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 "Congratulations, Your Majesty!" Li Si said with a smile. The instant Zhao Fu unified the Darkwater Continent, Li Si had received the news.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded before returning to the palace and gave out a few orders, "Greatly help the Netherwater Continent and Darkwater Continent develop; in the future, they'll be our main force when attacking the Fish Scale world, so they have to become stronger."

Following this, Zhao Fu dealt with some bigger internal affair matters before heading to the Heaven Spirit Stele to see if there was any way to obtain more brain bugs.

Brain bugs were incredibly useful and could be used to control the leader of a faction. They could perfectly imitate that person, and even if Zhao Fu no longer used them in the Fish Scale world, he could use them in other places, such as the Dark Demon world.

However, while he was still on his way, a black figure shot at him incredibly quickly. Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and grabbed it, finding it to be a black bug. The bug was about one meter long and was quite pudgy, and it had black, gemstone-like eyes.

Zhao Fu frowned and threw the bug onto the ground, wondering why there was such a big bug near the palace.

Soon, he found that there was actually a connection between this bug and himself. After taking a closer look, he found that this big black bug was actually the World-Cleansing Butterfly.

Back then, he had given it to the Flower Fairy to look after, but it had only been as big as a finger. Now, it was much bigger, and if he had not observed it closely, he would not have realized what it was.

The World-Cleansing Butterfly's eyes teared up, looking quite wronged. It was so difficult for it to see Zhao Fu and had happily flown over, yet it had been thrown onto the ground by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu awkwardly smiled and picked up the World-Cleansing Butterfly and hugged it, saying some comforting words. He gave it a few high-quality medicinal pills, making it happier, and he put it on his shoulder.

Zhao Fu had no idea when it would become an actual butterfly; he had obtained it during the Trial Festival, and it had been many years already!

However, as a World Beast, not only did it control the world's energy, but its lifespan was also hundreds of times longer than that of a human's. As such, it was only natural that it took a long time to mature.

Zhao Fu went to the Heaven Spirit Stele and had wanted to see if there was any way to obtain more brain bugs, but something that he had been worrying about had actually happened.

This cased Zhao Fu's good mood from unifying the Darkwater Continent to plummet. The higher-being who had tried to steal Zhao Fu's Origin Mark had revealed Zhao Fu's identity and had exposed the matter about the Origin Mark.

The Origin Mark was one of the top-tier things in the Heaven Awaken World, and some higher-beings had never even seen one before and had only heard of it in the Heaven Awaken World's long history.

Now that it had appeared, it had been listed as one of the greatest secrets of the Heaven Spirit Stele. Only those with a Supreme level account or higher-beings could see this information.

However, this higher-being had been determined to reveal it as a public post, allowing everyone in the Heaven Awaken World to know about it.

"This person's crazy!" Zhao Fu felt that this higher-being may have just driven him to his death. Now that the matter of Zhao Fu having an Origin Mark had been revealed, even if Zhao Fu had 10,000 lives, it would not be enough.

Within the Heaven Spirit Stele, there could be seen many accounts crowding around that information, giving off rainbow-colored lights. This was enough to tell everyone their identities, and seeing this scene, ordinary people could not even speak.

They all looked at the post in shock; this was the first time that they had seen so many higher-beings, 163 in total.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

All forums seemed to be exploding, as this sort of situation was incredibly rare. Ordinary people were not privy to the things between higher-beings, so most people could not see what the higher-beings were saying.

However, they had seen 163 higher-beings gathered together at one post; how could they not feel shocked? Furthermore, more and more higher-beings were gathering.

Below was the content of their discussions:

"Is this true? The Origin Race still exists within the Heaven Awaken World? That is a race that has existed since the beginning - I, Luo, have never seen them before."

"It's most likely true; there was one time the Heaven Domain Heart reacted quite strangely, and it was most likely caused by the Origin Race. Moreover, someone divined that it's the Origin Human Race."

"The one that appeared was most likely the Origin Human Race Mark; I wonder how that person was lucky enough to receive an Origin Mark from the Origin Human Race. That is something that even We would not hesitate to steal."

"Brother, you said that that person is at a remote region at the boundary of the Heaven Awaken World; can you please give us a precise location? The boundary region is so big, so how can we find a person in such a place? Also, you only left behind a faint impression, so it will be quite difficult to find out just who it is!"

"Hah! You're way too optimistic. Just how important are Origin Marks? They can increase the chance of one becoming a Celestial, so how could someone give full information and have everyone know about it? That person evidently gave this much information as revenge; he most likely suffered because of that person."

"Oh? Such a thing could happen to an existence like us? That person from the Origin Race must be beside that person. Whoever provides information on that person, We will reward him with ten worlds and take him as a disciple!"

"Hahaha! You'd best not get your hopes up too much! The Origin Race contains the secrets of creation, and even true Celestials would take them seriously. Don't get dragged in, or else your tens of thousands of years of cultivation might just perish here!"

"It's actually the Origin Human Race; is the Human Race going to rise up? The God, Demon, and Devil higher-beings will most likely work together to suppress the Human Race!"

"Hmph! Our Human Race doesn't fear anyone; come fight if you want!"

"This is quite an eventful period; so many things have happened recently. Things that might have happened over 1,000 years have all happened during this period of time; I'm afraid a catastrophe will soon descend."

"This Sovereign does not have much to say except that I'm willing to provide that person with protection. If you're reading this Sovereign's words, don't worry, this Sovereign won't steal your Origin Mark. I can even take you as a Legacy Disciple."

"Old Lord Bacha, you think people will believe such words that can only deceive children?"

"That person is also from the Human Race, or else the Origin Human Race would not have given him the Origin Mark. Now that he has the Origin Human Race Mark, he might be a Human Emperor in the future!"

"Recently, the Human Race has been acting up and has been quite arrogant, not putting the three Races in their eyes at all. We should teach them a lesson!"

Zhao Fu read through all of these things carefully.

Zhao Fu had read through the original post as well, which gave a simple explanation of how to find Zhao Fu, but there was no precise location. There was also a hazy image, from which one could tell that the person was a male and had unique eyes that gave off an eerie feeling. Apart from that, nothing else was too clear.