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 This was a direct battle, and the Grassi World was facing off against Great Qin. The situation was the same on the two other sides as well.

The Grassi people's expressions were quite unsightly. They had thought that they would be facing a bug that they could easily crush underfoot, but it was like they had stepped onto a steel spike.

Just that first wave of attacks alone had lost them around 100 million soldiers due to their carelessness. Now, should they continue to attack or retreat?

If they continued ahead, they might not win, and even if they did, they would most likely suffer disastrous losses.

They had been careless! Utterly careless! They had never thought that the other side would actually be a Dukedom Kingdom, and they had never prepared for this. They did not send out all of their forces, and facing such terrifying power from Great Qin, they wanted to shrink back.

"Hahaha..." Facing the cowardice of the Grassi side, Zhao Fu unrestrainedly laughed loudly. He looked at the Grassi people and said, "You wanted to destroy the human world in one month? You wanted humans to become your slaves? Today, We will use your blood to prove Great Qin's name!"

"Advance!" Zhao Fu drew his Death Disaster Sword and gave off a massive aura as he fearlessly turned into a ray of light and charged towards the countless Kings of the other side. Great Qin's City Lords obeyed, turning into rays of light as they rushed at the City Lords of the other side.

"Roarrrr..." Massive dragon's roars sounded out as massive figures covered the sky. Everyone looked up to see countless Wyverns that were 100 or so meters long appear in the sky, giving off powerful mights.

"Roarrr!" More roars tore through the sky as nearly 40,000 giants that were 100 meters tall appeared. They were all clad in heavy armor and held heavy shields and carried heavy swords. Their eyes were blood-red, and they gave off savage and violent auras. Their bodies gave off a sense of pressure, and facing billions of enemies, they showed no fear at all.

"Awoooo..." Massive wolves' cries sounded out as enormous wolves leapt out. They were nearly 100 meters long and gave off ferocious auras. There were ruthless gazes in their eyes as they looked at the Grassi people.

Massive clattering sounds could then be heard as 100 meter wide black spiders quickly appeared, giving off fierce auras and causing people's hairs to stand on end.

The gates had been opened, and Great Qin's countless Cavalrymen rode out. They held the reins of their horses in one hand and grasped long spears in the other and had resolute gazes in their eyes. They gave off a massive sharp aura, and they were followed by countless other soldiers.

Everyone charged as soon as Zhao Fu gave the order. The massive beasts were at the front, followed by Great Qin's galloping Cavalrymen, who were then followed by countless Infantrymen. Their sounds shook the heavens and earth, and it seemed as if they would kill all gods and buddhas in their way, completely unstoppable.

Facing this aura and hearing these sounds, the Grassi people could not help but tremble. They had never thought that the other side would have so many terrifying massive beasts, and everyone felt terrified.

Zhao Fu was now fighting with the other side's Kings, and as the ruler of the Night Dynasty, Ye Cang was able to defend against five or six ordinary Kings.

Tina Pendragon had once been the Queen of a Marquisate Kingdom and her sword was quite special - it was similar to a Nation Armament and a Clan Armament, and it could be used as an ordinary weapon. It could provide a massive amount of power, and Zhao Fu did not destroy her Royal Seal, as it could still unleash a lot of power.

Moreover, because of her various Legacies' powers, she could fight against three or four Kings with no problem.

The remaining Kings were personally dealt with by Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu sent out a massive sword light towards the various Kings. Facing such an arrogant attack from Zhao Fu, the Kings felt quite furious and held their weapons as they rushed up, opening up the battle between them.

The battle between City Lords was also incredibly ferocious. They continuously collided in the air, resulting in terrifying shockwaves that blasted out like wild gales, making no one else dare to get close.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Whether it was the battle between Kings or the battle between City Lords, they were roughly on equal footing, with Great Qin being at a slight disadvantage.

However, in terms of soldiers, Great Qin completely suppressed the other side.

Seeing Great Qin charge at them, the Grassi army's Corps released their 70 or so Corps Formations, giving off terrifying power as they rushed at Great Qin's forces.

Great Qin's forces did not hold back either, also unleashing their Corps Formations that gave off shocking power and met the Grassi Corps Formations in battle.

Following this, violent clashes began, and even though Great Qin was at a numbers disadvantage, their Corps Formations did not seem weaker at all.

The Wyverns continuously dove down, spewing out flames or icy blasts, turning the ground into magma or freezing the ground solid.

The giants contained ferocious power as they directly charged over like tanks, sending countless soldiers flying.

The countless Spiders flooded forwards, and their incredibly sharp legs easily tore people's bodies apart, causing blood and flesh to fly everywhere. After the countless Spiders flowed past, only broken corpses remained.

The Giant Wolves also went on a rampage, sending soldiers flying and chomping down on them, killing innumerable people.

"Kill!" Great Qin's Cavalrymen followed close behind. With the beast army acting as the vanguard, they had no problems at all and picked off the leftover soldiers. They stabbed their spears through their chests and dragged their corpses as they continued.

The Infantrymen at the back had it the easiest, dealing with the remaining survivors.

Now, the Grassi army was unable to resist at all, and it was completely swept away by Great Qin. Some people had already started to run away in terror.

In the battle between Kings, both sides had exploded out with their Nation Armaments' power. This was a battle on a completely different level, and it would not be possible to fight without using their Nation Armaments.

Zhao Fu put away the Death Disaster Sword as he held the two meter long, two fingers wide Nation-Suppressing Pillar, giving off enough power to cause the sky to explode as he attacked those kings.


Zhao Fu gripped the Nation-Suppressing Pillar with both hands as he slammed it down, sending a King's Nation Armament flying. That King's body directly exploded, turning into bits of fragmented flesh.

The other Kings' expressions became savage, and ten or so Nation Armaments giving off destructive power blasted at Zhao Fu. However, Zhao Fu madly laughed and even more Nation Armaments appeared around him, forming a massive protective barrier that blocked these attacks.

The countless Kings' expressions became quite unsightly. Seeing this scene and the wretched sight below, they could only order for a full retreat. Things were the same on the two other fronts as well.

However, things were not as intense as on Zhao Fu's side, and not many Kings had died.

Following this, news of the three worlds retreating in shame quickly spread. However, things were not over, because Zhao Fu gave the order to attack the three worlds, shocking the surrounding ten or so worlds.