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 The Light God had similar attributes to the Water God, and it could give blessings and develop a group of divine guards.

The divine guards would become stronger as the godly spirit became stronger. Not only were their stats tied to the godly spirit, but their bodies could also obtain a bloodline related to that godly spirit.

After looking over the Light God, Zhao Fu ordered people to continue building a temple, which would be called the Life God Temple - Zhao Fu was going to nurture another godly spirit.

When Great Qin had invaded the Elf World, they had conquered an extremely ancient family and discovered a piece of wood that had been worshipped for a long time within a secret cell.

This piece of wood was about one meter tall and one palm wide. It was slightly black and what was shocking was that there was a green shoot growing out of the wood, which gave off a powerful aura of life.

The golden dragon had told Zhao Fu that this was a piece of godly spirit wood, which may have been a part of the World Tree. After being worshipped for countless years, it had developed divinity and could be used to nurture a godly spirit.

Moreover, the golden dragon had given Zhao Fu a method to nurture the Goddess of Life that the Elves worshipped.

Almost all of the Elves worshipped the Goddess of Life. Most Villages naturally had special stats that were related to the Goddess of Life, which was one of the higher-grade godly spirits in the godly spirit world.

The Goddess of Life that Great Qin would nurture would naturally be a new Goddess of Life; it could not compare to the true Goddess of Life. However, if it had a large amount of faith energy, it could rival the true Goddess of Life someday.

The method that the golden dragon spoke of required Zhao Fu to obtain the blood of 10,000 female virgin Elves. It seemed that all godly spirits were interested in virgins; whenever making sacrifices, whether they were benevolent godly spirits or evil godly spirits, they required virgins.

Of course, it was quite easy for Great Qin to obtain blood from 10,000 female virgin Elves, and as that was happening, Zhao Fu ordered people to quickly build the Life God Temple.

Following this, he put the piece of wood on the platform at the center and fused the blood into it. The wood gave off an intense green light and a powerful aura spread out.

The piece of wood gradually grew, and soon, it was two meters tall but only had its trunk. Following this, the wood started to go through changes as it gradually formed a human shape before turning into a very lifelike statue.

The image of a beautiful Elf wearing green clothes with an elegant figure appeared before Zhao Fu. This was the divinity from the godly spirit wood.

This divinity had existed since long ago, and its form had already been created since a long time ago.

"Greetings, Your Majesty!" After appearing, the Goddess of Life smiled and bowed to Zhao Fu.

Before, Zhao Fu had already communicated with her that Great Qin could help her become a powerful godly spirit but that she had to be loyal to Great Qin. The Goddess of Life had happily agreed because that was what she wanted.

At the same time, she had a condition, which was for Great Qin to treat the family that had worshipped her well. This was a small matter, so Zhao Fu directly agreed.

Zhao Fu looked at the Goddess of Life's stats and the blessings she gave. They were not very suited to direct fighting, being more suited to support. They could give massive healing and recovery effects, which Zhao Fu was still quite pleased with.

If the Goddess of Life became more powerful, her effects could be used in battle, and they definitely would not disappoint Zhao Fu.

Currently, Great Qin had three godly spirits, which was not a large number. The situation was quite far away from the scene of having 10,000 godly spirits bowing down to him, and in the future, Zhao Fu even wanted to create a godly spirit army, as it would be quite powerful.

It seemed that he had to pay more mind to this and nurture more godly spirits. In the future, they would also be able to help out with battles and help Great Qin conquer the world.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu prepared to refine the Royal Seals he had obtained into Underworld Royal Seals; there were 18 in total.


A massive explosion sounded out, turning into an earthquake that gave off a gray light. An eerie, cold aura flowed out, bringing with it an immense aura as it flowed into the Royal Seals in the air. At that moment, the Royal Seal's attributes went through changes.

Apart from Zhao Fu standing next to the formation, there were nine figures standing behind him. They were the current Underworld Lords, and they were responsible for everything related to the Ghost Soldiers.

Six of them had been Yin Generals; one of them was the original City God, Darknorth Red Autumn; and the remaining two were the Black and White Impermanences.

As the City God, Darknorth Red Autumn had many attributes related to ghosts, so he was quite suited to being an Underworld Lord.

The Black and White Impermanences came from the Underworld, and whether it was their bloodlines or attributes, they were even more suited to being Underworld Lords.

They had also told Zhao Fu about some extra effects of the Underworld Royal Seals. If he could gather 100 of them, he could open the Underworld Gate and head to the Underworld. That was a special effect of the Underworld Royal Sects, which was quite a rare ability.

After entering the Underworld, the Underworld Royal Seals had all sorts of additional powers. The first was that one could obtain some territory. The Underworld was not like the Heaven Awaken World, which had worlds continuously fused into it, causing it to grow bigger and bigger.

The Underworld and Godly Spirit World were attached to the Heaven Awaken World, and even though they were quite big, their growth was extremely small.

Moreover, almost every place in the Underworld was ruled by someone. However, these people were not the true owners; only by having an Underworld Royal Seal would they be acknowledged by the Underworld and the land.

However, Zhao Fu felt that there was not much value to this, as he would have to defeat the previous ruler to obtain the land.

If one was lucky, with an Underworld Royal Seal, one could obtain a piece of land for free, which was if the Underworld bestowed them with a piece of land with no ruler.

This was quite rare because most areas already had rulers and there were very few places without a ruler.

The second effect of the Underworld Royal Seals was that they could allow one to obtain the Underworld's Fate. As one of the Three Worlds, the Underworld had vast amounts of Fate, and if one could obtain Fate from the Underworld, the benefits would be immense.

Moreover, the Underworld Royal Seals were a type of Underworld treasure like ordinary Royal Seals, and they had Ghost King's Power.

The final effect was that one could fuse an Underworld Royal Seal into one's body, turning one into someone from the Death Race; in fact, even one's bloodline could become an Underworld Royal Bloodline.

This might have been quite attractive to others, but it was nothing to see or speak about to Zhao Fu. After all, Zhao Fu had the Six Paths of Reincarnation Bloodline, which was a sovereign bloodline in the Underworld. Almost nothing could rival it, so Zhao Fu would not care about a Royal Bloodline like that.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.