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 Time gradually passed, and even though there was no moon tonight, there were many stars sparkling in the sky. As such, even though it was not very bright, it was not completely dark either. Around 1 AM at night, everything became deathly silent, and Zhao Fu started to venture into the Whitefur Monkeys' territory.

Zhao Fu passed through the mountain ridge like a ghost, and soon, he arrived at where 10 or so Whitefur Monkeys were standing guard. By now, all of the Whitefur Monkeys were gone, and there were footprints, rocks, and branches everywhere.

It was likely that many Whitefur Monkeys arrived with rocks and branches after Zhao Fu's party left. However, after finding out that Zhao Fu and his people had left, they threw these things down and left.

Zhao Fu followed the tracks left behind by the Whitefur Monkeys and continued onwards.

On the way, Zhao Fu did not encounter a single Whitefur Monkey, as they had most likely all gone home to sleep. Of course, these animals would not be like humans and have patrols enforced by military discipline.

While humans would keep watch and have patrols that rotated through the night, most beasts would not do this due to their lack of intelligence and discipline.

Zhao Fu passed by some bushes and jumped onto a large tree - he had now arrived at the Whitefur Monkeys' Den.

Ahead of him, there was a countless number of sleeping Whitefur Monkeys on the ground and on the trees. They were gathered quite densely, and there were 8,000 to 10,000 of them.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but become wary. Even though Zhao Fu was confident in his strength and he could deal with a few hundred Whitefur Monkeys, the number of monkeys here would be enough to exhaust him to death. After all, enough ants would be able to bring down an elephant.

The surroundings were filled with normal Whitefur Monkeys, while at the center, in a relatively empty area, there was a nest made of grass with 10 or so monkeys laying down.

One of the Whitefur Monkeys was about 2 meters tall and had black fur, but the white fur on its chest looked like a human's face, which was quite horrifying. Apart from this, it also had two tails, and at their ends, there were spikes that gave off an icy light.

The Whitefur Monkey King was definitely a Lord grade creature, but Zhao Fu was not surprised at this. After all, it would be impossible for it to lead so many monkeys without being Lord grade.

However, what made Zhao Fu quite surprised was that the Den was quite special.

This Den was similar to normal Dens in that the stage was made of brick, but there wasn't a statue floating above it. Instead, there was a silver clay-like item. It gave off a silver light and changed into different shapes, but it did not have a fixed shape, making it seem quite mysterious.

Zhao Fu had never seen such a thing before, but he was sure that it was quite special. After observing the Den from a distance, he did not find anything else that was special about the Den, so he looked to the side.

Beside the Den, Zhao Fu discovered a 3-meter tall tree. There were white fruits that were as big as lychees, and they gave off a strange luster. They definitely weren't normal fruits. They were most likely spirit fruits, and their Stage was definitely quite high as well.

Zhao Fu continued to look around, but he did not discover anything else, nor did he smell any wine. It seemed that the Whitefur Monkeys did not know how to brew Monkey Wine.

Now, it was time for him to act. After going through the various trials in the Assassin historical remnant, Zhao Fu's Stealth had reached an extremely proficient state.

Without leaking even a trace of his aura of making a sound, Zhao Fu passed by the normal monkeys like a ghost and reached the empty space in the middle. The monkeys lying around here were gathered quite densely, and they were stronger than the monkeys on the outside.

Zhao Fu carefully stepped over monkey after monkey, and the slumbering monkeys didn't know that an outsider was amongst them.

After a while, Zhao Fu successfully reached the middle. Now, Zhao Fu became especially careful for fear of waking up the Whitefur Monkey King.

Suddenly, when Zhao Fu reached this place, he smelled a striking odor. He looked over and saw that this odor came from a pool of white fluid, and he also discovered that there were 10 or so female monkeys sleeping at the Whitefur Monkey King's side.

These female monkeys were a bit bigger than the normal monkeys, and they had thick arms and legs and large chests and bottoms. To a monkey, these 10 female monkeys would definitely be beauties that normal monkeys wouldn't ever be able to mate with.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Fu guessed that the Whitefur Monkey King had mated with all 10 females, causing him to shake his head and think to himself, "What a stud."

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the spirit tree, and he wanted to see what sort of spirit fruit the white fruit was. However, as soon as he touched one, it started to lightly ring like a bell.

Zhao Fu's body immediately erupted with cold sweat. Fortunately, he was able to react quickly, and he quickly pulled his hand away from the fruit. Because it had only rung lightly, no monkeys were woken up.

Zhao Fu turned and looked around, and he gave a sigh of relief after he saw that all of the monkeys were still sleeping. However, it seemed that the spirit fruit couldn't be touched, or he would wake up the sleeping Whitefur Monkeys.

Zhao Fu felt some disappointment when looking at the white spirit fruits, but he had no choice and could only sigh.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked towards the strange Den. However, without conquering the Den, there was no way for him to look at its information, and if he tried to forcefully attack it, the Den would protect itself by releasing an energy barrier that would take him a while to break through. As such, Zhao Fu could only look at it from afar.

Zhao Fu was quite depressed that he couldn't touch the spirit fruits or the Den, but he wasn't willing to just return like this. That would be too much of a waste of this opportunity.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu looked back at the Whitefur Monkey King, who was completely spent after all of his 'battles' and was deeply asleep. Zhao Fu decided to take a risk and do something that an Assassin should do, which was to assassinate the Whitefur Monkey King.

This was an incredibly crazy idea because with the Whitefur Monkey King's strength, it would be quite easy for him to be discovered. The consequence of being discovered could not be imagined, and this was even more so because Zhao Fu was at the very center of the Den.

Even though it was dangerous, Zhao Fu decided to try it. If he wanted to obtain great benefits, he would have to take great risks.

Zhao Fu slowly and carefully approached the Whitefur Monkey King. He could not rush, and the closer he came, the calmer he would have to be.

Slowly, slowly...

Zhao Fu stepped over a female monkey and a pool of white fluid.