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 The fifth system announcement was about the changes to Armaments, which Zhao Fu was quite concerned about. However, after looking through the information, a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face - there was finally something good.

All of the Armaments had gone through changes, and the biggest change was that Nation Armaments could now gather the power of a Kingdom.

One first needed a Kingdom to use Kingdom Power; without a Kingdom, this ability was useless. It could be said that all Nation Armaments had become much more powerful. Moreover, the amount of Fate that they consumed was reduced as well.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Nation Armaments could now also speed up the recovery of Fate for a Kingdom.

Because of this, Zhao Fu would not have to worry too much about the consumption of Fate when using Armaments in the future. Moreover, if he used up a lot of Fate, it would recover much faster. This was a great benefit.

The sixth system announcement pertained to cultivation. Zhao Fu had a look and found that cultivation in the lower Stages had not changed much; only the higher Stages were affected. Zhao Fu did not have to worry about this just yet because he was still quite far away from reaching such levels.

The seventh system announcement about the increase of celestial qi and increasing the chance of becoming a Celestial was definitely quite attractive to the higher-beings. However, to those with lower cultivation, it was a disaster.

The eighth system announcement was about the source energy of worlds being limited, so some experts and Kingdoms would not be able to use it to the same extent. This was good because the powerful experts and Empires would not be as terrifying as before.

The gap between those with lower cultivations and those with powerful cultivations had been reduced, and it was not as great as before.

The ninth system announcement was about how the power of the laws had become stronger, meaning that it would be more difficult to destroy the heavens and earth. Before, a fireball from Zhao Fu could blast open a three meter wide crater, but now it would only blast open a two meter wide crater.

The power was still the same, but its destructiveness had been reduced; this was the effect of the laws of heaven and earth becoming stronger.

The various changes reduced the strength of the three worlds, and the disadvantages were much greater than the advantages. The effects on Great Qin were quite great, and the biggest issue was the Seals.

Now, the City Lord Seals and Official Seals could no longer gather power. Even though they had become treasures with various functions, that could not make up for the loss of power.

Now, everything depended on cultivation. Before, Great Qin had wanted to attack the world above theirs, but now it was simply a joke. If both sides could use the power of their Cities, the difference in strength would not be too great.

However, now that cultivation was the focus, the gap between them was simply too great. This was a matter of foundation, and if others had developed for dozens of years while you had only developed for a few years, how could you compare?

To Great Qin, this was extremely disadvantageous. If the other side attacked, it would be a disaster for Great Qin.

Because most of Great Qin's soldiers were at least at Stage 1, the difference in terms of soldiers was not too great. However, the difference in cultivations for City Lords was quite great. Most of Great Qin's City Lords' Cultivations were weaker than those outside, and the only advantage that they had was their Talisman Equipment. If they fought, Great Qin would be at a great disadvantage.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu felt a slight headache. This was because the Heaven Domain Boundary was about to disappear, and Great Qin was about to face a crisis.

However, now that City Lords were not as powerful, soldiers did not have to fear them as much. They could use many soldiers to deal with City Lords, as they were not as terrifying.

Before, a City Lord could easily wipe out 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers single handedly, but now 100,000 soldiers would be able to turn the tables against a City Lord and no longer had to fear them as much.

The countless changes destroyed all of Great Qin's plans, and Zhao Fu immediately held an emergency meeting to discuss how to deal with this new situation.

It was not just Great Qin; everyone else did the same. This New Age had a great impact on every faction, so they had to quickly adjust, or they would be left behind in the New Age.

"Your Majesty! This Minister believes that with Great Qin's current strength, we should focus on defense and not carry out any attacks. Great Qin's greatest threat is the world above; now, there are still two months, so we should make preparations to defend against that world."

"It will be quite hard to defend; I'm sure everyone remembers the Devil Horn Empire. Just because it was a Dukedom Kingdom, it was suppressed by the surrounding four worlds. They had a strong foundation so they could defend without any problems. However, Great Qin has only been developing for six years and does not have enough of a foundation. Once the Heaven Domain Boundary disappears, the surrounding worlds' gazes will be drawn over to us. If they attack, it will be difficult to defend."

"That's right! Their cultivations are generally higher than Great Qin's, and defending against the Grassi world will be difficult enough. How can we defend against a few worlds?"

"Your Majesty, this Minister believes that we should develop the Devil World. With their savage and strange powers, even if they do not have Stage 1 strength, they'll be able to easily slaughter those at Stage 1 or above."

"Absolutely not, Your Majesty! That Devil World will make the heavens grieve and is simply too bloody and cruel. Please consider wisely, Your Majesty."

"Hmph! Such adherence to old ideas! Now that Great Qin is facing such danger, we should be considering all the ways we have to defend against the other worlds. We should be using all methods available to us."

"Is His Majesty willing to send in millions of residents who trust, love, and are loyal to him in there? If His Majesty does this, popular sentiment will take a great blow!"

"But what other methods do we have for helping Great Qin defend against the invasions of other worlds?"

"I wonder if we're able to construct similar doors to what the Western Continent used. Great Qin has many people from the Western Continent, and if we can summon a large number of creatures using the doors, they can reduce some of the pressure for Great Qin."

"Apologies, only Su Yan and Akhenaten control information for that; no one else knows how to create those doors."

"Your Majesty, this Ministers believes we should put everything on hold and use the remaining two months to take over another world. If we have the strength of two worlds, it will be easier to defend against the previous world."

"What a joke! Do you think it's that easy to unify a world? Back when we launched that unification battle, it took at least two months. We only have two months left, and before we can take over another world, we'll be invaded!"

"How about we start increase our diplomatic activities and express our goodwill towards the others. That way, they will not attack Great Qin and Great Qin can continue to develop!"

"That's not feasible and will instead expose Great Qin early on. Moreover, with such a big piece of meat sitting there, many people will feel tempted."

"It's a pity that the Blood God Pills of each Stage can only be consumed once. Great Qin has so many Blood God Pills that can greatly increase soldiers' cultivations. This would decrease the gap and make us not as passive."

"What should we do now? Everyone, please give some practical solutions, His Majesty is waiting for us to propose some concrete plans!"