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 Another 15 days later, it was a clear and sunny day when suddenly clouds started to swirl as a massive amount of Heaven and Earth Fate started to roil.


A shocking explosion sounded out throughout the entire human world. A massive pillar of light shot into the sky as countless traces of Fate madly gathered. Hearing this massive sound, everyone looked excited and happy.

At this moment, Great Qin was about to become a Level 1 Dukedom Kingdom. Now, it was not something that just a few Kingdoms could deal with; only a few worlds would be able to deal with it.

Nine dragons' roars sounded out as the Great Qin Seal flew into the sky from within Zhao Fu's body, turning into nine massive black dragons that spiralled in the sky. Countless traces of Fate flowed into them, causing the entire human world to give off a faint light.

Now, all of the human world's Fate was fusing with Great Qin's Fate. In the future, the entire world's Fate would belong to Great Qin.


Another explosion sounded out as the Earth Realm Mark on the back of Zhao Fu's hand gave off a brilliant light, causing the Heaven and Earth Source Energy to gather towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt a massive amount of power enter his body as the power within his body went through changes. It felt incredibly comfortable, and he felt a warmth within his body.

Finally, the entire human world gave off a black light as the human world's Fate completely fused with Great Qin's Fate; Great Qin had become a Level 1 Dukedom Kingdom.

Something that was a slight pity was because Zhao Fu's bloodline was already of such a high quality, the world's source energy did not cause it to upgrade again. However, its power had become much stronger, and now, Zhao Fu was strong enough to fight with those above Stage 9.

Now that Great Qin had become a Level 1 Dukedom Kingdom, it was time to take a look at its new strength.

Great Qin now had 81.2 billion people, which was an extremely terrifying figure; it was more than ten times the previous population of the earth.

They had 7.5 billion soldiers, of whom 6 billion were Stage 1 soldiers, 220 million were Stage 2 soldiers, ten million were Stage 3 soldiers, 420,000 were Stage 4 soldiers, and the rest were those who were not yet at Stage 1.

Great Qin now controlled 47,570 regions, including the Netherwater Continent. As for the Night Dynasty in the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world, it could not be counted as Great Qin's territory.

Great Qin had one Dukedom Royal City, one Marquisate City, eight Barony Cities, 16 Capital Cities, 105,028 Great Cities, 8,521 Cities, 14,860 Towns, and 16,589,489 Villages. This did not include the 20,000 Cities from the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon Continent.

Because Great Qin had 47,570 regions, it could have 190,280 Counties. This meant that it could have 190,280 County Seals, 19,028 Province Seals, 1,902 Baron Seals, 190 Marquis Seals, 19 Duke Seals, and one Earl Seal.

At the same time, Great Qin's Corps had automatically leveled up into Dukedom Corps. They were no longer Marquisate Corps, and each Corps could now have ten million soldiers, and Great Qin could now have a shocking 100 Corps.

After leveling up into a Dukedom Kingdom and controlling the power of an entire world, it was not something that a Marquisate Kingdom could compare to. The massive power it had completely surpassed Marquisate Kingdoms.

Now, the Great Qin Seal had fused with the world's source energy, and it was comparable to a Nation Armament and had immense power.

Zhao Fu long since knew about the three worlds on the outside waiting to invade, and he coldly laughed. Wanting to invade the human world with just six billion soldiers? Destroy Great Qin within a month? They were simply delirious.

Now, Zhao Fu was confident enough to face everything, and his blood seemed to boil. Great Qin would definitely reveal itself and become famous.

However, Zhao Fu actually wanted to be low-profile and not attract too much attention, or else it would be detrimental to Great Qin's development. However, it was a pity that the circumstances made it so that he could not be low-profile.

There were still 15 days left, and Zhao Fu planned to use these 15 days to make some final preparations.

Great Qin now had 7.5 billion soldiers, and it already had an advantage in numbers facing the incoming six billion soldiers. There was a gap in cultivation, but that was not too big, so they could still fight.

There was also the matter of City Lords. Most of Great Qin's City Lords' cultivations were around Stage 4 or Stage 5, while the City Lords of the outside worlds had Stage 5 or Stage 6 cultivation, and some even had Stage 6 or Stage 7 Cultivation. This was quite a big gap.

Having strength that was one Stage lower made the situation quite disadvantageous, but Zhao Fu had prepared sets of Talisman Equipment for his City Lords.

These sets included helmets, armor, shoes, bracers, and weapons; five pieces of equipment in total. They had all been made using Legendary grade materials and Talisman Stones that were at least Gold grade. With the powerful effects from these Talisman Equipment, the gap would be somewhat reduced.

With Great Qin's current strength, Zhao Fu felt that it could face the three worlds, and he felt that he had been unnecessarily worrying before. Moreover, Great Qin had a final trump card, which was its beast army.

Moreover, because of the Underworld Royal Seals, Great Qin now had 90 million or so Ghost Soldiers, as well as roughly 100 million Devils.

Most of these Devils had around Stage 1 Cultivation and were extremely ferocious when fighting. They were stronger than the ordinary soldiers and had all sorts of strange abilities, such as stealth, illusions, and other frightening abilities.

With them, dealing with 300 million Stage 1 soldiers would be no problem and would be quite useful.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

There were also the Corps. Great Qin could now have 100 Corps, and taking away the 50 it already had, it could establish another 50 Corps. Of course, Zhao Fu wanted to make all of them Special Corps.

During that unification battle, Great Qin had obtained many special Cities, and they could all be used as vessels for Special Corps.

Great Qin most likely would not lose in terms of Corps; the stats of Dukedom Corps were far greater than those of Marquisate Corps. Moreover, each Corps could have ten million soldiers, so 100 Corps could contain one billion soldiers.

The only thing to worry about was the number of Kings. Even though Royal Seals could no longer gather power, the Kings of the outside Kingdoms would have at least Stage 8 or Stage 9 strength, and some may have even broken through Stage 9 and reached the Saint Realm. Moreover, they all had Nation Armaments as well.

In this New Age, Nation Armaments had became slightly stronger, and the amount of Fate they consumed had been reduced too.

From the intelligence Great Qin had gathered, there were 30 Kings from the Grassi World, 15 Kings from the Half-Beast World, and 16 Kings from the Elf World.

Dealing with the 30 Kings from the Grassi World would already be quite difficult for Zhao Fu. If they all allied together, Zhao Fu would most likely lose.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to have Tina Pendragon and Ye Cang help him deal with the Kings from the Grassi World, while he would leave the Kings from the Elf World to Ge Nia, Zhao Sha, Zhao Mo, Elise, Mo Yao'Er, and the 100 people who had gone into Sword Obsession.