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 The Illusion Flower Devils' main strength was in support and lacked strength, so Zhao Fu prepared sets of Talisman Armor for them that had bonus defenses. With the Illusion Flower Devils' abilities, they would become targets on the battlefield, so they had to be protected.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Spider Den. There was a large palace here, which was the Spider Palace that Zhao Fu had rewarded Elise with.

After Zhao Fu arrived, Elise brought a group of people and smiled flirtatiously as they walked out. There were three female attendants with short, silver hair behind her, as well as dozens of women with short, black hair, and blood-red pupils. They all had delicate facial features and elegant figures.

Zhao Fu rarely came here, so he did not know what the situation was like here. After asking, he found that Elise had the ability to turn spiders into human form.

However, there was a high requirement as to their bloodline, and they also had to have a certain amount of strength. Elise had only nurtured dozens of black-haired female attendants, who were slightly weaker than the silver-haired female attendants.

Zhao Fu did not pay too much mind to details like this and had Elise call the chosen Spiders over.

Elise nodded and waved her hand, after which hair-raising sounds could be heard as countless black spiders that were around five meters long flooded over. This scene was quite terrifying.

Zhao Fu fused the City Lord Seals into the Spiders' bodies, causing them to give off a large amount of black light, and hazy spider images floated out of their bodies.

These Spiders were all Demon God Spiders and had a trace of god blood in them, and the images were of the Spider God.

After the images appeared, the Spiders' bodies quickly went through changes until they became about 70 or 80 meters long. Their terrifying auras swept out like a flood. What was particularly eye-catching was their eight legs which gave off a black light. They looked as sharp as knives and made people feel a chill in their hearts.

Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile. He also had special armor prepared for them as an extra layer of protection.

Finally, it was the Giant Wolves' turn. After fusing the City Lord Seals into their bodies, they also became 70 or 80 meters long and gave off a savage aura. Zhao Fu also had armor made for them as well.

Each of the enhanced beasts was incredibly terrifying, and now that they had special armor made for them, their effect would be far greater than anyone could imagine. Zhao Fu could almost already see them sweeping across everything in their path.

Now that he had this beast army, as well had the Devil army and Ghost Soldier army in development, Zhao Fu was not as worried about the outside world.

There were still two months, and Great Qin just had to focus on clearing out regions so that it could level up into a Dukedom Kingdom.

One month later, the situation outside the human world suddenly changed as a large amount of the Heaven Awaken World's Fate flowed into the human world. A massive rainbow barrier appeared; this was the true appearance of the Heaven Domain Boundary.

Everyone in the surroundings immediately noticed these changes and felt quite startled; they had never thought that the Heaven Domain Boundary would reveal itself so quickly. This meant that that world was about to completely fuse into the Heaven Awaken World.

"Why is it happening so early?" None of the Grassi people had thought that the world would fuse into the Heaven Awaken World so early. They thought that there would still be a few years, yet it was happening now - this was extremely good for them.

Because that world had less time to develop, wouldn't it be much easier to destroy that world?

Now that all City Lord Seals had lost their ability to gather power, they had a massive advantage. Now, it was a matter of who had the better foundation - they had developed for dozens of years and definitely had an advantage in terms of military force, Generals, equipment, and experience.

How could a world that had only developed for a few years compare to a world like theirs, which had developed for dozens of years? To them, that world was just a big piece of meat that all of them craved.

Even though they did not know what had happened to cause that world to fuse into the Heaven Awaken World ahead of time, anyone who did not want to take a bit would be an idiot.

News quickly spread, and the various Kingdoms of the Grassi world quickly gathered soldiers; everyone wanted to take a bit of this meat.

In the past, the Lantong people had conquered a lot of their territory, and now they were going to do the same to someone else. They could not help but feel secretly pleased - they were quite lucky that the next world was fusing into the Heaven Awaken World ahead of time, as all City Lord Seals could no longer gather power. This time, they would pillage to their hearts' content.

Many slave traders also arrived because this was an opportunity to become rich. They could charge in and take people or buy them for cheap from the armies.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They all wondered what sort of world this world was and what sort of people lived in it. They hoped that it would be a humanoid race, as they would be worth more. If it was a race that was grotesquely shaped, they would be worth less.

If they were a humanoid race, the good-looking men and women could be kept as pets, and the others could be used for labor.

Some people were incredibly eager and wanted to charge into that world. This was a big pot of gold just sitting there, and they would be able to sell the people for high prices. New races always drew a lot of attention, and everyone would buy slaves out of curiosity.

Moreover, this world had only developed for a few years and most likely did not even have many Kingdoms yet. It was definitely pitifully weak, and whoever charged in first would definitely strike it rich and obtain the most. As such, many people could not wait.

Roughly 2.6 billion soldiers gathered at the boundary, as well as countless Generals. The Grassi Kingdoms had not yet completely moved out because they did not take this world too seriously; they were confident that two billion soldiers would be able to sweep across the whole world.

After hearing about this, the Half-Beast World and Elf World also felt quite moved, and they were envious of the Grassi world.

However, they were unwilling to just sit and watch; they found that some corners of their worlds connected with that world, which made them feel delighted. Soon, they also started to gather their forces so that they could also obtain some benefits for themselves.

Three worlds attacking a new world was like three adults bullying a child; it was incredibly shameless.

However, in a world where the strong devoured the weak, who could blame them? It wasn't their fault that this new world was so weak and fused with the Heaven Awaken World so early. If they did not invade this world, who would they invade?

It was possible that that world had not even sensed the danger it was in and was most likely quite confident in itself, just like a frog in a well that could not see the full sky.

However, that was understandable; they had once been like that as well. Only when they had seen the true Heaven Awaken World did they realize how small they were.