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 In the end, facing the current situation, they could all only choose to escape to other Continents.

However, they no longer had the opportunity to do so - Zhao Fu had received the news of many people already escaping, so he immediately gave the order for the two armies to quickly attack. They were not aiming for a pincer but to surround them so that none of them could escape.

That was Zhao Fu's plan - even though a portion of them had escaped, they would be able to obtain the biggest benefits while incurring the smallest losses.

As the system army attacked, the Cities at the front were forced to engage them in battle because it was already impossible for them to escape. Those at the back did not hesitate to desperately run while there were people blocking.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Soon, the two armies clashed together. On one side, it was 400 million system forces against 80 million player forces, and on the other side, it was 400 million system forces against 60 million player forces.

The conclusion was already set, so Zhao Fu sent people to try to persuade the other side to surrender. If they were willing to surrender, they could still live their lives in the same way and none of them would be harmed; everything would be left in the past.

They would be able to fuse into the system faction, and the system factions would treat them well. The system faction even claimed that they had a way to resist Great Qin and promised that Great Qin would never attack the Darkwater Continent.

Now that the Darkwater Continent belonged to Great Qin, how could Great Qin attack it? Wouldn't that be attacking itself? As such, the promise that the system faction gave was not false at all.

In the face of certain defeat, Zhao Fu's proposal was quite attractive to the various player leaders, and this was especially so regarding the way to deal with Great Qin. Right now, the entire Fish Scale world was immersed in terror under Great Qin's shadow, and it was the thing that the Fish Scale world cared about he most right now.

However, did they really have a way to deal with Great Qin? Thinking about how terrifying Great Qin was, they could not help but feel doubtful. Only under the repeated reassurances of the system faction did they slightly believe them.

After confirming the treatment they would receive and that the system faction would not harm them, the player faction formally surrendered.

Zhao Fu immediately devoured them and continued to chase after the Fish Scale people who had run off.

In just half a day, Zhao Fu had the entire Darkwater Continent surrounded. For those who could be captured, they were thrown into the Four Soul Devil World, and those who could not be captured were directly killed.

Zhao Fu had ordered people to start researching the Heaven Domain Spirit Crystal, and he planned to create a teleportation channel trap, the kind that automatically activated when someone stepped onto it. The main problem that Great Qin faced right now was that it could not conduct super long-range teleports.

If they could successfully create such teleportation channel traps, they could chase people to a certain place, and they would be automatically teleported to the Four Soul Devil World. As for their outcome, it was unnecessary to talk about.

Furthermore, it would also reduce Great Qin's losses, as they would be able to avoid a lot of fighting.

Zhao Fu also hoped to spread rumors of mystical treasures appearing in the Devil World and send countless people treasure-hunting to the Devil World through teleportation channels. That way, even without Great Qin actively sending people in, the number of people inside would automatically increase and produce Devils for Great Qin.

Such a tactic was incredibly sinister, and Zhao Fu could find no excuses for it because the goal of such a tactic was to harm people.

However, as the saying went, 'people die for fortune and birds die for food.' If one wanted something, they would have to take a corresponding risk.

It took another two or so days to clear out all resisting factions, and the Darkwater Continent was soon unified.

Because of the countless people escaping from the Darkwater Continent, the people from other Continents had long since known about this and were not very shocked.

If it was before, they would have done all they could to prevent the Darkwater Continent from being unified. The strength of a unified Continent was simply too great, and the threat was too severe. It could cause everyone to feel greatly unsettled, so under normal circumstances, they had to do something about it.

However, things were different now, and they were instead quite happy about these developments. The Darkwater Continent was now a big shield that could delay Great Qin for a bit. The Darkwater Continent being unified and becoming stronger was of great help to the others, as they had greater hopes of defending against Great Qin now.

The Darkwater Continent would face a direct attack from Great Qin and had to defend with its full strength, or it would be destroyed. As such, others chose to help the Darkwater Continent.

What they did not know was that the Darkwater Continent was not the Fish Scale world's shield but a spear that would pierce through the entire Fish Scale world.

The gains they had obtained were not small at all - they had obtained 2,800 Cities and 2.4 billion people. The battle had not been very intense, so the losses were quite small, and most Stage 1 soldiers from the player faction had been fused into the system army.

Now that the Darkwater Continent had finally been unified, Zhao Fu felt slightly more at ease.

There were still some risks in the Darkwater Continent; around 90% of the system City Lords were controlled with brain bugs, but the remaining 10% and the new player City Lords were not controlled, which was a moderate risk.

It seemed that Zhao Fu needed to obtain some more brain bugs in the future and control all of them; only then would he feel at ease about the Darkwater Continent.

However, after thinking about it, he realized that this was not absolutely necessary - after the situation outside stabilized and the Contract with the Fish Scale world ended, he would gather his forces to invade the Fish Scale world.

It was quite evident that invading a world that had developed for decades and invading a world that had developed for just a few years was of completely different difficulties. As such, Zhao Fu's target was no longer the outside worlds.

He decided to deal with the two newbie worlds nearby first and increase his strength before dealing with the outside worlds. That way, he would have more confidence and strength.

Because the Dark Demon world was a cultivation world, its strength surpassed the human world and Fish Scale world and was more difficult to deal with. This was especially so given that City Lord Seals were not as useful anymore and the other side most likely had more experts than Great Qin.

It was also somewhat difficult to attack the Fish Scale world because they were in the water while Great Qin's soldiers were all land creatures, making fighting in the water quite disadvantageous for them. Zhao Fu planned to use the Fish Scale people as Great Qin's main force, and Great Qin's forces would support them; only then would they be able to destroy the Fish Scale world.

The Netherwater Continent and Darkwater Continent already belonged to Great Qin. Out of the Fish Scale world's seven Continents, one-third had already fallen into Great Qin's hands. Conquering the rest was just a matter of time.

Leveling up into a Royal Kingdom required ten worlds, and Great Qin's next big goal was to level up into a Royal Kingdom. It would then build up its foundation, and after gathering enough strength, it would leave the Ancient Stem Domain and head to more powerful places.

Zhao Fu ordered people to clear out the regions in the Darkwater Continent and stabilize any civilian unrest before happily returning to Great Qin.