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 Now that everything had been prepared, it was time to create the Devil World. Zhao Fu went to the center of the island, and the Great Devil Formation had already been prepared.

Zhao Fu stood at the center and placed the Hundred Devil Blood Stone into the magic formation, bringing it to life immediately. It gave off boundless blood-red light and gave off a strange, sharp, pained, and twisted sound, making people's hairs stand on end.

Sensing this power, Zhao Fu could sense that the Devil World was most likely quite an evil and twisted place. However, no matter what, Great Qin needed this power.

Seeing that the Great Devil Formation was activated, the surroundings Devils all smiled and squatted down, pressing their palms against the magic formation. A massive amount of devil qi flowed into it, causing a massive aura to spread out, and the Great Devil Formation started to operate.

The many Devils continued to send devil qi into the formation, causing the formation's aura to become stronger and stronger. The Devil Qi Stones in the surroundings all disintegrated, and their devil qi was also absorbed.

The ground suddenly started to tremble, and the weather started to change as clouds swirled. The light dimed and a dangerous aura swept out like a flood.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the Great Devil Formation gave off a piercing blood-red light and started to spin. A pillar of light containing immense power shot into the sky and smashed into it, causing the sky to tremble.

The blood-red pillar of light gave off a large amount of blood-red light, gradually dyeing the sky blood-red. A bloody, evil, crazed, and twisted aura spread out throughout the sky, causing those who saw it to feel fear.

Standing within the center of the blood-red pillar of light, Zhao Fu stretched out a hand towards the sky and started the final step of the process.


An explosion sounded out as the Hundred Devil Blood Stone at the center of the formation gave off a wave of terrifying Devil Power and sent out a massive shockwave, making it difficult for the surrounding Devils to even stand.

The Hundred Devil Blood Stone turned into a ray of blood-red light as it traveled within the blood-red pillar of light and shot into the sky.

Boom! Boom!

Two explosion sounded out as two terrifying waves of might, bringing with them unstoppable power, descended, causing the surrounding Devils to feel their bodies sink.

A sun giving off intense, blood-red light appeared in the sky, and a moon giving off blood-red light had also appeared.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Within the Devil World, the blood moon and blood sun existed together. There was no night and no day, no yin and no yang, only chaos.

The appearance of the blood sun and blood moon signified the formation of the Devil World.

The blood sun and blood moon could be seen from a distance, and a blood-red color and an evil and twisted aura flooded over.

At that moment, Zhao Fu activated all of the barrier items, causing them to turn into rays of light and fly into the sky. They gathered into position and formed a powerful barrier that covered all of the blood-red light.

Zhao Fu thought that things were over, but at that moment, the blood sun and blood moon gave of intense blood-red light and two hazy figures flew out.

One was human-shaped but looked somewhat like a crow. It had two hands and two claws instead of feet. It also had a pair of wings with blood-red feathers.

The other looked like a rabbit and had blood-red fur. It had four eyes, as well as a blood-red crescent moon mark on its forehead.

Both figures gave off terrifying auras as they flew down from the sky and entered Zhao Fu's body before he could even react.

Zhao Fu immediately checked his body and found that there was nothing too strange. However, he now had two marks on his chest; one looked like a crow and one looked like a rabbit, and they seemed to connect to each other.

Following this, the silver dragon seal that Zhao Fu had obtained from the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage also fused with the two marks and formed a new mark.

This mark was blood-red and the shape of a crow and rabbit on one side, while the other side was silver and in the shape of a dragon, looking quite beautiful.

After the marks fused, they once again disappeared into Zhao Fu's body, and the surrounding ripples calmed down. However, the sky was still blood-red colored as was their surroundings. The blood sun and blood moon were still in the sky and had not disappeared.

Zhao Fu turned and asked the Devils around him, "What were those two figures?"

Even though he did not feel like there were any changes, it was still better to have a better understanding of them in order to prevent any mishaps in the future.

Momijigari lightly smiled as she replied, "Your Majesty, they are the two most powerful Devils out of all of the us. One of them is the Yatagarasu, the crow of the sun, and the other is the Gyokuot, the rabbit of the moon. In actuality, summoning the blood sun and blood moon were summoning them.

"Them appearing and entering Your Majesty's body is a sign of them acknowledging Your Majesty. Now, Your Majesty can also use Devil Power, and it will increase Your Majesty's power; it will not bring any harm to Your Majesty."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite relieved and did not pay it much mind.

Now that the Devil World had been formed, the next thing to do was to check its effects. Zhao Fu had been looking forward to this and ordered people to bring in some wild beasts, rebels, and traitors.

After entering the Devil World, these people and beasts did not react much, only looking around in fear. However, what they did not notice was that there were traces of blood-red qi entering their bodies.

The first to react was a black bull. Its gentle gaze was now replaced with a look of savageness and violence.

It gave a loud roar and started to attack the other wild beasts. It first attacked a panther, and as a carnivore, the panther used its fangs and claws to fight back against the black bull.

However, the black bull allowed it to attack as much as it wanted, and in the end, the black bull was able to kill the panther. It was covered with wounds as it started to devour the panther's corpse.

This made the people watching feel quite surprised; after all, bulls were herbivores, yet now it was devouring a panther. As the black bull devoured the panther, more and more blood-red qi entered the panther's body and was absorbed by the black bull.

The aura that the black bull gave off became more and more powerful. After devouring the panther, the black bull lay on the ground as if it was recovering from its wounds.

The black bull's wounds quickly recovered as if there was a power helping it recover.

Half a day later, the black bull once again stood up and attacked a sika deer. Now, the black bull was much stronger in terms of both speed and power, and it killed the sika deer in just a few charges before eating its corpse.

Ono the third day, the black bull killed two people and devoured their corpses. One person's head was directly crushed by the bull's teeth, causing blood and brains to splatter everywhere, creating a terrifying and evil scene.

The black bull happily ate, and after devouring the two people's corpses, it suddenly gave a massive roar as a powerful aura exploded out from it.

It suddenly stood up and its body gradually took human form. It was three meters tall, and its front hooves became sharp claws. Even though the look in its eyes was still quite violent and twisted, there was now a trace of intelligence within them.

A Black Bull Devil had appeared!