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 Boom! Boom! Boom...

White rays of light tore through the sky, giving off incredibly sharp auras as they covered the defensive wall and descended like rain.

Countless Grassi people's bodies were instantly shredded, causing blood to spray everywhere. Pained cries sounded out as the arrows fell onto the wall after tearing through bodies, leaving behind large craters on the defensive wall.

The battle here was incredibly intense, and it was the same for the two other battlefields.

On the Half-Beast side, they had not prepared anything to defend against an invasion from the human world. They had never thought that the human world would launch a counterattack against them; they were simply too daring!

The Half-Beast World had five Continents, and the one closest to the human world was the Moon Wolf Continent. Countless factions were quickly gathering here to defend against the invading army. Their strength was similar to the Grassi people.

Even though they had lost many people, they did not lack people with Stage 1 Cultivation, and they quickly gathered many residents to become soldiers. Most residents had at least Stage 1 Cultivation, and they also had countless people with high cultivation.

However, without a defensive wall, both sides started to fight directly.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." the Eight Aquatic Beast Kings gave heaven-shaking roars as they flew in the sky, rushing to the front. Their 10,000 meter long bodies covered the sky and hid the sun, giving off a mountain-like pressure that seemed to be able to destroy anything.

Following behind them was a beast army that gave off massive roars that sounded in all directions. Powerful auras exploded out as they followed behind the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, preparing to destroy everything.

"Kill!" Finally, Great Qin's Cavalrymen rode on their black horses and held their spears as they sped forwards. They had frenzied expressions and loudly shouted, giving off a berserk aura. They were going to conquer the land under the heavens for their Emperor.

The opposing Half-Beast army looked incredibly serious, but there was nothing to be afraid of because their world was right behind them, the place they had to protect.

"Kill!" The Half-Beast side also gave off a ferocious aura, their eyes filled with savageness as they roared and charged at Great Qin's army.

At the front were Cavalrymen riding on Giant Wolves holding large sabers, followed by countless Infantrymen. They were like a flood and gave off an aura that could shake the lands. The experts in the sky also gave off terrifying power as they charged at Great Qin's army.


Two world-destroying floods with unstoppable momentum collided, resulting in a shocking explosion as the aura of killing shot to the clouds.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings gave off terrifying auras as they madly blasted countless experts away. The pressure from their 10,000 meter long bodies could cause the ground to crack, and the experts sent flying away were like small rocks falling away from a mountain.

Countless Devils and City Lords gave off terrifying auras as they shot towards the Half-Beast World's experts, and terrifying ripples tore through the sky.

"Roarrr!!" The Wyverns were the first to attack, ferociously breathing out flames and icy blasts. The Corpse Soul Commanders did not use their heavy shields and instead gripped their massive swords with both hands, swinging them about with massive destructive power.

The Spiders gave off black light as coldness spread out from them. The countless Spiders flooded forwards, while the Giant Wolves gave off savage auras and started death charges.

The Half-Beast army on the ground was completely suppressed. After being slammed into by Great Qin's side, they immediately started to collapse.

Half-Beast people were burned, frozen, or slashed in half by the massive sword wind. Some were torn into countless pieces, creating a bloody scene.

The Half-Beast army started to collapse after the very first wave of attacks, while Great Qin's ferocious Cavalrymen were like sharp spears that launched a second wave of attacks.

The Half-Beast army was split into small groups, and Great Qin's soldiers flooded forwards to devour those small groups.

The situation in the Elf World was just as intense. They still had quite a few Kings left, but they were completely suppressed by Ge Nia, Zhao Mo, and the people in Sword Obsession.

These hundred people in Sword Obsession had blood-red eyes and were filled with killing intent. They held their blood-red swords and sent out terrifying sword lights, slashing apart the sky and causing it to be filed with sword qi.

Facing these terrifying attacks, the Kings did not dare to be careless and defended while attacking. After a while, they were finally able to injure some of the people in Sword Obsession. However, their bodies immediately recovered, causing the Kings to feel incredibly furious.

The battle below was also incredibly severe.

The Elves did not build any defensive walls but had summoned a wall formed of massive trees, and they used it to defend against Great Qin.

However, in front of Great Qin's beast army, it was not of much use. The Wyverns razed the trees while the Corpse Soul Commanders were able to easily slash the trees apart.

The Spiders could climb up the trees, while the Giant Wolves could easily leap over them. After much destruction, the rest of Great Qin's soldiers were able to easily charge through and start directly fighting with the Elves.

Back at the main battlefield, Zhao Fu was currently surrounded by over 10,000 people and a few Kings. However, he did not seem worried at all with countless Nation Armaments surrounding him. Each gave off its own light, forming a powerful protective barrier that no one could damage.

This made everyone feel incredibly shocked; just what sort of existence was this King? How could he use so many Nation Armaments? Moreover, these Nation Armaments were backed by the Fate of an entire world; this was too terrifying.

"Hahaha... We will continue to show you what true power is! You wanted to destroy Great Qin with such tiny and weak power? What a bunch of fools!"

Zhao Fu wildly laughed, causing the Grassi experts to feel anger, and they madly attacked him.


Zhao Fu did not waste any time and raised his hand. The Nation Armaments around him turned into rays of light and shot into the sky, giving off brilliant light and looking like countless stars.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Today, We will show you Great Qin's true power!" Zhao Fu's arrogant voice sounded out as a world-destroying aura spread out, causing everyone to feel shocked. Their bodies started to tremble in fear.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Nation Armaments gave off terrifying power as they descended like meteors. The immense destructive power caused the people around him to explode into a bloody mist; in just an instant, thousands of people had died.

Some people who had been lucky enough to survive looked incredibly frightened and quickly escaped backwards. They understood that they were not a match for Zhao Fu at all.