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 Zhao Fu felt a headache coming on as he looked at the Ministers arguing amongst themselves. He was also considering what to do; they had two months left, and they had to defend against the incoming forces. Great Qin could not fall here.

Masanori Hano looked at the scene around her and said with slight hesitation, "Your Majesty, in actuality, developing the Devil World doesn't require Great Qin to send its residents into it. Recently, the Hundred Devils have created a Devil Soul Technique.

"This Devil Soul Technique can be fused into the Devil World. Anyone who is sent into the Devil World will be affected, and their memories will gradually disappear. By the time they turn into Devils, they will have lost all of their memories and will become new creatures.

"As long as you have something to control them with, they will obey Great Qin. No matter how great their hatred towards Great Qin was, after becoming Devils, they will have new lives and will no longer feel enmity towards Great Qin."

This resolved something that Zhao Fu had been worrying about this whole time, which was that the Devils he nurtured could turn against him. At first, Masanori Hano had been quite hesitant to tell Zhao Fu about this as it would harm countless living creatures.

However, now that Great Qin was facing such immense pressure, she had no other choice and had to help think of ways to resist the incoming invasion.

"Really?" Zhao Fu looked at Masanori Hano in pleasant surprise. Zhao Fu knew how powerful the Devils were, but because of this problem, he had been hesitant to nurture them. If they could get rid of this problem, there would be nothing to worry about.

Moreover, Devils developed much faster than ordinary Cultivators, and they could quickly provide Great Qin with a large fighting force.

Masanori Hano nodded and confirmed what she had said.

Zhao Fu grinned and took Masanori Hano, leaving for the Devil City. He decided to start developing the Devil World, and he ordered the Ministers to continue discussing Great Qin's future plans.

After arriving at the Devil City, Tamamo-no-Mae leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and wrapped her arms around his waist. Her enchanting figure twisted about as she said flirtatiously, "Your Majesty you finally came again. It's been such a long time since we last met. I've been hearing about all sorts of lewd things that Your Majesty has been doing, and I want to do it with Your Majesty too."

Hearing Tamamo-no-Mae's shameless words, Masanori Hano's face became slightly red.

Zhao Fu hugged Tamamo-no-Mae's seductive body and smiled as he said, "Maybe in the future! We have decided to build the Devil World, and We will make you Hundred Devils all Devil Lords."

"Really? Thank you, Your Majesty!" Tamamo-no-Mae said, feeling quite surprised. This was something they had been waiting for this entire time. If the Devil World was built, their statuses would skyrocket, and they would not have to stay in such a small place.

Zhao Fu lightly nodded, while Tamamo-no-Mae panted and said, "Your Majesty, can I use my body to thank you then?"

Following this, Tamamo-no-Mae undid her kimono, revealing her snow-white figure. She flirtatiously smiled as she stretched out her hand towards a certain part of Zhao Fu's body.

Masanori Hano could not stand this anymore, and her face was bright red as she cried out, "Tamamo! Stop, don't do this."

Because he had matters at hand, Zhao Fu also stopped Tamamo-no-Mae.

Tamamo-no-Mae felt quite disappointed but grabbed Zhao Fu's hand and pressed it against her large chest, pleading, "Then at least give me a small reward first, Your Majesty. Don't forget after you're done with all this!"

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless, and after much moaning from Tamamo-no-Mae, she grinned and gave off an intoxicating aura as she hugged Zhao Fu, and Masanori Hano walked beside them with a red face.

Following this, Zhao Fu gathered the Hundred Devils; in actuality, there were not just one hundred of them but 362. Each of them had their own stories and abilities, and they were quite powerful.

These Devils were mainly split into two factions: One followed the Greater Tengu, Shuten-Douji, and Tamamo-no-Mae, while the other followed Momijigari.

Out of all of the Devils, the strongest was most likely Momijigari. She could fight with the three other Devil leaders single handedly and was shockingly powerful.

Zhao Fu gathered them and let them know of Great Qin's plan to build the Devil World and give them 100 regions.

Seeing that Zhao Fu valued them so much, they profusely thanked him.

Zhao Fu's line of thinking was that since he was going to build the Devil World, he would nurture it greatly. Zhao Fu was quite interested in a Devil army because their abilities were quite strange and would be of great help to Great Qin.

Following this, Zhao Fu asked them how to build the Devil World.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Of course, things were not as simple as Zhao Fu had thought. The Devil World was not something that could be built at one's whim and required a massive number of items. No wonder they had not built the Devil World back when Great Qin had conquered Japan; they simply did not have the ability to build it.

First, they needed materials for a Great Devil Formation, which turned Heaven and Earth Essence Qi into devil qi. They also needed various items for all sorts of barriers.

The Devil World was naturally a world, and they could not make this entire world into the Devil World. However, they could use barriers to close it off and make it similar to a world.

Devil qi had strong mutation effects, and the barrier could make it so that it did not leak out and harm others. At the same time, it would prevent others from entering the Devil World and prevent Devils from escaping.

They also needed countless Devil Qi Stones. These Devil Qi Stones provided devil qi and could cause the devil qi in the Devil World to become denser and increase the speed at which people became Devils.

There were also many other things that cannot all be listed.

Zhao Fu ordered people to immediately prepare those items and chose a place to set up the Devil World. It was an island in the Eastern Archipelagos that had about 100 or so regions.

Because the Devil World was too dangerous, in order to avoid any heavy losses if things went out of control, Zhao Fu chose a fairly remote place.

The Devils started to make preparations - they were going to use their blood and Devil Power to create a Hundred Devil Blood Stone, which would become the core item of the Devil World.

It took the Devils a bit more than three days to condense the Hundred Devil Blood Stone. Their faces were all quite pale afterwards, and their bodies became quite weak, looking quite drained. To them, creating this Hundred Devil Blood Stone was not easy at all.

Following this, they gave the Hundred Devil Blood Stone to Zhao Fu. It was similar to jade and was rectangular. It was one finger-length long and had a bloody smell, and it contained a massive amount of a strange power.

Zhao Fu now had to refine the Hundred Devil Blood Stone; only then would the Devils obey his commands.

Of course, for the first three hundred Devils, he had given them each a drop of his blood. With his Sovereign Bloodline, the power that his blood contained was enormous and was of great help to Devils, even causing their bloodlines to slightly change.

At the same time, Zhao Fu set down restrictions within their bodies. Only then could he use them and the Devil World with peace of mind.