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 The only thing Zhao Fu could be happy about was that the image was incredibly hazy, or else Zhao Fu would immediately have relocated Great Qin and escaped. Otherwise, he would be dead without a doubt. Now that everything was about cultivation, higher-beings were even more terrifying.

Origin Marks were incredibly rare treasures, and any higher-being would want one. If Zhao Fu's identity was completely leaked, he would be hunted down by countless higher-beings, which would be a terrifying scene.

What should he do now? Even though there was no precise location given, the post had clearly said that he was in the boundary region, and even though the image was hazy, it did resemble him. It was possible that those higher-beings could find him.

Now, Zhao Fu felt that his head was going to start swelling up. It had been so difficult for him to develop to this stage, and his future had originally been bright. However, such a thing had happened, and facing higher-beings, Zhao Fu felt completely powerless.

Should he relocate and escape this place? However, he couldn't do such a thing - Great Qin's roots were here, and so many of its subjects were here, making it impossible to move.


Suddenly, a massive explosion sounded out within Zhao Fu's mind, and he instinctively looked up towards the sky. His three Emperor Stars were giving off bright lights as if they were defending against some kind of invasion.

Zhao Fu's heart tightened and had a bad feeling; something was most likely going to happen.

The golden dragon within him said, "There's a higher-being wanting to use heaven-defying methods to divine your location. Don't worry though, with the three Emperor Stars and the boundless Heaven's Secrets power surrounding you, even a higher-being won't be able to divine your precise location."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief, and he asked, "What should I do? If a higher-being finds its way here, Great Qin doesn't have even a bit of power to resist."

The golden dragon thought about it before replying, "Only by leveling up to a Royal Kingdom can you leave the boundary region and head to the true Inner Domains."

Zhao Fu knew this, but conquering another nine worlds was no easy matter, nor could he do it quickly.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of someone - it was the higher-being who loved to read books; perhaps he could give him some ideas. Of course, Zhao Fu was not stupid enough to just go and tell that higher-being that he was the one with the Origin Mark.

"Senior, are you there?" Zhao Fu cautiously sent a message over. When conversing with such a major figure, he had to act incredibly prudently.

A while later, the higher-being replied, "Yes, what is it?"

"I just wanted to ask, you've seen that post regarding the Origin Mark, right? What are your thoughts on it," Zhao Fu asked.

"Haha, that thing is an incredibly rare treasure and anyone would be interested. Also, don't tell me you're the person the post is talking about."

After reading that last sentence, Zhao Fu felt incredibly shocked, and he understood that the higher-being had already guessed his identity. After all, one would not ask about the Origin Mark without any reason, especially to a higher-being.

If Zhao Fu just said that he was curious, it would seem too unbelievable because only ancient historical records contained information about Origin Marks.

Since the higher-being had already guessed at his identity, Zhao Fu did not bother hiding it anymore. He felt that this higher-being was not evil and he had many things to ask him, so he boldly admitted it, "Yes, I'm the person with the Origin Mark."

"Haha, you're quite honest! You're afraid of the other higher-beings finding you, so you wanted to ask this Sovereign what to do, right?"

Zhao Fu bitterly smiled; he had been completely seen through by the other side. He felt that he was still quite inexperienced, so he directly admitted it. As a higher-being, the other side most likely had ways of helping him.

"This is indeed quite difficult to take care of; many people are after that thing, and once your identity is exposed, you'll be dead beyond a doubt. This Sovereign can't help you. Also, isn't that person from the Origin Human Race willing to protect you? With the Origin Race's strength, they should be able to protect you."

Zhao Fu sighed. Tuoba Qing had left a long time ago, and because her power had not yet recovered, she would not have been able to protect him anyways. He felt quite sad that he was unable to protect his own woman.

"Mm, she left, and is unable to protect me."

"Then you have to find an even more powerful existence to protect you. However, don't hope that this Sovereign will protect you; this Sovereign doesn't have that kind of power to deal with so many higher-beings."

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed; it seemed that he could only rely on himself. However, the higher-being continued to speak, making Zhao Fu feel quite startled.

"However, this Sovereign has a suggestion which might be able to resolve your crisis."

Zhao Fu was delighted and hurriedly asked, "What is your suggestion, Senior?"

"Do you know about Emperor Path College? It is one of the Heaven Awaken World's Seven Great Colleges. It has nine higher-beings and even someone who's half a step away from being a Celestial. If you can enter the Emperor Path College, you should be able to receive protection. Also, the Emperor Path College has many things that might be of help to you; you should go there and study."

Zhao Fu had read about the Emperor Path College from a book from the Holy Book Pavilion but had not paid it much mind. He had never thought that it would have so many higher-beings and even someone who was so close to being a Celestial; its power was quite terrifying.

In that case, did he have to go and become a student? Thinking about that, Zhao Fu could not help but laugh; back then, for power and opportunities, Zhao Fu had dropped out of university. Now, for power and his life, he had to study again.

However, he was in the boundary region while the Emperor Path College was most likely within the Heaven Domain. They were so far away, so even if Zhao Fu wanted to go, he would have to spend years traveling.

Moreover, if he went, what would happen to the Great Qin Empire? He couldn't just give up on Great Qin to save his own life. Or should he find a new Legatee for Great Qin before leaving?

Zhao Fu thought about this before dismissing the idea. Zhao Fu had developed Great Qin from a tiny Village and poured everything he had into it. He simply could not just give it up.

However, he had to face reality: what would he do if higher-beings showed up? Not only would he die, the Great Qin Empire that he had raised would perish as well.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu could only refuse the higher-being's suggestion and said, "I'm afraid I can't do such a thing because I'm at the boundary region and I have my own Kingdom; I can't go to the Heaven Domain."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Haha, that can be resolved easily. This Sovereign can give you something that will allow you to send a projection to the Emperor Path College. This is a privilege only given to special students with situations like yours, since the Heaven Awaken World is so big."

Zhao Fu was overjoyed and replied, "Thank you, Senior! If you have anything you need in the future, I will definitely help as much as I can!"

It seemed that he had not made a mistake in becoming friends with this higher-being, and the decision he had made back then was the right one. Otherwise, facing the current situation, Zhao Fu would only be able to take each day as it came.