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 Zhao Fu did not expect all 100 million creatures to become Devils; just 30 million would be enough to make him feel satisfied.

If he fed these 30 million Devils Blood God Pills, they would be able to withstand around 100 million Stage 1 soldiers. Great Qin would continue to nurture these Devils and create a Devil army, which would become one of Great Qin's main forces.

By the time Zhao Fu returned, the various Ministers had finished discussing a set of defensive systems and were currently setting them up. Zhao Fu asked them about the details, after which he allowed them to go about it with peace of mind.

Right now, Zhao Fu was thinking of ways to increase Great Qin's strength; only with enough strength could Zhao Fu fell at ease.

Zhao Fu's second focus was the Ghost Soldiers. They were converted within the valley that had fused with many magic formations and items, forming a special land that could connect to the Underworld and absorb Yin qi from the Underworld.

Great Qin's Ghost Soldiers had been through many battles and many of them had fallen, but their numbers had been replenished and remained at around 30 million.

What Zhao Fu valued was the fact that they could turn the corpses of deceased soldiers into Ghost Soldiers. Zhao Fu had preserved all of the corpses of Great Qin's soldiers who had died during the unification battle.

If he could make them all Ghost Soldiers, it would be a great boost to Great Qin's forces, and would provide Great Qin with a bit more safety.

Zhao Fu could convert them into Ghost Soldiers at any time, but the key thing was that he lacked things to control them with. The current Ghost Soldiers were all controlled through the Ghost King Seal and other Ghost Seals. Without them, the Ghost Soldiers would immediately go out of control.

Zhao Fu wanted to see if there was anything that could substitute for the Ghost King Seal, and Zhao Fu could not help but think of the Royal Seals from the nations that Great Qin had destroyed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Ghost King Seal had King's Power, which was why it had such a powerful commanding effect. Ordinary Royal Seals also had King's Power and just had different attributes. Ghost King Seals had an Underworld attribute that allowed them to command Ghost Soldiers, while ordinary Royal Seals could not.

If Zhao Fu could turn these Royal Seals into Ghost King Seals, he would be able to use them to control Ghost Soldiers. As such, Zhao Fu asked the golden dragon and found that this was actually possible.

However, the price would be quite high - only Barony Royal City's Royal Seals could be used. First, they had to break the connection between the Royal Seal and Royal City. In other words, they would have to destroy a Barony Royal City and have it become a Capital City again.

Levelling up a Capital City into a Royal City required an ocean of Experience, so the cost was quite great. Moreover, there would also be a great impact on the Legacy. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to destroy some Barony Royal Cities and turn their Royal Seals into Ghost King Seals.

After all, things were not like before when Royal Seals could gather the power of the Royal City and the nation, allowing one to single handedly fight dozens, if not a hundred ordinary City Lords.

The City Lord Seals, Official Seals, and Royal Seals had all become treasures that could no longer gather power.

As such, Zhao Fu did not feel that it was a pity to destroy them and obtain more useful power. As for the Legacies, Zhao Fu did not care much for their Legacies.

Great Qin had seven Royal Seals in total; five were from the outside world while one was from Ramis' Kingdom and the other was from Tina Pendragon's Kingdom.

Zhao Fu thought about it; Tina Pendragon was only weaker than him and the Royal Seal was quite important to her, so he decided to preserve hers. The remaining six would be enough.

A while later, Zhao Fu destroyed the six Royal Cities and made them Capital Cities again, and he took the six Royal Seals to the valley.

Just like before, this place was filled with Yin qi and was quite gloomy. There seemed to be ghosts floating about, creating a terrifying scene. Ordinary people would not dare to get close at all.

Zhao Fu came to the center of this place, which connected to the Underworld and was quite suitable for cultivating Ghost Soldiers. Zhao Fu placed the six Royal Cities at the center of the formation and activated it, causing a massive amount of power to spread out.


A massive wave of Yin qi exploded out like a volcano erupting, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet. That freezing Yin qi flooded out, causing people's hairs to stand on end as they uncontrollably trembled.

Under Zhao Fu's controlled, the Yin qi formed an orb that encapsulated the six Royal Seals. The formation continuously drew Yin qi from the Underworld, causing the orb to become larger and larger.

Finally, the orb expanded out to 1,000 meters wide and gave off an immense aura as it hung in the sky. The six Royal Seals within it quickly absorbed the Yin qi and gradually transformed.

Their various powers became a ghostly power, and their auras became gloomy and eerie.

The 1,000 meter wide orb of Yin qi was continuously absorbed by the six Royal Seals and continuously shrank.


At that moment, Zhao Fu fully activated the formation with all his power, causing the region to shake. An even stronger attractive force exploded out, causing a gloomy and ancient hellish intent to rush out from underground and enter the six Royal Seals.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Six massive explosions sounded out as the six Royal Seals instantly absorbed the Yin qi around them and gave off boundless gray light. A terrifying King's aura exploded out; the Royal Seals had successfully been converted.

Zhao Fu deactivated the formation and grabbed the six Royal Seals; they had all gone through big changes.

First, they had all become gray-colored and the dragons engraved on them were now ghost dragons. There were also three words engraved on them, 'Underworld Royal Seal.' They felt extremely cold and contained immense power.

[Underworld Royal Seal]: A Royal Seal that has absorbed a large amount of the Underworld's Yin qi and hellish intent. It is a high quality Royal Seal that has many effects, and can command ten million Ghost Soldiers.

Seeing this, a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face. A single Underworld Royal Seal could command ten million Ghost Soldiers, so six of them would allow him to control 60 million Ghost Soldiers. Great Qin could add another 60 million Ghost Soldiers, and with their current 30 million, they would have 90 million Ghost Soldiers, which would be a big help to Great Qin.

In the future, if they obtained more Royal Seals, they could turn them into Underworld Royal Seals and revive more of Great Qin's soldiers, allowing them to continue to help Great Qin conquer worlds.

If they could obtain 100 Royal Seals, Great Qin would be able to control one billion Ghost Soldiers; anyone would be excited at such a thought. After all, these were all converted from soldiers who had perished, which would greatly cut down on Great Qin's losses. In thefuture, Zhao Fu would not have to worry as much about soldiers dying.