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 "What? The three worlds lost and couldn't even defeat a new world?" Countless people looked incredibly shocked and could not believe this news because it was simply too inconceivable. If it was a single world attacking, failure would have been understandable, but three worlds had simultaneously invaded, yet they had been defeated so pitifully. No one had expected such a thing.

Back then, everyone had thought that the three worlds had been too careless and too weak to give the other side a chance. However, when they heard about the full information, massive waves crashed within their heart.

That new world was actually a Dukedom Kingdom! In just six short years, they had unified their world? What sort of existence was that? How could it have such strength and power?

The Dukedom Kingdom's forces were not inferior to those of the three worlds at all, and they even had powerful beasts that could sweep across everything. It was not that the three worlds were too weak but that the other side was too powerful, and they were not a match for it.

Moreover, the other side's King was abnormally terrifying; he had lower cultivation than all of the other Kings, yet had been able to kill 11 of them; it was simply too shocking.

In total, the three worlds had lost 17 Kings, and it was the first time so many Kings had died in the past 100 years. The three worlds had also suffered heavy losses in terms of soldiers; out of their six billion soldiers, only 1.5 billion remained.

This new world was simply too terrifying! How could it be so powerful? Those people who had thought that the outcome was already set now all had grave expressions on their faces; the situation was the opposite of what they had expected.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This news traveled incredibly quickly. When the three worlds who had attacked heard about this, they were greatly dismayed. Afterwards, the surrounding worlds soon heard about how monstrous this new world was.

Countless people were incredibly shocked about this new world's appearance. No one could say anything because this completely exceeded anything anyone could predict.

Even the most powerful faction nearby, the Devil Horn Empire, took this matter seriously and felt an intense threat. It understood that a powerful competitor had appeared; out of the surrounding ten or so worlds, only Great Qin could give it a feeling like this.

After hearing about this, the Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master lightly laughed and felt slightly surprised. He did not care about this at all, but because of that world's exceptional performance, he was now slightly interested.

The Bear Mountain Kingdom's King's gaze became serious; this world had exceeded all expectations. In fact, he wondered if there had been a mistake. However, this faction had the power of a world, which was one-tenth of Bear Mountain Royal Kingdom's, so it was worth paying them some mind.

The Eight Dragon Essence Sect's people were also quite shocked; they had never thought that the new world, which should have been bullied, would make such a domineering appearance.

The Ice Origin Kingdom also withdrew their condescension because it was as if Great Qin was a new star about to rise and be known by the world.

However, matters were not settled so simply, and soon, even more shocking news came: This new world was making a counterattack against the three worlds.

Was that new world crazy? It was acting so madly. For a new world to attack three worlds that had been developing for decades, everyone thought that it was completely crazy.


Zhao Fu gave off an enormous aura and turned into a ray of light and shot into the Grassi World, followed by countless City Lords. Below, the massive army swept forwards like an immense ocean.

Countless people in the Grassi World were completely horrified. Many Kingdoms quickly sent people to defend. Long ago, they had built some defensive walls but thought that they would never be used. However, these defensive walls were now being used to save their lives.

The Grassi World had six Continents in total, and the one connected to the human world was called Evergreen and had 7,000 or so regions.

They had to stop the other side outside the Grassi World, as if they got in, they would be doomed - that was the goal of the countless factions of the Evergreen Continent. All of them swarmed towards the defensive walls. A world that had been developing for decades did not have nothing to show - not only were the soldiers all at least Stage 1, but the countless residents also all had Stage 1 strength as well. The fighting power that they had lost outside was quickly made up for.

Great Qin could not do this; indeed, its foundation was much weaker.

However, as long as Great Qin was strong enough, it could fight against ten worlds by itself. So what if they had greater numbers? If 100 million came, they would kill 100 million; if one billion came, they would kill one billion.

"Kill!" Zhao Fu gave off a monstrous aura as he charged forwards, the countless powerful City Lords following behind him. The ferocious tsunami below also gave off a world-shaking aura as it fearlessly surged forwards.

Currently, the other side did not have many Kings, but the number of people with high cultivations was many times greater than what Great Qin had. Again, this was a matter of foundation that could not be made up for without time. Moreover, people from the other Continents were quickly heading over as well.

Zhao Fu was surrounded by countless Nation Armaments, and their terrifying power could not be withstood by the heavens and earth. Zhao Fu showed no fear as he charged at the people with high cultivation.

Seeing Zhao Fu fly at them, the group of people looked quite serious and did not dare to be careless at all. They split off 10,000 people to encircle Zhao Fu and kill him, while the rest went to deal with Great Qin's City Lords. A massive battle quickly exploded out!

Zhao Fu wildly laughed and had the Twelve Metal Colossi's bronze swords appear. Twelve bronze swords that were three meters long, giving off bronze light, appeared, fanning out in a circle behind Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu left twelve bronze sword streaks behind him as he instantly dove into the group and passed through.

Chi, chi, chi...

It was like a shocking sword light instantly tore through the group. Countless people's bodies were ripped apart by that sword light. Countless broken corpses fell to the ground, and it was as if it was raining corpses.

The Kings present looked incredibly shocked and quickly released the full power of their Nation Armaments, trying to work with others to suppress Zhao Fu.

The battle between City Lords was also incredibly intense, resulting in terrifying shockwaves and for cold light to shoot everywhere. The heavens and earth dimmed, and both sides suffered many casualties.

The tsunami on the ground gave off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything as it charged towards the defensive wall, and it was as if it could destroy it in one blow.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Green light suddenly exploded out from the defensive wall as terrifying auras exploded out. Green spears containing massive amounts of energy flew out, shooting towards the beasts at the front.

"Roarrr!!" Cries of pain immediately sounded out. The green spears contained terrifying power and instantly pierced through the beasts' armor and stabbed into their bodies. Many beasts were injured and a few hundred beasts were killed.

This caused all of the beasts to become completely enraged. The Wyverns madly blasted out flames and icy blasts, while the Corpse Soul Commanders rammed against the defensive wall with their heavy shields. The Giant Wolves leapt onto the defensive wall and rampaged, while the countless Demon God Spiders climbed up and started massacring.