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 Zhao Fu looked at the Four Soul Devil World and smiled; now, he could rest at ease when using the Devil army. Great Qin was currently clearing out the three Continents, which could provide a large number of people and beasts that they could throw in to provide Great Qin with more Devils.

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin. After dealing with so many matters, he felt quite relaxed.

Because the regions had not been fully cleared yet, nor had the Great Wall been built, those three Continents did not officially belong to Great Qin yet. Their Cities could not be made into governmental cities yet, so their City Lord Seals could not be fused into beasts.

Zhao Fu had already chosen the recipients for the next wave of City Lord Seals: the Corpse Soul Soldiers. They had performed excellently during this battle; they could hold their large shields and charge everywhere, or they could use their massive swords to give off ferocious attacks.

Li Si walked into the palace hall and cupped his hands as he reported, "Your Majesty, the Kings of various Kingdoms have sent letters requesting to send ambassadors to Great Qin. What does Your Majesty think of this?"

"Send ambassadors to Great Qin?" Zhao Fu thought about it; these people most likely wanted to see what Great Qin was like for themselves. Even though this would mean revealing some information about Great Qin, it was still quite beneficial, as it would allow Great Qin to establish better relations with others and seem less threatening. This was what Great Qin wanted.

News of various Kingdoms sending ambassadors to Great Qin naturally became a hot topic. Zhao Fu did not care much for this and had Li Si handle this while he planned to go to the inner region of the Ancient Stem Domain.

Over the course of that large battle, Great Qin had used up an ocean of Talisman Stones, so they needed to greatly replenish them. They also desperately needed high-Stage corpses - Great Qin's high-Stage cultivators were far inferior to the three worlds, so they had to reduce the gap as much as they could.

Zhao Fu headed there through the teleportation channels he had set up last time and did not use the Heaven Domain Spirit Crystal. It had not been upgraded yet, so it could only teleport him to nearby worlds.

After arriving at the inner region, Zhao Fu happened to run into Bing Qixue.

"Brother Zhao! You seem to be quite the busy person, long time no see," Bing Qixue said as he laughed. He was also by himself and did not have any guards with him.

Now that Great Qin had revealed itself, perhaps the Ice Origin Kingdom would be of help to Great Qin in the future. As such, Zhao Fu smiled apologetically and said, "I've been caught up in some matters recently and haven't been able to come for a while."

Zhao Fu naturally could not reveal his true identity; since everyone thought that he was a mysterious Emperor, he would pretend to be one.

Bing Qixue actually took great notice of this - as the Emperor of an Empire, why would Zhao Fu come to the Ancient Stem Domain? And it seemed like he had come many times before, so what was his purpose? With his identity, if he had some kind of purpose, it definitely would not be a small matter.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Brother Zhao, a restaurant recently opened nearby and its wine is extremely rich and mellow; will you give me the face of drinking together?" Bing Qixue had been ordered to make friends with Zhao Fu, so he extended an invitation so that he could hear about Zhao Fu's purpose in being here.

Zhao Fu smiled and agreed; he was not in a rush.

After arriving at the restaurant, they found that business was booming and that all of the private rooms were booked. Zhao Fu and Bing Qixue were not too fussy and found a table in the hall and ordered a few small dishes and a jug of wine.

One person at the table next to them leaned forward and asked the others at his table, "Hey, hey, did you hear about that the Great Qin Empire at the boundary region? There seem to be a lot of people talking about it; did something big happen?"

Another person raised his wine cup and replied, "Of course I heard about it. With so many people talking about it, how could I have not heard about it? It's actually not too big of a matter for the inner region, but it was a massive deal over there. It definitely shocked the surrounding dozens of worlds!"

The person who had asked the question said pressingly, "What happened? Spit it out!"

The other person drained his cup in one gulp and looked at the person who asked the question, saying, "What are you so fussed about? The Great Qin Empire is actually a new world and unified its world in just six years, causing it to fuse into the Heaven Awaken World ahead of time.

"The surrounding three worlds thought that a big cake had been delivered to them, so they tried to invade it. However, they were counter-invaded by the Great Qin Empire, and things seem to have settled. However, those three worlds had to each cede a Continent to the Great Qin Empire."

"Woah! The Great Qin Empire is so powerful and domineering to make its debut in such a manner. However, the Great Qin Empire is so strong; not only did it unify its own world in such a short period of time, but it also immediately counter-invaded three worlds as soon as it fused into the Heaven Awaken World," the other person said in shock.

The person who had spoken nodded, saying, "Such a thing has never been heard of before; Great Qin is the first to do it. No matter how strong others are, they could only invade one world, while Great Qin simultaneously invaded three worlds. This is simply too rare, so news quickly spread."

The third person at their table said, "Do you know about Great Qin's Legatee? I heard that he's abnormally powerful; with just Stage 8 cultivation, he was able to fight back against over ten Kings. What was even more shocking was that he used dozens of Nation Armaments, making it seem as if the sky was going to collapse. Even the ten or so Kings were not a match for him."

"Is he really that powerful? And he can use dozens of Nation Armaments? A single Nation Armament is enough to destroy the heavens and earth, so wouldn't dozens of Nation Armaments be enough to directly obliterate a world?" The person who originally asked the question gasped in shock.

The second person who had spoken nodded seriously and said, "It's true; Great Qin's Legatee is indeed incredibly powerful and has extraordinary talent. I also heard about that."

The third person who spoke continued, "He'll probably come to the inner region, right? I wonder if he'll go on the Ancient Stem Rankings; I feel that he'll be able to place 26th."

The first person said, "Only 26th? I feel that's a bit low. This is a new world. Great Qin's Legatee is only the first generation, yet he was able to unify the entire world. I feel that he should be ranked at least 20th!"

"Those on the Ancient Stem Rankings are essentially all from big families and had pure King's bloodlines when they were born. On the other hand, Great Qin's Legatee obtained everything he has from his own efforts."

Hearing this, the second person nodded and said, "That's why I respect Great Qin's Legatee; I feel that with his abilities, he can rank 17th."

The third person thought about it before nodding, saying, "I think that's quite reasonable."

Now that they were on the topic of the Ancient Stem Rankings, the person who had asked the first question said, "Ai, did you guys hear about that person clearing the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage? That person should be first on the Ancient Stem Rankings, right?"

This made the other two people feel speechless. The second person rolled his eyes and said, "Why are you so behind on these things? I understand if you don't know about things in the boundary regions, but you're not even clear about the things that happened on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage?

"First on the Ancient Stem Rankings? That person has an Emperor's bloodline and has such a prestigious status that the Ancient Stem Rankings can't contain him; it doesn't have the right to. First on the Rankings? What a joke."

Hearing this, Bing Qixue looked at Zhao Fu next to him. The people at the neighboring table had no idea that this person next to him was the Emperor they were talking about. In front of Zhao Fu, Bing Qixue felt quite inferior.