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 Moreover, these Ghost Soldiers countered the Death Race and other Ghost creatures to some extent, which would be of use in future battles.

Zhao Fu already predicted that the Ghost Soldiers would be one of Great Qin's main forces in the future. However, they had to conquer more Kingdoms and obtain more Royal Seals.

It was a pity that the Great Qin Seal could not gather power anymore; if Zhao Fu did not use his other powers and just relied on his Stage 8 Cultivation, he would definitely die if he tried to assassinate the Kings of other Kingdoms.

After all, they had much higher cultivation and had countless soldiers and experts guarding them. After losing the Great Qin Seal's power, it would be much more difficult for Zhao Fu to deal with them.

Before, Zhao Fu had been using the power of the Great Qin Seal, which was the Royal Seal of a Level 11 Marquisate Kingdom, to deal with them. Now, he had no hope at all and could only focus on becoming more powerful himself instead of relying on external forces.

These six Underworld Royal Seals also had many other uses, but Zhao Fu was not sure what they were yet. Zhao Fu did not have the power to go to the Underworld, and even if he did, he would not have any other purpose in going, so he decided to put this matter aside for now.

Moreover, Zhao Fu was unable to use these six Underworld Royal Seals as a Ghost King Seal had already turned into a Fate Dragon and fused into his body.

A person could only have one of these seals, so Zhao Fu had to appoint six Underworld Lords to have them control the Ghost Soldiers.

The process was the same as enfeoffing the Devil Lords. Zhao Fu would never enfeoff another King, as he could not accept another King. As such, the highest rank in Great Qin below him was Lord.

Zhao Fu had enfeoffed Devils and Ghost Generals into Lords so that they would have greater potential and become one of Great Qin's main forces in the future.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

There was still two more months, and Zhao Fu wondered if he would be able to obtain more Royal Seals. If he could increase the number of Ghost Soldiers, that would be for the best, as Great Qin would become a bit more powerful and have more confidence. That way, Great Qin would have more safety.

The development of Devils and Ghost Soldiers was now in the preliminary stages. In two months, the Heaven Domain Boundary would disappear, so Great Qin still needed more powerful methods.

Zhao Fu mulled this over, wondering how else he could develop Great Qin and what other powers he could use.

The golden dragon suddenly said, "How about you destroy all of Great Qin's City Lord Seals and fuse them into various beasts? Even though the power of region creatures have been reduced, they can still be of great help to Great Qin!"

After hearing the suggestion to destroy all of the City Lord Seals, Zhao Fu instinctively wanted to refuse. Even though City Lord Seals were not as powerful anymore, they were still quite useful. Moreover, City Lord Seals were the core items of Cities, and destroying them would have a massive impact on Cities.

Even though the golden dragon's suggestion was quite attractive, if they destroyed all of the City Lord Seals, the Kingdom and its Fate would become much weaker.

They definitely could not destroy all of the City Lord Seals, but could they find a way around this? As expected, the golden dragon had a solution and did not disappoint Zhao Fu.

Its suggestion was to use Official Seals to replace City Lord Seals. The number of Official Seals was determined by the strength of a Kingdom, and one could also determine the number oneself. Now that Official Seals could not provide much power anymore, they could create more and have them replace the City Lord Seals.

After fusing Official Seals into Cities, those Cities would become true governmental Cities. The Official Seals would have the same effects as City Lord Seals, and the previous City Lord Seal could be destroyed without affecting the City.

However, there was a very big flaw to this, which was that these Cities would be forever bound to Great Qin. If anything happened to Great Qin or it was destroyed, these Cities would immediately become Towns again.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu still decided to use Official Seals to replace City Lord Seals. After all, if Great Qin was destroyed, Zhao Fu would not care if those Cities still remained. In fact, if Great Qin was destroyed, he would be happy to see those Cities become Towns.

However, this would also have a big effect on the Legacies of certain Cities. Of course, they could not destroy the Great Qin Seal, or else it would affect the entire Kingdom. Some Capital Cities were also off-limits, as they were pillars of Great Qin.

Zhao Fu decided to destroy the City Lord Seals of some ordinary Cities; this would not have too much of an effect.

It was a pity that Official Seals could not be fused into beasts; if that was possible, Zhao Fu would be overjoyed to death.

After all, a Kingdom could form as many Official Seals as it wanted, but the cost was that the power that they contained would become weaker. Once Great Qin became a Dukedom Kingdom, the Official Seals that it created would be more than ten times more powerful, and if they could be fused into beasts, Great Qin would be able to create a beast army that could sweep across everything.

It would simply be unstoppable, as each beast would have half the strength of a region boss monster. If such an army was possible, it would be horrifying.

If Great Qin could produce such a beast army, there would be nothing to worry about in the outside world, and it would not be facing such pressure. It was a pity that the Official Seals could not be fused into beasts, so Zhao Fu could only give up on this.

After making his decision, Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates and prepared to destroy the City Lord Seals. This was an extremely important matter, and they could not afford to take it lightly.

Following this, Zhao Fu had people count up the number of Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders. Zhao Fu had seen their power after fusing with City Lord Seals, so they were his first choices.

After them were the Spiders and Giant Wolves. As for the Black Forest Horses and Giant Deer, Zhao Fu did not want to bother with them, as they were more suited to being mounts than battle beasts.

There were also the Illusion Flower Devils, which could produce pollen that made people see illusions. Stage 1 Illusion Flower Devils could easily cause a Stage 1 soldier to become bewildered, and the same was true for Stage 2 Illusion Flower Devils and Stage 2 soldiers and so on.

They had massive potential, and there was no limit to their numbers; Zhao Fu could nurture as many as he wanted.

They were able to essentially replace the Hundred Ghost Illusionists, as the limit for the Hundred Ghost Illusionists was only 300 people. Because of Zhao Fu sealing the Six Paths Demon Images, it had actually been reduced to 299, which was simply not enough.

Now, the battles that Great Qin fought were incredibly big, and the Hundred Ghost Illusionists were no longer able to produce much of an effect on such a big battlefield.

Moreover, the loss of the ability to gather power with City Lord Seals was another big blow to the Hundred Ghost Illusionists. As such, Zhao Fu could only give up on them and use them in smaller battles, having the Illusion Flower Devils replace them.

Zhao Fu developed the Illusion Flower Devils in the flower region, which made them grow much faster. The World Flower growing there was also very beneficial to them.

Moreover, Zhao Fu had started developing the Illusion Flower Devils from the last festival, and back then Great Qin had not even established a Kingdom yet. After such a long time, there were likely many of them.