside the City Gates. Even the ordinary soldiers here had Stage 5 cultivation, which made Zhao Fu feel quite shocked.

After all, in Great Qin, only City Lords had Stage 4 or Stage 5 cultivation, while just the ordinary soldiers alone here had Stage 5 cultivation. That meant that the Captains and Generals had even higher cultivation.

The white-armored soldiers had decorative dragons on their armor; this was the symbol of the Emperor Path College, and as one of the Heaven Awaken World's Seven Great Colleges, it controlled a large area of over 100 worlds.

From this, one could understand just how powerful the Emperor Path College was. It had existed before even the Heaven Murder Empire, and perhaps from here he could find some information about how the Heaven Murder Empire had perished.

Zhao Fu had always been quite curious about this. After all, with how powerful the Heaven Murder Empire was, it had still perished, and its historical remnants had appeared in the human world. Zhao Fu wondered if some Legacy had been left behind.

The key thing was whether it had any enemies. Great Qin was now closely tied to the Heaven Murder Empire, and Zhao Fu had the Heaven Murder Bloodline.

In order to enter the City, one had to pay a fee. Zhao Fu took out two silver coins and paid to enter the City. Here, copper coins had already lost all value, and the lowest currency here was silver coins.

Before, Zhao Fu did not have any money,because he could not use any spatial items, and even if he had money on his physical body, they would not have been projected over; these coins had been obtained through him casually killing a few beasts and selling their materials to merchants on the outside.

After entering the City, Zhao Fu looked around curiously. The City was bustling with activity, and there were countless peddlers on the sides of the streets calling out, creating a lively scene.

Zhao Fu saw countless races: There were Ghosts, Asuras, Orcs, Elves, Demons, etc...

Some looked quite ferocious, some had horns, some had four arms, some had snake-like eyes, some were tall and had fangs, some had scales, and some only had one eye...

The various different races could cause one to feel quite dazed; the Heaven Domain was the very center of the Heaven Awaken World, where countless races gathered together. It was only understandable that there were so many races here.

Zhao Fu decided to go around with a low-profile, so he first bought a cloak before going around to take a look at the City.

Originally, Zhao Fu should have spent a lot more time in the outer regions, but now that he had come directly to the Heaven Domain, it was quite a big jump. This was quite beneficial to Zhao Fu, as he could understand the situation in the Heaven Domain ahead of time and make plans for the future.

After going around, Zhao Fu felt that it was quite a pity that he could not use any of his spatial items. There were many treasures that could not be found elsewhere that were everywhere here, and Zhao Fu wanted to buy some to take back to Great Qin.

However, this was impossible because Zhao Fu only had his projection, while his real body was in Great Qin.

After taking a look around the City, Zhao Fu headed to his goal for coming here, which was the Emperor Path College. There was a teleportation channel here that directly connected to the Emperor Path College.

A while later, Zhao Fu arrived before the gates of the Emperor Path College. The walls here were made of white bricks, and each brick was quite extraordinary and had a dragon decoration on it.

There were two stone pillars at the entrance. Each of them had nine golden dragons that did not seem like they were engraved; they were like living creatures that moved around on the pillars. It was as if some kind of massive power had sealed the golden dragons in the pillars.

The sign above the gate had golden dragons wrapped around it, and it had three majestic words written on it: Emperor Path College!

The Emperor Path College looked quite domineering and grand, and it gave off a powerful Emperor's aura. No less than expected from the Emperor Path College.

There were eight guards at the entrance who gave off powerful auras. Their Cultivations surpassed Stage 9 and were most likely in the Saint Realm.

Zhao Fu had nothing to say. Those in the Saint Realm in the outer regions were absolute experts and could be said to be the highest existences, while here, they were used as gatekeepers.

Zhao Fu once again felt how powerful the Heaven Domain was, and he felt even more humbled. This place was filled with people who could easily crush him, so he had to be incredibly careful in everything he did.

Zhao Fu only took a look before returning to Great Qin. The Emperor Path College's recruitment period had already passed, so he had to wait three years before they opened recruitment again.

Zhao Fu felt that he could make some preparations during this time. After seeing the Heaven Domain for himself, he felt incredibly small and powerless.

Only by performing exceptionally in the recruitment in three years would he attract more attention and become safer. The world was filled with geniuses, so Zhao Fu did not feel much confidence.

He had to quickly raise his cultivation - he had only been cultivating for six years, while most others had been cultivating since they were young. The gap between himself and others was quite great.

However, if he could enter the Emperor Path College, he would obtain powerful protection, and he and Great Qin would be safe. He would no longer have to worry about being casually destroyed, and it would be a big load off his mind.

Of course, he could only hope that he was not found by a higher-being within three years, or else he would be doomed.

After returning to the palace, Zhao Fu went through documents for a few days before coming before a massive sea of blood.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Before, this had only been a blood lake, but Zhao Fu had expanded it out to over one million meters wide, making it look like a true sea of blood.

A blood-red aura hung in the surroundings, and everything was dyed blood-red. A pungent smell filled the air, and no beast dared to come within 100 kilometers of this place.

This was where Great Qin was refining the Primogenitor Statue. After unifying the world, Zhao Fu had greatly expanded the blood lake, gathering not only the blood of all humans but also the blood from the residents of the three Continents that they had conquered. All of their blood was added to this sea of blood.

After adding such a vast quantity of blood, the rate at which the Primogenitor Statue was refined became dozens of times faster. Zhao Fu no longer had to wait hundreds of years; it was likely that it would be refined within ten years.

Now, the Primogenitor Statue lay at the center of this sea of blood, and it had greatly changed. It now had jet-black hair and its skin was turning black. Its hands were gradually looking like claws, and it started to look Asian.

Japan's Nation Armament, which was made up of three parts, had formed three massive blood-red orbs that hung around the top of the Primogeniture Statue's head. They were also going through changes, and the ripples that they gave off were quite terrifying.

Zhao Fu felt quite hopeful towards the Primogenitor Statue. He hoped that it would be refined soon so that he could unleash its terrifying power.

Great Qin was still clearing out the three Continents that it had conquered. In order to destroy those three worlds in the future, they continued to develop the pieces that they had set up in those worlds so that they had the power to turn the situation around