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 Most of the outside worlds believed the human world to be a pile of loose sand. It had only been six years, so it was obvious what the situation inside was like. As such, countless people could not help but head over, wanting to take a big bite of this piece of meat without spending too much effort.

The three worlds had gathered six billion soldiers in total. Now that such a big thing was happening, the surrounding Kingdoms heard about it as well. However, they were not as lucky as the Grassi, Half-Beast, and Elf worlds, or else they also would have wanted to take a bite.

With such a massive force gathered, countless people believed that world to be doomed. After all, it could not defend against the invasion of three worlds.

It was like a newbie fighting three pros with abundant experience and power; in the end, it would just be severely beaten by the three pros.

A major figure declared, "Fastest, within one month, slowest, within six months, the three worlds will destroy that world. When that time comes, the three worlds will split the spoils and quickly develop; it's a great opportunity for those three worlds to rise!"

Many people felt sympathetic to that new world, as it was about to be destroyed by others, and all of their people would be made slaves. The men would become labor and the women would become objects of pleasure.

Of course, many of the people waiting wanted to capture a few people as pets. Some lascivious people loudly laughed, saying that they wanted to have ten or so women from this world and that they could not wait any longer.

Because the Killing Sword Master had appeared in the Elf World before, there were many spies from the Ancient Stem Domain in the Elf World. The matter of the Killing Sword Master was far too important, and many factions in the Ancient Stem Domain were paying close attention.

As such, the news of these three worlds attacking a new world quickly spread.

The Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master looked quite indifferent as he said, "No need to pay too much mind to this matter!"

The woman who had reported this hesitated before saying her own thoughts, "This world is fusing into the Heaven Awaken World so early, and it is close to the Elf World; could there be some relation between them?

"However, that world is now in dire straits; the Heaven Domain Boundary will disappear in one month, and I'm afraid the world will be destroyed. When that time comes, we might not be able to clarify anything."

The Sect Master felt quite startled, and after thinking about it, he said, "There most likely isn't any relation. After appearing at that time, the Killing Sword Master has not appeared again. He most likely left already. With that person's extraordinary powers, he most likely came from the Heaven Domain. Now that he has obtained the Killing Sword, I doubt he will come back.

"Also, this matter happened at a boundary region while we are in the inner region, so there's no need to get involved; just investigate it. There have been big matters happening in the Ancient Stem Domain recently. Not too long ago, a terrifying Emperor appeared and climbed up that Ten Thousand Dragon Stage."

Hearing this, the woman left to carry out orders.

After hearing about this matter, the Bear Mountain Kingdom's King was somewhat displeased, "There's no need to report about such a small matter; We only want information about the Killing Sword Master.

"However, that new world is quite unlucky; not only did they run into an age where City Lord Seals have become useless, but they're fusing into the Heaven Awaken World so early. They'll be destroyed without a doubt, but it's a pity that they're not close to the Bear Mountain Kingdom; otherwise, we'd destroy them within three days!"

As one of the largest financial groups in the Ancient Stem Domain, the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's intelligence network was quite outstanding, and it naturally knew about this as well.

They had left some spies in the Elf World as they were quite concerned about the Killing Sword Master's matter, so they had also heard about this.

However, they did not pay it much mind; even though it was a war between worlds, the place where it was happening was too remote, so they did not care much.

Three worlds that had developed for dozens of years attacking a new world would definitely end just how they expected. The ending was already set in stone, and it had nothing to do with them, so they would not pay it much mind.

What the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group cared most about was that mysterious Emperor. He was the prophesied person, and the connection between him and the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group would become deeper and deeper. The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group was very desperate to know everything about that mysterious Emperor.

They were currently looking for his information with all their power, and they had even sent people to the Heaven Domain. They did not have any mind to care about anything else right now.

The Eight Dragons Essence Sect did not pay this information any mind at all. Right now, they were worried about the mysterious Emperor the Young Sect Master had offended.

Right now, cultivation was the most important thing, so it was evident that a world that had developed for decades would annihilate a world that had only developed for a few years. If that person came from the Heaven Domain, with his esteemed status and the massive faction behind him, he would be able to annihilate the Eight Dragons Essence Sect.

The loss of City Lord Seals was a fatal blow to them; facing people with incredibly high cultivation, they would be incredibly helpless. If that Emperor came to find them, the Eight Dragons Essence Sect would be doomed. After all, the foundations of those in the Heaven Domain was not something people like them could even imagine.

They would even be willing to have their Young Sect Master go and kowtow to atone for his offenses, because he had offended someone the Eight Dragons Essence Sect could not afford to offend.

The Ice Origin Kingdom did not give this matter much mind either. Even though they were in the Ancient Stem Domain, they were on the western side and was quite far away from the boundary region, so they would not care about something so far away.

They had also left spies in the Elf World, and that was why they knew about this; otherwise, it was impossible for them to know about it.

Moreover, they wanted Bing Qixue to do anything he could to befriend that mysterious Emperor. Now that cultivation was everything, if they could receive the support of an Emperor from the Heaven Domain, the Ice Origin Kingdom would feel more confidence.

At the same time, they prepared countless things - treasures, equipment, medicinal pills, women, pets - anything that the mysterious Emperor wanted, they would provide.

Bing Qixue felt quite frustrated and wanted to refuse because he was not the type of person who would desperately try to curry favor with someone else. However, befriending that person would bring great benefits to the Ice Origin Kingdom.

Bing Qixue had personally seen that mysterious Emperor before and had witnessed his power himself. That kind of power made him feel immense fear.

Putting aside power, just Zhao Fu's bloodline alone gave off an immense pressure that could cause his legs to grow weak. Nothing could compare to this kind of bloodline, and in front of that bloodline, he felt like he was rubbish. That mysterious Emperor's identity surpassed anything he could imagine.

This made Bing Qixue comply, and he decided to try to befriend Zhao Fu. However, that mysterious Emperor was not someone who he could find at will; he could only hope to find some information through the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group.

None of them knew that whether it was the Killing Sword Master or the mysterious Emperor, both of them were Zhao Fu, Great Qin's Legatee.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

However, they would soon know Great Qin's name; Zhao Fu would have Great Qin displayed to the rest of the world in a shocking fashion.