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 Now, Great Qin's name had already resounded in the surrounding worlds, and it was spreading even further. Everyone felt somewhat surprised after hearing about this.

The Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master could not help but laugh; he had really underestimated this faction's abilities and said, "Pay some slight attention to the Great Qin Empire! Perhaps it'll cause some interesting matters in the future."

The woman next to him nodded; she also felt that the Great Qin Empire was not ordinary at all. Despite being a new world, it had the strength to fight back against three worlds; it had limitless potential and might become a Royal Kingdom in the future.

The Bear Mountain Kingdom's King looked quite surprised; the Great Qin Empire was not simple at all. Back when his Bear Mountain World had fused into the Heaven Awaken World, it did not have such power.

They had to pay some mind to the Great Qin Empire; perhaps it would cause more shocking events in the Ancient Stem Domain. The Bear Mountain Kingdom's King suddenly felt that there was more to its potential that could be seen.

His premonition was not wrong at all - not only was Great Qin going to shake the Ancient Stem Domain in the future, it had already shaken the Ancient Stem Domain. After all, the Killing Sword Master that everyone was looking for was the King of Great Qin.

After hearing about the rise of the Great Qin Empire, the Eight Dragons Essence Sect felt quite shocked. The Great Qin Empire? Why did this name have a sense of killing and conquering to it? It seemed that the Great Qin Empire was not simple at all, and they had to keep an eye out for it.

The Sect Master immediately gave the order for people to investigate this information and find out just what sort of empire the Great Qin Empire was.

The Ice Origin Kingdom had similar thoughts. It was also quite interested in the Great Qin Empire now. It was the first time it had seen a new world invade three worlds; its development was quite startling.

Perhaps in a few more decades, a new empire would rise up. When that time came, the Ancient Stem Domain might have its twenty-first Royal Kingdom.

The various top-level factions in the Ancient Stem Domain were all quite interested in the Great Qin Empire now. They all sent people to find more information about it.

It could be said that the outstanding performance Great Qin had just put on had drawn the attention of the entire Ancient Stem Domain. It was simply too rare and not many people could do such a thing. Even the terrifying Devil Horn Empire would not be able to do such a thing.

However, now that the Great Qin Empire had appeared, the most terrifying existence was now Great Qin, and everyone now feared Great Qin.

Zhao Fu did not know about any of this; currently, he was leading his army as he charged forwards with his army. Anyone who obstructed them was killed without mercy!


The Great Qin army swept forwards like a tsunami into the Grassi World. Its aura was enough to sweep across anything, and there was nothing that could stop its onslaught.


At the same time, the eight Aquatic Beast Kings led the Great Qin army into the Half-Beast World. The sounds were incredibly savage and violent, and an aura of terror covered the entire Continent. All living creatures fell into terror, and no one could retaliate.


Over at the Elf World, Zhao Mo and the others led their army as they started to sweep through the Elf World with unstoppable momentum. They conquered region after region, taking over half the Continent in just a short while. No one could stop them.

The three armies were currently unrestrainedly conquering in the three worlds, inundating everything like a world-ending flood. If any gods or buddhas stood in their way, they would kill them all. Facing such a horrifying onslaught, the surrounding Kingdoms started to hold emergency meetings.

"What should we do? Great Qin's Legatee is simply too terrifying. He's nearly conquered three Continents already; should we attack?"

"That's right! Should we do something? If this goes on, maybe those three worlds will be conquered by the Great Qin Empire. If it possesses four worlds, who will be able to withstand it?"

"But right now, it's a matter between them, so it wouldn't be good for us to interfere, right? I don't want to invite trouble - after all, those three worlds wanted to invade the Great Qin Empire and they're now receiving their punishment. They deserve this!"

"Even though that's true, if the Great Qin Empire destroys those three worlds, their strength will become too terrifying. When that time comes, our safety will be threatened. You think that the Great Qin Empire won't invade us?"

"Ai! The Great Qin Empire is like they're using cheats; their power is so unbelievable. Back then, I admired those three worlds for being lucky enough to be connected to it and having such a big piece of meat placed right in front of them. However, now I'm grateful that I'm not them."

"That's right! They unified their world in just six years; no wonder they fused into the Heaven Awaken World ahead of time. If they were given a few more years to develop, that would be dreadful."

"Alright, there's no use talking about all that. We need to quickly make a decision now. The Great Qin Empire has most likely already conquered three Continents by now, and if we don't make a decision soon, it will be too late."

Hearing this, everyone continued to discuss. In the end, in order to protect their own safety, they decided to slightly interfere. They could not allow Great Qin to continue rampaging like this, so they gathered their forces and prepared to head towards the three worlds.

On the other side, Great Qin had indeed swept through three Continents, but it had faced some obstructions. The rest of the factions from the other Continents had gathered, and their forces were three times greater than Great Qin's. These forces were made up of both soldiers and also some people's militia.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The three worlds' resolve was evident; they were determined to stop Great Qin here. Otherwise, the three worlds really might be destroyed at the hands of Great Qin.

Zhao Fu stood in the sky, his expression unchanging. Great Qin's City Lords and Generals were behind him, facing off against the Grassi World's Kings and experts.

The two armies faced off on the ground, and their auras seemed to clash and collide. Their surroundings were deathly silent, and no one could feel unafraid under this pressure because this was a war between worlds.

Zhao Fu was not in a hurry to attack because the other side's strength was already quite powerful and they were also prepared. As such, he was not completely confident.

A long-haired young man who looked gentle and reserved walked out from the Grassi side. His aura was the most powerful, and he was most likely the most powerful King.

He walked out and looked at Zhao Fu as he spoke with a slightly cold and arrogant voice, "You're the Great Qin Empire's Emperor?"

Zhao Fu gave a cold smile and swept out his arm, causing the Twelve Metal Colossi around him to tremble, and a formless power gave off an unstoppable momentum as it surged towards the other side.

Sensing this power, the young man's expression fell and a dark green energy barrier appeared around him.


The massive power slammed against the barrier, resulting in a massive explosion. Countless cracks appeared on the barrier, and the young man immediately retreated a few steps.

"We don't like your attitude!" Zhao Fu's voice sounded out with a trace of arrogance, sounding quite domineering and imposing. The entire scene's atmosphere froze; it seemed that a big battle was about to erupt.