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 Devils developed shockingly quickly and had decent intelligence as well.

Moreover, this Black Bull Devil's power was extremely shocking. Originally, the black bull had strength comparable to a human with Stage 0-2 or 0-3 cultivation. Now, its strength was comparable to a human with Stage 0-5 or 0-6 cultivation. In other words, it had risen three Steps in just three days.

Zhao Fu realized how great the Devil World's potential was. Apart from the Blood God Pills, Zhao Fu had never seen any method of increasing cultivation so quickly.

If he gave this Black Bull Devil a Blood God Pill, at the very least its strength would be comparable to Stage 0-9 or even Stage 1. Thinking about that, a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face.

Zhao Fu stood in the air, and because he was the master of the Devil World, he did not have to worry about being corroded by the blood-red qi. In actuality, just with his Sovereign Bloodline alone, Zhao Fu was able to neutralize the blood-red qi.

The 300 or so Devils around him felt quite comfortable here as they themselves were Devils. It did not have much of an effect on them, as the aura and atmosphere here quite suited them.

Zhao Fu descended and appeared above the Black Bull Devil. The Black Bull Devil discovered Zhao Fu and savagely looked at him, roaring as dense devil qi flooded out of it. It was about to attack Zhao Fu.


At that moment, a blood-red rune floated out of the Black Bull Devil's head, and a powerful force caused its knees to vigorously kneel down on the ground, causing the ground around it to cave in.

At that moment, the Black Bull Devil half-knelt, half-lay on the ground, a look of terror on its face, while Zhao Fu gazed at it expressionlessly.

Zhao Fu did not do anything; it was just the restrictions within the Black Bull Devil activating. All of the Devils within the Devil World were under Zhao Fu's control. None of them could resist; only this way could Zhao Fu use them with ease of mind.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at a human. At the start, he had kept his rationality; he knew that he was not as strong as the beasts, so he had made some simple weapons and killed a few beasts.

However, after a few days, he had lost control and started to kill others. Finally, in the end, he became like a beast and hunched over a corpse as he madly ate.

Zhao Fu watched as he excitedly ripped open someone's chest and took out his fresh heart and ate it in big mouthfuls. It was an extremely bloody and gory scene; this person could no longer be called a human.

After eating the heart, that person still was not satisfied and tore open a sheep and started devouring it too.


A massive amount of devil qi spread out as he started to be transformed into a Devil. He lay on the ground, roaring as his skin gradually became black. His hands became sharp claws, and his face twisted as fangs grew in his mouth.

This person had become a Man-Eating Devil and had Stage 0-6 strength, a bit weaker than the Black Bull Devil. After all, the Black Bull Devil had its massive body and strength.

Zhao Fu walked towards the Man-Eating Devil, which tried to attack him as well. However, a blood-red rune appeared on its head and caused it to kneel and lie down on the ground. The terrifying power within its body caused its eyes to become filled with terror, and it understood just how monstrous this person in front of it was.

"I was wrong, Devil Lord!" Zhao Fu did not expect that this Man-Eating Devil still retained his ability to think and speak.

However, that was all; it seemed to have become a different person and all of its memories had vanished. It was now closer to a beast that was capable of some human thought and speech.

In actuality, this person still had some impressions of Zhao Fu, because when Zhao Fu had thrown them in, he had been cursing Zhao Fu to die a horrible death and that he wanted to eat Zhao Fu's flesh.

This person was one of the people who did not surrender as Great Qin cleared regions. Because Great Qin's people had killed his relatives, he hated Zhao Fu greatly.

However, now, he was like an obedient dog that knelt and lay before Zhao Fu. Seeing this, Zhao Fu smiled; it seemed that this Devil Soul Technique was quite useful.

Following this, Zhao Fu took a look at a few other Devils and found the situation quite similar.

Now that Zhao Fu knew how useful the Devil World was, he decided to greatly develop it and send a large number of people and beasts in.

In actuality, all living things had spirits and could become Devils, although it was easier for animals than for plants to become Devils. Among animals, it was the easiest for humans to become Devils, as they already had some spirituality.

Even if the people here did not become Devils, they would become stimulants for other beasts to become Devils. After all, the flesh of people could make it easier for other creatures to become Devils, which was why Devils liked to eat people.

'People' did not refer to just humans but all sentient races, and it was easier for them to become Devils too.

In the future, when Great Qin cleared out regions, they would no longer have to kill those who did not surrender; such people, along with rebellious criminals in Great Qin, would all be thrown in here to provide more fighting forces for Great Qin.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Devils that were nurtured were far stronger than soldiers of the same level. For example, even though the Black Bull Devil was only at Stage 0-6, it could fight two or three Stage 0-6 soldiers by itself.

If Zhao Fu gave them Blood God Pills, they could be immediately sent to the battlefield, where they could devour even more flesh. Thinking about the massive benefits brought by the Devil World, Zhao Fu could not help but grin.

After returning to the Great Qin Palace, Zhao Fu brought the Devils with him. It was the first time they had entered the Great Qin Palace, and they felt quite startled at how grand and luxurious it was. They could not feel quite excited because this was the first time they had come to the center of the Great Qin's power.

Zhao Fu personally wrote Imperial Edicts, enfeoffing the Devils as Devil Lords, who would control everything in the Devil World.

The Devils knelt on the ground and thanked Zhao Fu, and golden lights covered their bodies. They had received Great Qin's Kingdom Power and corresponding authority, making them all feel quite happy.

However, there were many Ministers who had worried expressions, seeing these savage Devils in the imperial court.

After making the enfeoffments, Zhao Fu gave an order to calculate how many people and beasts could be sent into the Devil World.

They found that they could send in around 40 million people, and because they were still clearing out regions, there were more people who could be sent in every day. They could send in around 50 million beasts, and this was around 100 million in total. Zhao Fu wondered how many Devils would be produced from this number.

Zhao Fu decided to take them out of the Devil World when they became Devils and not let them continue to fight and kill among themselves. Even though more powerful Devils would be produced by doing that, he did not want them to kill each other once they had become Devils.

Now that Great Qin had unified the world, they would be facing wars with other worlds in the future, so they could not lack numbers.