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 Zhao Fu said, "Have you considered Our proposal?"

Everyone started to feel quite nervous and did not know how to respond. They looked at each other, and in the end, the Elf woman spoke first. Her attitude was not as strong as before, and she said somewhat weakly, "Your demands are too much; we're unable to agree!"

The mediators also said, "That's right. Great Qin's Legatee, you're indeed asking for a bit too much. How about we properly discuss this? It's best that both sides are happy so we can resolve this battle. Everyone, please think of your subjects."

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and did not say anything else. Inwardly, he sighed; he could only act so unreasonably in this kind of situation.

Right now, with Zhao Fu suppressing the entire scene, everyone else took a step back and seemed much weaker. After all, the aura that Zhao Fu's body gave off was simply too powerful and completely suppressed them. In front of this feeling of danger, they could only act timidly.

A while later, the Elf woman said, "The Continents that Great Qin currently occupies can be ceded to Great Qin by us. We hope that the matter will be settled with this; what do you say, Great Qin's Legatee?"

Zhao Fu shook his head, "The Great Qin Empire suffered heavy losses from this battle, so you should also give some compensation. Even though you can't give any more territory, I'm sure other items will be no problem."

Following this, Zhao Fu listed out some things, and seeing that he was not asking for too much, the three worlds could only helplessly agree.

In the end, Zhao Fu also nodded, and everyone let out sighs of relief. This battle, which had shaken ten or so worlds, had finally concluded. The three Continents that Great Qin had conquered belonged to the Great Qin Empire, and the three worlds provided Great Qin with compensation as punishment for invading Great Qin.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Great Qin Empire formally appeared to the world in such a mighty and domineering fashion. It was difficult for the surrounding worlds to not know about this, and they immediately listed the Great Qin Empire as a powerful Kingdom.

The hottest topic right now among the surrounding worlds was Great Qin; it could be said that Great Qin had completely risen to fame.

The surrounding countries weren't the only ones that tried to obtain any and all information on Great Qin; many other factions in the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain tried to find information and find out why Great Qin was so powerful.

At the same time, they were also quite interested in the Great Qin Empire's history and traditions. After all, if they found out information about Great Qin's history and traditions, they could also copy them.

No one would be interested in the history and traditions of a weak Kingdom, and even if they told others about them, they would just be mocked and laughed at.

By now, Zhao Fu had already led his forces back to Great Qin and left a portion of them stationed at the three Continents. Even though these three Continents were all in different worlds, they were all connected, so they could be defended together. This was essentially expanding Great Qin's territory outwards.

This was a severe blow to the three worlds, causing their strength to greatly fall. Moreover, Great Qin did not sign any Contracts with them, so both sides could still attack each other.

Both sides had their own thoughts. The three worlds were quite reluctant to accept this situation, but in front of Great Qin's strength, they could not show any discontent. They were currently thinking of ways and waiting for their chance to take revenge.

At the same time, they were recovering their strength. They had been careless from the very beginning and had not sent many people to invade, resulting in heavy losses. The second time, they had not gathered many soldiers either, and they had been completely swept away by Great Qin.

If they had gathered all of their forces together from the beginning, Great Qin would not have won so easily, and it would not be so arrogant.

Now, the three worlds' experts hated Great Qin's Legatee to death, and flames of fury burned within their hearts.

The reason that Zhao Fu did not sign any Contracts with them was because he wanted to grasp an opportunity to once again invade the three worlds and take another big bite out of them.

The battle between the two sides would not end so simply; they were simply taking a rest. In the future, they would definitely fight again.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu went through the number of injuries and casualties and found that the number was not small at all. Around 20 million beasts and a few hundred million soldiers had died, but they had taken down around seven billion soldiers from the three worlds. This was a result that they could be proud of.

During these battles, the eight Aquatic Beast Kings had benefited greatly. They had devoured the blood and flesh of countless experts and dozens of City Hearts. They were currently fast asleep as they rested.

Even though the experts' corpses could be refined into high-Stage Blood God Pills and the City Hearts could establish Cities, it was not too great of a pity to give them to the eight Aquatic Beast Kings.

After all, they had withstood a lot of pressure during those battles and performed extremely well, so Zhao Fu was naturally happy to reward them. At the same time, their strength increasing was beneficial to Great Qin.

The ones who benefitted the most were the Devils. After this battle, even though they had lost some people, the ones who had survived had become much stronger.

After this battle, the Devils with great innate talent had advanced from Stage 1 to Stage 3 after devouring a large amount of blood and flesh. Their devil qi had rapidly grown and they looked even more savage, causing anyone who saw them to feel fear.

The Devils had immense potential, but Zhao Fu felt slightly worried. If the Devils went out of control, they would be a great threat to Great Qin. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to increase the restrictions on the Devils.

Finally, they tallied their gains from this battle. They had conquered 6,000 regions and 15,000 Cities in the Grassi World's Evergreen Continent, 5,000 regions and 12,000 Cities in the Half-Beast World's Moon Wolf Continent, and 6,000 regions and 13,000 Cities in the Elf World's Cypress Continent.

In total, they had obtained 40,000 Cities, which could provide another 40,000 City Lord Seals for Great Qin's beasts. Thinking about the massive power that the beasts had provided in these battles, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile.

In the process of conquering the three Continents, they had destroyed eight Kingdoms and killed 18 Kings. Most of the remaining Kingdoms had seen that the situation was bad and escaped to other places, so even though they had killed many Kings, they did not conquer many Kingdoms.

At the same time, Great Qin obtained 18 Royal Seals which could be turned into 18 Underworld Royal Seals and provide an additional 180 million Ghost Soldiers. The more Royal Seals they had, the quicker Great Qin's Ghost Soldier army would develop.

After conquering three Continents, Great Qin's Fate had greatly grown.

They also obtained nine billion people, three billion from each Continent. This figure was quite small, making Zhao Fu feel somewhat disappointed.

There were also countless treasures and items, and they would soon give out rewards for contributions.