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A massive wave of cold and eerie aura expanded out as the 18 Royal Seals became Underworld Royal Seals. One person could only use one Underworld Royal Seal, so Zhao Fu had to appoint another 18 Underworld Lords.

If Zhao Fu really did head to the Underworld in the future, the Ghost Soldier army would have enormous effects. However, there was no reason for Zhao Fu to go to the Underworld right now, as he did not even know what he would do there.

Zhao Fu did not have any interest, but the Black and White Impermanences did, as their family and friends were there.

After catching the Underworld Royal Seals, the Black Impermanence wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's shoulders and flirtatiously smiled as she said, "Your Majesty, we have many peerless beauties in the Underworld. They're all waiting for you to conquer them, so you can't not go! Also, perhaps our family will be able to provide Great Qin with some assistance in the Underworld."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and ignored the words she had said at the start. However, he was quite interested in their family because it was most likely an ancient family that was even more powerful than Great Qin.

There was still a lot of time in the future, and perhaps he would head to the Underworld sometime later. As such, he did not reject the Black Impermanence's suggestion.

Seeing that Zhao Fu did not refuse, the White Impermanence gave a happy smile; perhaps they would be able to see their family and friends again soon.

Zhao Fu put the Underworld Royal Seals away and picked out 18 of the strongest Yin Generals and made them Underworld Lords. Now, Great Qin could have 270 million Ghost Soldiers.

The speed at which this number rose was incredibly fast, and soon, Zhao Fu's Ghost Soldier army would be formed.

Finally, Zhao Fu went to the Devil World. Before, Zhao Fu had felt quite worried about the Devil World because the Devils were growing too quickly and were incredibly savage and twisted; if they went out of control, they would bring great harm to Great Qin.

Moreover, Zhao Fu planned to develop them into one of Great Qin's main forces, which made them even riskier. As such, he had to increase the control over them.

The Devil World had been created using a Ten Thousand Devil Blood Stone, which had been created from the blood of countless Devils. Those Devils could control other Devils, and even though that Ten Thousand Devil Blood Stone had been refined by Zhao Fu, he still felt somewhat worried because the Devil army was simply too dangerous.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to use the four Soul Jades that the four Guardian Beasts had given him. As the Guardian Beasts that defended the four sides of the human world and controlled source energy, they had the power to create heaven and earth.

If Zhao Fu fused the four Soul Jades into the Devil World, the Devil World would become even more like a real world. Not only would the Devils transform even faster, but they would also become even stronger, which was greatly beneficial to the Devil World.

At the same time, Zhao Fu's control over the Devil World would be increased. Even if something out of the ordinary happened with the Ten Thousand Devil Blood Stone's restrictions, he would have the four Soul Jades as his trump card.

That way, Zhao Fu would not have to worry about the Devil army in the future. No matter how twisted, abnormal, ruthless, powerful, and numerous they were, they would still be within Zhao Fu's control. Thinking about that, Zhao Fu grinned and immediately went to carry this out.

He first refined the four Soul Jades using his blood to gain greater control using his bloodline.

After refining the four Soul Jades, Zhao Fu entered the Devil World. The Devil World still looked the same as before, with a blood-red sky, blood-red sun, and blood-red moon. The ground seemed to be covered with blood, and ghastly howls could be heard now and then. The entire place was filled with an eerie and strange aura.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and looked around him before taking out the four Soul Jades. They gave off different lights and floated around Zhao Fu.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four massive explosions sounded out as the four Soul Jades gave off intense light and exploded out with four world-shaking auras. This was no less than expected from the Soul Jades given by the four Guardian Beasts - their terrifying auras caused all creatures in the Devil World to fall into terror, and they lay on the ground and trembled.

Zhao Fu raised a hand and pointed it at the blood-red sun and blood-red moon in the sky, and the four Soul Jades turned into four rays of light as they shot towards the north, south, east, and west.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The four Soul Jades flew to the boundaries of the Devil World and once again exploded out with intense light, looking like four brilliant suns in the four directions.

Within them were four images: One was an azure dragon, one was a fiery bird, one was a rainbow-colored deer, and one was a whale; they were the images of the four Guardian Beasts.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's raised hand forcefully grabbed at the air.


An explosion rocked through the surroundings as the blood-red sun and blood-red moon actually fused together, forming an enormous blood-red sun. An extremely terrifying aura suddenly descended, causing the countless Devils to feel even more terror; this was a terror that came from their bloodlines.

"Heavens and earth, four directions combine!" Zhao Fu roared as the orbs of light in the four directions gave off four rays of light that gave off shocking sounds and shot into the blood-red sun.


An enormous explosion sounded out as the blood-red sun burst forth with an even more monstrous aura, and it was as if it could twist space. The blood-red sun now had four extra colors.

Now, a five-colored sun giving off five-colored light covered the Devil World, and the Devil World started to go through changes. Every blade of grass, every tree, every grain of sand, every rock, and the countless Devils seemed to be permeated by a sort of energy, and the space here became firmer and more solid.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four massive sounds once again rang out as the four orbs of light sent all of their power into the sun, revealing the four Guardian Beasts' images.

The four Guardian Beasts were rapidly devouring the Devil World's aura, and countless traces of blood-red aura flowed into their bodies, causing their eyes to become blood-red.

After obtaining the power from the four orbs of light, the five-colored sun in the sky became twice as big and the light it gave off became even more intense. Its aura became even more powerful as all creatures did not dare to even make a sound under this aura.

After absorbing the aura from the Devil World, the four Guardian Beasts in the four directions looked quite abnormal and savage, and they started to fuse into the barrier in each of the four directions.

Finally, the four Guardian Beasts were completely fused into the barrier, causing there to be the images of four figures on the barrier, resulting in the barrier becoming dozens of times stronger.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The aura from the five-colored sun in the sky gradually weakened until it became a relatively small five-colored sun. it was primarily blood-red colored, with the four extra colors as secondary colors. A new Devil World had formed, and Zhao Fu called it the Four Soul Devil World.