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 After all, in terms of status, power and bloodline, Zhao Fu completely outclassed him in every regard, and there was nothing that he could do about it.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; he had only exchanged a few sentences with Bing Qixue before he had heard the people beside them talk about Great Qin.

"Great Qin's matters have spread even to the inner region?" Zhao Fu had never thought that such a thing would happen; after all, there were many worlds between Great Qin and here. Apart from everyone knowing about Great Qin, there was no benefit to Great Qin's name traveling so far. Great Qin was still a minor figure in the boundary region and didn't want to attract the attention of the major figures of the inner regions.

Now that Zhao Fu clearly knew how powerful the factions in the inner region were, he did not want to make enemies of them for now. However, if Great Qin's fame grew too much, it was possible that they would come and make trouble, which Zhao Fu was quite worried about.

Bing Qixue looked at Zhao Fu and found that he seemed quite interested in the Great Qin Empire. He also knew a bit about the Great Qin Empire, so he laughed as he said, "Brother Zhao, are you interested in the Great Qin Empire? I actually know a thing or two about it."

Zhao Fu understood that Bing Qixue had noticed that he seemed a bit strange, and if he did not say that he was interested, it would arouse suspicion. Zhao Fu wanted to know what the top-tier figures in the Ancient Stem Domain thought about Great Qin, so he nodded.

Bing Qixue lightly smiled as he said, "The Great Qin Empire is in the western boundary region of the Ancient Stem Domain. It is primarily made up of three races: white people, yellow people, and black people. The Great Qin Empire, which has unified the world, is ruled by yellow people.

"I heard that it has a few thousand years of history, but it is not a cultivation world. Such a world should be quite weak, and three worlds that have developed for decades should have had no problem invading it.

"However, Great Qin is an exception. No one could stop its rise, and it quickly unified its world and counter-invaded the three worlds.

"If it wasn't for Great Qin, that world would have been conquered by the three worlds. I'm quite interested in Great Qin and why it's so powerful. I'm also quite wary of Great Qin's Legatee.

"Not only does that person have excellent talent, but he also has powerful techniques and is filled with mystery. He's able to use dozens of Nation Armaments, which is quite shocking. If he comes to the inner region, I'd like to meet him and see what sort of existence he is."

Bing Qixue could never imagine that the person in front of him was Great Qin's Legatee; he had long since met him.

"Then what does the Ice Origin Kingdom and other Royal Kingdoms think of the Great Qin Empire?" Zhao Fu asked the crucial question.

Bing Qixue replied, "Each of the Royal Kingdoms is taking this quite seriously because the potential that the Great Qin Empire has displayed is too shocking. Nothing big has happened in recent years, so everyone is paying great mind to what happened over there.

"Moreover, a higher-being remained there for some time, but no one knows why. There was also the matter of the Killing Sword Master, which you might not know about. That happened a while ago.

"The terrifying ripples affected hundreds of worlds, instantly shaking the entire Ancient Stem Domain. Even experts from the neighboring Domains hurried over. That Killing Sword Intent is an extremely terrifying martial conception, and it is extremely dangerous and can destroy everything.

"That sort of martial conception can cause one's bloodline to go through mutations. That is why a type of Killing Sword Elf appeared in the Elf World over there. Those Elves became extremely savage and even established a Killing Sword Kingdom."

How could Zhao Fu not know about this? He was that Killing Sword Master - he had never thought that the various factions of the Ancient Stem Domain would be paying so much attention to his area; it seemed that he had to be more careful in the future.

Otherwise, if he received even more attention from the inner regions, it would be quite troublesome and could be disadvantageous to Great Qin.

Even though Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee and the Killing Sword Master and knew about all of this, he still acted as if he did not know anything. He raised his wine cup and smiled as he said, "Thank you for the information, Brother Bing!"

However, just as Zhao Fu drank his wine, one of the people from the table next to them said, "I also heard that Great Qin's Legatee is quite lascivious; is that true?"

Another person lightly harrumphed and said, "Lascivious? That's not all; he's simply a wild beast. I heard that he gathered all of the beauties in his world to his palace and that every time he conquers a place, he takes all of the beautiful women.

"I heard that beauties are as common as clouds within the Great Qin Palace and are simply innumerable. He's simply a beast, isn't he?"

Another person said, "That's nothing; I heard that he wants anything female and has even screwed dragons before."

"Cough..." Zhao Fu choked on his wine and started to cough; this rumor was simply too exaggerated.

The three people at the neighboring table glanced at Zhao Fu and did not pay him much mind and continued to chat. "Is that true? Great Qin's Legatee has quite some tastes. However, I'm quite jealous of him; when will I be like that?"

The two others laughed, "Keep dreaming!"

Bing Qixue looked at Zhao Fu in concern and asked, "Brother Zhao, are you alright?"

Zhao Fu nodded.

Bing Qixue felt at ease and lightly smiled, saying, "I also know a bit about Great Qin's Legatee in that regard. I didn't think that it was good to talk about before, but he's quite shocking. Even against female dragons, he's quite capable."

"Cough..." Zhao Fu once again choked upon hearing that; he definitely was not that kind of person.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Bing Qixue felt quite confused. Seeing Zhao Fu choke again, he felt quite curious. He had thought that Zhao Fu had just been shocked because of what the people on the other table had said, but now that he had confirmed this, why did Zhao Fu choke again?

"Alright, let's not talk about this anymore; let's continue to enjoy this wine!" Zhao Fu stopped his coughing and raised his wine cup as he tried to change the topic. He could not continue talking about this.

Bing Qixue would never imagine that the person next to him was that beast.

The two of them talked for a bit more, after which Zhao Fu gave the excuse of having matters to attend to and left. Bing Qixue felt slightly disappointed because he was not able to find out anything useful from Zhao Fu.

After leaving the restaurant Zhao Fu headed to the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group; with the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's help, everything was much more convenient.

Before, Zhao Fu had to buy Talisman Stones and corpses from various financial groups, and now that Great Qin had revealed itself to everyone, he could not continue to do this or else it would be quite easy for his identity to be exposed.

Even if there was not a risk of being exposed, Zhao Fu would not continue because the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's abilities were not something a few small financial groups could compare to. Moreover, he was buying items at cost-price from them.

This time, the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group had obtained 100 million Normal grade Talisman Stones, ten million Blue grade Talisman Stones, 1.2 million Silver grade Talisman Stones, 200,000 Gold grade Talisman Stones, 3,000 Legendary grade Talisman Stones, and ten or so Epic grade Talisman Stones.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked at the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's abilities because it would be incredibly difficult for Zhao Fu to obtain such Talisman Stones.