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 Through this battle, Zhao Fu found that Great Qin's greatest weakness compared to the outside world was that its foundation was greatly insufficient. The number of experts and Stage 1 people that the enemy had far exceeded what Great Qin had.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu continuously thought about this problem, but there were essentially no solutions to this problem; only with enough time would one build up a sufficient foundation.

Even with the heaven-defying Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, it could only close the gap by a bit and not completely make up for it.

After all, the Blood God Pills from the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation could only increase cultivation by a portion, not directly boost people from no cultivation to Stage 1.

It seemed that Great Qin also needed time to solidify its foundation. It could not afford to offend too many people or Kingdoms that were too powerful; it had to lay low for a while. Now that they did not have the protection of the Heaven Domain Boundary, they had to be wary of the outside world, which was filled with boundless danger.

Another weakness of Great Qin was that they did not have enough people wielding Armaments. Back then, Zhao Fu had realized this, so he no longer refined Sect Armaments.

However, he had come to find that this still was not enough. If it wasn't for the eight Aquatic Beast Kings and the 100 people in Sword Obsession, even if Great Qin's people were quite strong, they would have been injured or killed by the other side's sheer numbers.

Now, Zhao Fu wanted to give up some Armaments and increase the number of people in Great Qin who wielded Armaments. Otherwise, if more Kings attacked next time, it would be quite difficult for Great Qin to defend, so they had to make preparations to fight against many enemies.

Zhao Fu thought about the Kingdoms that Great Qin had conquered; their Legatees could still use their Armaments because those Armaments belonged to their Kingdoms. Even though they had been refined by Zhao Fu, they still had a connection to them.

More importantly, if Zhao Fu gave them permission to use the Armaments, they would also receive the benefits of Great Qin's Fate.

Ordinary Kingdoms would not be able to do such a thing; firstly, they were unable to refine the Armaments, and they also required Fate to use, so without a large amount of Fate, they could not be used.

Because Great Qin could refine their Armaments, they naturally belonged to Great Qin, so they could use Great Qin's Fate.

As such, it was common in the Heaven Awaken World to have a powerful Kingdom with many smaller vassal Kingdoms. The smaller Kingdoms were controlled by the powerful Kingdom, and this allowed the powerful Kingdom to have more Armaments and soldiers at its disposal.

Zhao Fu had Li Si prepare some information about the Legatees who had submitted to Great Qin and their Nation Armaments.

Li Si quickly prepared some documents for Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu looked through them carefully, preparing to pick the most outstanding people.

"Your Majesty, we have not yet given out rewards for contributions," Li Si reminded him seeing that Zhao Fu was about to get absorbed in his work.

Countless Generals, Ministers, and soldiers had been excitedly waiting for the distribution of rewards, and the ordinary residents were also waiting for the announcement to have a grand celebration.

Zhao Fu had almost forgotten about this; giving out rewards for contributions was a great way to bolster morale and increase popular sentiment, so it could not be delayed. Zhao Fu thought about it and said, "Li Si, go and prepare things; We will attend shortly after."

Li Si nodded and left to prepare the ceremony.

Following this, Zhao Fu sat on his throne, dressed in his dragon robes. Li Si stood beside him as he read out Imperial Edicts, and Great Qin's various officials came up to receive their rewards. Everyone was in high spirits.

Afterwards, they set up a grand banquet to celebrate this victory. The matter of counterattacking the three worlds thus ended.

A few days later, Zhao Fu picked out six people who would wield Nation Armaments.

They were Erling from the Vile Dynasty, Zhao Xiaolong from the Song Dynasty, Rodas from the Roman Empire, Onia from the Kievan Rus, Yashi from the Elf Kingdom, and Lang Cangya from the Half-Beast Kingdom.

These people were not the original Legatees, as those people had already been killed. These people were the ones with the best bloodlines and the best talent in their families, so Zhao Fu had made them the new Legatees.

They had never thought that they would one day be able to wield the Nation Armaments that belonged to their families. Even though these Nation Armaments now belonged to Great Qin, they could still wield them with Zhao Fu's permission. Being able to wield these Nation Armaments meant that they had reached the highest level in Great Qin.

"Thank you, Your Majesty, for your graces!" The six of them knelt with happy expressions. They could not help but feel extremely excited to be valued by Great Qin.

Zhao Fu lightly nodded, summoned the six Nation Armaments, and gave them to the six new Legatees to familiarize themselves with the Nation Armaments; he did not want to risk them going on the battlefield without knowing how to use them.

After dealing with everything, Zhao Fu became quite relaxed. He sent out some soldiers to the three Continents to clear them out. Because the Continents now belonged to Great Qin, they were quite easy to clear. The main task was to build a Great Wall; only then would those regions officially become Great Qin's territory.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Light God Temple, where Great Qin was nurturing the Light God that came from the Divinity Shard.

Zhao Fu did not feel any feelings of reverence towards the godly spirit, and he just viewed it as a powerful existence. However, even powerful gods had to submit in front of Great Qin. That was why Zhao Fu dared to nurture godly spirits; ordinary people did not dare to do such a thing.

After coming to the Light God Temple, Zhao Fu found that the massive piece of crystal had turned into a statue. This statue was of a woman who wore a cloak that gave off white light. Her face was quite beautiful and gave off a warm aura.

As Zhao Fu walked in, the image of the Light God gradually appeared, and she bowed to Zhao Fu as she said, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded; very few people could have a godly spirit act like this. Zhao Fu already had the image of ten thousand godly spirits bowing at his feet, and such a grand scene could make anyone feel excited.

Zhao Fu had come to see the Light God as she had formed her image a few days ago and she still had a few lapses in her memory. After some time, she had accepted her current identity, and Great Qin's large amount of faith energy caused her power to increase quite quickly.

Zhao Fu had wanted to change the contents of the Bible and make her the 'God' of the Bible. This way, she would receive even more faith energy, but he found that this was not possible.

After all, the Bible had already taken root in the minds of westerners for thousands of years and could not be changed so easily. The Church did not dare to directly refuse Zhao Fu out of fear that he would kill them all, so they could only tactfully decline.

Seeing that they were not willing, Zhao Fu did not force things and respected their beliefs.

However, Zhao Fu's principle was that all faith had to bow its head in front of sovereign power; he would not allow religion to usurp the throne; such a thing had happened in the west, and he would not allow it to happen in Great Qin.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

If such a thing happened, not only would Great Qin kill that god, but all those who believed in that god would also not be spared either.