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 "If you want to thank this Sovereign, just help this Sovereign collect more interesting books in the future. However, this Sovereign needs to remind you that as one of the Seven Great Colleges of the Heaven Awaken World, the difficulty of entering the Emperor Path College is not something an ordinary person can imagine. You'd best be prepared.

"This Sovereign has given you the opportunity, so whether or not you can pass the Emperor Path College's test is up to you. If you fail, you'll have to think of something else.

"Also, it's best that you release all of your abilities and show the higher-ups in the Emperor Path College your potential; only then will they take notice of you and protect you. With the protection of the Emperor Path College, very few people will dare to do anything to you.

"Of course, in order to avoid trouble, it's best to avoid revealing the Origin Mark for now, unless it's absolutely necessary. You need to keep this in mind, or you'll have to stay in the Emperor Path College until you're at the higher-being level."

After reading through all of this advice, Zhao Fu felt incredibly grateful and continuously thanked the higher-being.

Following this, the higher-being sent two items through the Heaven Spirit Stele. One of them was three meters long and was silver-colored, and it looked like a long staff. However, one side was quite sharp, and countless runes danced upon it.

The other item was a blood-red gemstone that was as big as a palm. It was six-sided and gave off a faint blood-red light, and it looked like a treasure.

[Projection Tool]: This item can create a Projection Formation, forming a Projection Domain that can project a person to extremely distant places. It is a top-tier projection tool.

[Projection Jade]: Can be used after fusing into one's chest, allowing one to control the strength of one's projection. Using this Projection Jade, one can project one's true self and cause one's projection to possess the strength of one's true self, but the damage received will not be decreased. Please use with caution.

Zhao Fu looked at the two items and found nothing wrong with them. The projection needed a projection location to be set, which the higher-being had already done for him, so he could directly project himself close to the Emperor Path College.

Zhao Fu planned to test these two things out. He could now directly head to the Heaven Domain, which was something that he had never expected. Even though it was just a projection, which was very limited, being able to see the Heaven Domain would be quite good for him.

"Zhao Fu, it's better to be careful; don't trust others too much. When you use the projection, choose the lowest setting," the golden dragon reminded him.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded; this was indeed true. After all, Zhao Fu was not very familiar with that higher-being, and they had just come to talk a bit by coincidence. This matter concerned his life, so it was best to be careful.

If he was careless and captured as soon as he projected himself over, Zhao Fu would not be able to escape at all and would definitely die.

"What do you think about that higher-being's suggestion? Becoming a student of the Emperor Path College and receiving protection?" Zhao Fu felt that this suggestion was quite good, but he felt that he should ask the golden dragon. After all, it knew much more than him.

The golden dragon did not have any objections and said approvingly, "The Emperor Path College is a good choice; back when the Heaven Murder Empire existed, it already existed. Our Emperor was once a student there, and it is monstrously powerful. With its protection, there are indeed very few people who will dare to harm you.

"That place will also be of great help to you. I originally was thinking of having you join the Emperor Path College after you reached the Heaven Domain, and bringing that forwards is a good thing. This will allow you to understand the situation in the Heaven Awaken World ahead of time."

Hearing the golden dragon's approval, Zhao Fu felt at ease and began to prepare to project himself.

The first thing to do was to stab the Projection Tool into the ground completely. After he had done this, a powerful aura exploded out as a massive magic formation expanded out. A silver beam of light shot into the sky, and a silvery-white barrier formed. It was about 100 meters wide and was filled with silver motes of light.

Zhao Fu put the Projection Jade against his chest, which seemed to be sucked into his chest and slowly fused into his body.

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The motes of silver light within the barrier started to quickly spin, forming a vortex. A massive power started to enter Zhao Fu's body, and he slowly closed his eyes.

When Zhao Fu opened his eyes again, he found himself in a patch of uncultivated land. Zhao Fu had chosen the lowest settings for the projection, so he only had a tiny portion of his actual strength, and his body looked quite hazy.

There were many things that had not been projected over, such as Zhao Fu's weapons, armor, and spatial ring. Only himself and his clothes had been projected.

This was the lowest level of projection, so Zhao Fu had expected this. Projections could not use spatial items, such as spatial rings and some other items related to space.

After arriving here, Zhao Fu felt a dense wave of spirit qi flow towards him, and he could sense that the laws of heaven and earth were firmer here. He felt that by staying here, his cultivation would advance much faster than in the human world; as expected from the center of the Heaven Awaken World.

Zhao Fu looked around him; according to the higher-being, this place was next to a small City near the Emperor Path College. Zhao Fu headed to the City, wanting to see what the true Heaven Domain was like.

The Great Qin Seal had not been projected over, so Zhao Fu could not even fly. As such, he could only walk, but the City most likely was not too far away.

However, before Zhao Fu could take a few steps, a black blur suddenly rushed at him, causing him to feel quite startled. Before he could do anything, that black blur had passed through his body, causing his hazy body to instantly collapse.

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless as he opened his eyes. He had seen that it was a small green bird, and it had roughly Stage 3 Cultivation. Zhao Fu had been instantly killed.

Because Zhao Fu had chosen the lowest level of projection, his strength had been below even Stage 1. However, dying had not harmed him.

This time, Zhao Fu chose the highest level of projection, which was projecting his true self. The place did not seem too dangerous, so it should be fine.

Projecting his true self allowed him to bring with him his Great Qin Seal and equipment, but now he had to be even more careful.

If he received damage, the damage would be fully transferred to his real body. If he was killed here, his real body would die as well. The same was for his equipment: if his equipment was destroyed here, it would be destroyed in the human world as well.

Now that he had his full strength, he did not have to be afraid of the weak beasts in the wilderness. Otherwise, with his strength at the lowest level of projection, he would be completely trampled on by those beasts.

This demonstrated the Heaven Domain's strength; even the most ordinary beasts had such strength. Now that he could fly, Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and flew towards the horizon.

Soon, a grand City appeared before Zhao Fu. The City Walls were 100 meters tall and there were countless structures within the City, spread out in an orderly fashion. There were many structures that were 100 meters tall, and this scale could rival a Barony Kingdom. This was most likely the City that the higher-being had mentioned.