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 In total, Great Qin had 8,930 Wyverns and 7,330 of them were able to fight. Great Qin also had 560,000 Corpse Soul Soldiers and 8,540 Corpse Soul Commanders.

There were 30,000 Illusion Flower Devils, 1.2 million Spiders, and four million Giant Wolves.

The Giant Wolves had the greatest numbers as they were nurtured as mounts for the Orcs.

The Demon God Spiders had not been nurtured for a long time, but their reproduction rate was startling and grew incredibly quickly, so their numbers were the second greatest.

The fact that there were 30,000 Illusion Flower Devils was a pleasant surprise. As for the Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders, Zhao Fu felt slightly disappointed, because there were not even 10,000 of either of them. However, they were the strongest out of the beasts, so it was understandable that they did not have great numbers.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Fu was also quite pleased at the number of Corpse Soul Soldiers. Even though they could not compare to Corpse Soul Commanders, they still had Stage 4 strength and there were 560,000 of them. That number was enough for them to be a significant force on the battlefield.

Great Qin currently had 110,000 Cities and that did not include the ones from the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world. The Night Dynasty and Great Qin were currently closely tied, but their relationship had not been revealed. Zhao Fu was not in a hurry to devour the Night Dynasty because it still had its value in being independent.

The 110,000 Cities could provide 110,000 City Lord Seals, which meant that Great Qin could produce 110,000 powerful beasts. Thinking about that, Zhao Fu could not help but feel excited.

Even though region creatures had become much weaker, they were still quite powerful. Only City Lords could contend against a true region boss monster, and ordinary Stage 1 soldiers would simply be seeking death if they tried to fight.

A single beast with a City Lord Seal fused into it could fight against 60,000 to 70,000 soldiers, ten could fight against 600,000 or 700,000, and 100 could fight against six million or seven million soldiers. If Zhao Fu could nurture 110,000 of them, they would be able to fight against 600 million to 700 million Stage 1 soldiers.

This was, without a doubt, one of Great Qin's greatest trump cards, and that was as a sum of the individuals. If they all charged together, the aura would be enough to destroy the heavens and earth and would be completely unstoppable. Their power would greatly surpass what 600 million or 700 million soldiers could produce.

Now, Zhao Fu felt actual confidence and was able to relax a bit, causing him to laugh. Great Qin could now fight with those from the outside world.

Zhao Fu stood on the Heaven Prayer Platform, wrote an Imperial Edict, took out the Great Qin Seal, and stamped it before saying, "Today, We hereby repeal City Lord Seals and replace them with Official Seals!"


A shocking explosion sounded out as a black pillar of light shot into the sky, causing Great Qin's Fate to start to roil.

Zhao Fu raised the Imperial Edict in his hand, which turned into motes of black light and disappeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as pillars of light shot into the sky. The massive waves of aura threw the heavens and earth into chaos, causing clouds to swirl and a powerful aura to cover the entire human world.

Countless Cities exploded out with pillars of light, making it seem as if the heavens and earth were connected. Illusory images of Imperial Edicts gradually descended from the sky and fused into Cities, causing the Cities to be covered with a layer of black light.

The images of the Imperial Edicts appeared in the City Halls, which turned into black seals, and the City Lord Seals gradually lost their luster.

Now, Zhao Fu had successfully replaced the City Lord Seals with Official Seals. The next thing to do was to fuse the City Lord Seals with the beasts.

There were 15,000 Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders. Zhao Fu had already fused City Lord Seals into 8,000 of them, which meant that they still needed 7,000 City Lord Seals.

This meant that Zhao Fu still had over 100,000 City Lord Seals to use. The 30,000 Illusion Flower Devils had powerful support abilities and had decent battle strength as well. If he fused City Lord Seals into all of them, he would still have 70,000.

The Demon God Spiders all had around Stage 2 strength, and the Elites had Stage 3 strength. The Chief class Spiders had Stage 4 strength. Out of the 1.2 million Spiders, picking out 20,000 Chief class spiders was not very difficult.

Now, Zhao Fu still had 50,000 City Lord Seals. The Giant Wolves were relatively weaker: Ordinary Giant Wolves only had Stage 1 strength, while Chief class Giant Wolves had Stage 3 strength.

Now, Zhao Fu had two choices, which were to nurture Giant Wolves, which had Stage 3 strength at most, or to nurture the ordinary Corpse Soul Soldiers. After all, the ordinary Corpse Soul Soldiers had Stage 4 strength, so they would be more powerful than the Giant Wolves.

Moreover, there were 560,000 Corpse Soul Soldiers, which was much more than the number of City Lord Seals. Zhao Fu would be able to easily use up the remainder of the City Lord Seals.

However, Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to use 20,000 of the City Lord Seals on the Giant Wolves. With the Giant Wolves' speed and ferocious attacks, they would be more useful than Corpse Soul Soldiers sometimes.

As for the remaining 30,000 City Lord Seals, Zhao Fu fused them into the Corpse Soul Soldiers.

Before fusing the City Lord Seals, Zhao Fu fed them a large number of medicinal pills and spirit medicines that could purify their bloodlines; this greatly increased the effects of fusing with City Lord Seals.

After doing all of this, Zhao Fu first fused the City Lord Seals into the Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders. The Wyverns became around 110 meters long, and the Corpse Soul Commanders became 100 meters tall.

Because many Wyverns had been killed by the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae in the unification battle, Zhao Fu had people specially make armor for them. The lowest grade of materials used were Gold grade, and they also added some Legendary grade materials and Gold grade Talisman Stones.

The Talisman Dragon Armor was stronger than even defensive armor made from Epic grade materials, and it would be able to protect the Wyverns quite well.

As for the Corpse Soul Commanders, they had been wearing heavy armor and using heavy shields this entire time, and they also had Talisman Equipment as well, so there was nothing to worry about.

Zhao Fu then fused the City Lord Seals into the ordinary Corpse Soul Soldiers. They were slightly shorter than the Corpse Soul Commanders, around 80 or 90 meters tall. Their auras were slightly weaker, and they were also equipped with heavy armor and heavy shields.

Zhao Fu then went to the flower region and gathered the 30,000 Illusion Flower Devils and fused the City Lord Seals into them. Powerful auras exploded out as the Illusion Flower Devils gave off a large amount of green light, and their bodies became bigger until they became 70 or 80 meters tall.

The humanoid plants looked even more like humans now, and they seemed more well-built. Their facial features became clearer, and the flowers on their heads gave off an even more intoxicating fragrance.

The 30,000 Illusion Flower Devils that were each 70 or 80 meters tall stood before Zhao Fu in an orderly fashion. Their massive auras and the flowers around them created quite a shocking scene, looking like a beast army.