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 Apart from Talisman Stones, they had also gathered a large quantity of high-Stage corpses. There were 100 million Stage 2 corpses, ten million Stage 3 corpses, 1.65 million Stage 4 Corpses, 220,000 Stage 5 corpses, 4,000 Stage 6 corpses, and 86 Stage 7 corpses.

Great Qin desperately needed high-Stage corpses, and with Great Qin's strength, it was quite difficult to collect them. These were the massive benefits to being part of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group.

Moreover, there was the issue of price. If Zhao Fu had bought these corpses from other places, it would have cost him ten gold coins for a Stage 2 corpse, 100 gold coins for a Stage 3 corpse, and 1,000 gold coins for a Stage 4 corpse.

That shipment of corpses would have cost him billions of gold coins, and that did not even include the cost of buying the Talisman Stones. In total, everything would have cost him at least eight or nine billion gold coins.

Even though Great Qin was quite wealthy, it could not afford continuous expenditure like that.

Because the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group only charged him what it cost them to collect the corpses, Stage 2 corpses only cost one gold coin each, Stage 3 corpses cost ten gold coins, and Stage 4 corpses cost 100 gold coins. They were essentially gifting these things to Zhao Fu for free, and he felt incredibly grateful.

He promised himself that in the future, if the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group needed anything, he would do his best to repay them.

After walking out from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's VIP lounge, Zhao Fu had a big smile on his face. He planned to return to Great Qin, but at that moment, a few cold gazes fell on him.

Zhao Fu immediately sensed these gazes but did not do anything and continued on his way. Soon, he was stopped by a few people.

There were four of them. One of them was a big man with blue hair and four ears, and there was a big red saber at his waist. Another person wore black clothes that covered his appearance. From the shape of his body, he was most likely a man.

One of the others was a handsome young man who wore snow-white robes, and the final person was a woman who looked quite pretty and flirtatious, and she had an alluring figure.

The woman was leaning against the young man's chest, while the young man hugged the woman; they looked quite intimate.

The big man called out, "We won't waste any words; if you want to live, hand over your spatial ring, or your elder's gonna tear you to pieces."

"A robbery?" Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh; this seemed to be the first time he had been in such a situation. Was it that he had bought too much at the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group?

The four of them had powerful cultivations, each of them being at Stage 9. They were quite famous within the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain and had committed many evil deeds. There were many people who had put bounties on them, and anyone who could kill them would receive great rewards.

"Boy, you're seeking death! Do you know who we are?" Seeing that Zhao Fu was not afraid of them, even laughing, the big man felt incredibly humiliated. As someone with Stage 9 cultivation, they were experts even in the inner region.

Zhao Fu looked at the big man and said condescendingly, "Do you know who I am? Don't you know that you're the ones seeking death?"

Zhao Fu did not put Stage 9 cultivation in his eyes at all. With his current power, Zhao Fu could rival those in the Saint Realm.


Hearing Zhao Fu say such arrogant words, the big man felt furious, directly drew his saber, and slashed at Zhao Fu. A massive red saber light, bringing it terrifying power, slashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and took out his Death Disaster Sword. He slashed out, sending out a cold light that caused the incoming red saber light to explode.

This caused the four people's pupils to constrict, and their expressions became serious. They found that Zhao Fu's cultivation was only at Stage 8, but the power he wielded was far beyond that. They had met a difficult opponent this time.

The big man immediately shouted, "Hurry up and work together to kill this boy; he's quite strange. He bought billions of gold coins worth of things in the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group; my four ears heard it clearly!"

The four people surrounded Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu felt quite startled. This big man's four ears had incredible hearing and could actually pierce through barriers. It seemed that he had to be more careful in the future.


The four people exploded out with terrifying auras and simultaneously attacked. Zhao Fu coldly laughed and did not have any interest in fighting with them. A massive wave of eerie ghostly qi instantly spread out.

This massive wave of eerie aura caused the four people's expressions to fall, and the big man hurriedly cried out, "This boy is too strange, let's..."

However, before he could finish his sentence, Zhao Fu suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of the big man. His sword gave off an explosive sword light as it slashed downwards. The big man's body was instantly obliterated by the gray sword light, causing bits of his corpse to fly everywhere.

The remaining three people looked incredibly shocked; they had never thought that the big man would be killed so easily. They were so scared that they broke out in cold sweat and quickly escaped backwards.

The man in black clothes was the fastest; his body blurred and was about to disappear when Zhao Fu turned and gave a trace of a cold smile. The golden pupils in his left eye spun as countless chains bringing with them massive power shot out, piercing through that person's body. Blood flew everywhere as that person immediately died.

Following this, Zhao Fu turned to look at the pair of lovers.

The young man blocked in front of the woman and said seriously, "I'll try to block him; Little sister Ru, hurry up and run."

The woman felt incredibly touched, and her eyes became wet. However, she did not hesitate to turn and run; they had been incredibly unlucky today.


The sound of something sharp piercing into flesh sounded out before the woman could run even a few steps. She turned to see that Zhao Fu's sword had stabbed through the young man's heart without him being able to resist at all.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Great Qin Seal losing its ability to gather power had greatly reduced Zhao Fu's strength, but he still had the power from the Six Paths Demon Images, so it was not too difficult to instantly kill these people.

The woman's legs became weak, and she understood that she could not run. She could only kneel and tearily plead, "Sir, please don't kill me. I'll do anything. I'll definitely serve you well, I beg you."

The woman quickly took off her dress, revealing her pure and white body, and her large chest could cause anyone to feel intoxicated.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile as he walked over and stroked her enchanting face, and the woman looked as if she greatly enjoyed it.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu grabbed the woman's head and gripped down on it, causing it to explode. Blood and brains flew everywhere.

The headless corpse slowly fell to the ground, and the dagger hidden in its hand fell out as well.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood and brains from his hand and continued flying off.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu gave the Talisman Stones and corpses to his subordinates; they could greatly increase Great Qin's strength.

Zhao Fu's next destination was the Fish Scale world. He wanted to quickly resolve things in the Darkwater Continent, but it was a pity that things had continuously come up, forcing him to delay the unification of the Darkwater Continent.

Now, Zhao Fu was determined to resolve things there; this time, there probably wouldn't be anything that would stop him.