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 Zhao Mo and Elise would be able to deal with four Kings with no problem, and Ge Nia, Zhao Sha, and Mo Yao'Er would be able to deal with three. The remaining would be kept busy by the hundred people in Sword Obsession.

Now, all of them had completed the Third Transformation and were extremely powerful. They were very difficult to kill, and even if their hearts were destroyed or their heads were crushed, they could quickly revive. Zhao Fu only needed them to tie down the other Kings.

Finally, Zhao Fu could only have the eight Aquatic Beast Kings deal with the Half-Beast World's Kings. Even though they were now half as strong as before, they still had terrifying power, and Zhao Fu had used a large number of medicinal pills to help them regain some of their power.

In the next 15 days, Zhao Fu went all-out in increasing everyone's strength. He did not hold back in making the beast army more powerful as well.

Zhao Fu was already completely at ease about the impending battle; in fact, he was somewhat excited for it. He wanted to fight with the people from those three worlds and have them know Great Qin's name.

Time gradually passed, and soon, 15 days had passed.

The three worlds advanced as three armies, preparing to invade the human world from three different directions. The Grassi World was at the center and had the most area to work with, while the Half-Beast World and Elf World were at the sides, making it harder to attack.

Massive auras spread out in all directions as the rainbow-barrier started to crack.

The Kings of the three worlds stood in the air and grinned self-confidently. They had been waiting for this day for a long time, and now they could finally take a bite out of this juicy meat in front of them. Now, they wanted to eat their fill.

No matter what sort of race lived there, they would conquer them by force. No matter if it was their nobles or their peasants, they would all kneel servilely in terror, trembling as they looked at their new masters.

Now, it was as if they had already declared that this world belonged to them and that it was just a cake that was waiting to be eaten by them. They would cause this world to fall into terror and show them what a true King was.

It was not just the Kings who felt excited; the soldiers were the same. This sort of invasion meant immense benefits, and since there was such a disparity in forces, they would be able to sweep through the world with lightning speed. They would then pillage everything; as long as they could slaughter their way in, all treasures, women, and equipment would be theirs for the taking.

Some slave traders leisurely sipped their tea at the back, not putting this world in their eyes at all. They were just waiting to buy a large number of slaves.

Crack, crack, crack...

Massive sounds could be heard as the cracks on the rainbow barrier grew bigger and bigger, and everyone started to prepare.


An explosion sounded out as the top of the rainbow barrier shattered, turning into countless motes of rainbow light as they descended. The middle of the barrier soon shattered, revealing more of the world inside to everyone who had been waiting.

"Kill!" The people from the three worlds could not wait any longer and roared as they gave off world-shaking auras and flooded forwards savagely. They wanted to conquer this world, and nothing could stop them.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

In that moment, the air seemed to explode as the soldiers at the front felt their hair stand on end as powerful white rays of light giving off shocking auras flew forwards.

"Crap! Hurry and defend!" The countless soldiers noticed the danger and hurriedly tried to defend, but it was too late; these were Great Qin's Talisman Bolts.

Chi, chi, chi...

The rays of light gave off terrifying power as they descended like bolts of lightning. Countless soldiers' bodies were like sheets of paper as they were easily destroyed by the white rays of light. Blood sprayed everywhere as corpses littered the ground, and a disgusting stench of blood spread out.

The three massive armies paused and everyone looked shocked as they stared ahead.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The remainder of the rainbow barrier turned into motes of rainbow light and scattered, and the world inside was fully revealed.

What they saw was an incredibly tall and tough defensive wall, on which soldiers dressed in black armor were standing. They gave off a massive aura that was not inferior to theirs at all. How was this possible? The other side had been waiting for them?

Moreover, their uniform black armor and the black flag raised high signified that they all belonged to the same faction. How could a single faction have so many soldiers? Moreover, these soldiers were not any weaker than theirs.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Before the attacking side could process this, rays of white light once again shot out from the defensive wall, giving off ferocious auras as they flew over.

After what had happened, the three armies were more prepared this time. Shieldbearers lifted up their shields and gave off powerful auras as a hemispherical energy barrier appeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The rays of white light gave off powerful mights as they smashed against the barrier, causing it to violently tremble.

All of the soldiers' expressions were serious as they desperately blocked, and they were barely able to stop the Talisman Bolts.

This caused the Kings' expressions to fall, and they gave the order to stop advancing. If the other side launched another wave of attacks like this, they might not be able to defend.

The situation was completely different to what they had expected; the other side had been waiting for them to attack, and they were not weak at all. In terms of aura and numbers, they were not inferior to them, and they were even slightly superior. It was now the attacking side that seemed to be at a disadvantage.

What shocked them the most was that the other side was not a pile of loose sand; this evidently was not an alliance of factions but a single faction.

Suddenly, everyone thought of a shocking possibility, which could explain why this world had fused into the Heaven Awaken World so early - it was possible that the other side was already a Dukedom Kingdom.

They were most likely attacking a Dukedom Kingdom - thinking about that, everyone's expressions became grave. The situation completely exceeded anything they could imagine, and they were so shocked that they could not say anything. The other side had actually unified a world so quickly; this was completely unprecedented.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as powerful auras burst forth, sweeping out like wild gales. Figures appeared in the air; they were all clad in armor, and the one at the head was dressed in a black and gold dragon robe. He gave off a noble and mighty aura and looked extraordinarily handsome.

He was undoubtedly the ruler of this Dukedom Kingdom, the ruler of this world.

Zhao Fu had a trace of a smile on his face; he too had been waiting for this day. He did not hide his appearance, because he wore his black cloak when he was outside and did not want anyone to make the connection. Moreover, he did not care if they saw what he looked like - it was time for a direct battle!