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 "System announcement! The laws of the heavens and earth have been changed, and the method of cultivation has changed."

"System announcement! The amount of celestial qi has increased, increasing the chance of becoming a Celestial."

System announcement! Countless worlds' source energy has been limited, which may affected people and Kingdoms. Please look into this."

"System announcement! The power of the laws has received the power of the heavens and earth, and their binding power on all creatures has increased."

Zhao Fu was quite shocked as he went through the various system announcements in his mind; he had never thought such a thing would happen. He did not know if this was a blessing or curse, to have run into the Heaven Awaken World's New Age.

"Has something like this happened in the past before?" Zhao Fu asked the golden dragon. It knew much more than Zhao Fu, so it most likely had some kind of experience with this.

The golden dragon thought about it and replied, "I've read about it in some ancient texts before, but I've never experienced it myself. There is a great period of time between each one, and the laws of heaven and earth will indeed change, as will many other things."

"From how you see it, is this good, or bad, for Great Qin?" Zhao Fu asked.

The golden dragon shook its head, saying, "I don't know yet because we don't know how greatly the laws of heaven and earth will change. There are too many unknowns right now."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt slightly disappointed.

By now, the people he had sent out to the other worlds returned and reported that the situation was the same over there; all City Lord Seals and Official Seals had been rendered useless.

Because of the system announcements that Zhao Fu had received, he was not too surprised. He cast his mind back to the system announcements and started to look through them in detail.

The first one that caught Zhao Fu's attention was the one that stated that the City Lord Seals and Official Seals had lost their power and become treasures.

The functions of the Seals had not been reduced, and they had instead been increased. They could still control Cities; there was not much difference in this regard.

The biggest change was that they were unable to provide any power; people could no longer use them to control the City's power and obtain a massive amount of power.

Whether they were City Lord Seals, Official Seals, or King's Seals, they could not gather power anymore; that was why they seemed to have become useless.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Instead, they had all become treasures with even more functions.

The first function was that they had become many times tougher than before and could be used as weapons or fused into weapons.

In other words, one could turn their City Lord Seal into different shapes or fuse it into their weapon. If one fused their City Lord Seal into one's sword, the sword would become a special equipment, a City Lord Sword.

City Lord Swords were naturally quite powerful, and whoever obtained the City Lord Sword would be able to control the City as well.

The second function was a defensive function. City Lord Seals could release a barrier that would automatically be unleashed when a City Lord was met with danger. It would not use up the City Lord's power, only the City's power, and the barrier was quite firm as well.

The firmness could rival some special defensive items on the markets, and what was especially attractive was that the barrier did not use up one's own power.

The third function was a support function that contained two abilities.

The first ability was flight, which City Lord Seals already had, but it was now strengthened so that it allowed faster flight.

The second ability was recovery, which could boost one's recovery in terms of both energy and healing.

The fourth function was an appointing function.

The appointing function was one that could give Professions; any type of Seal could give others Professions, and they were not ordinary Professions but Special Professions. They were unique to each City and could contain the power of the City.

The fifth function was relatively weaker, which was a might function. Anyone who had a City Lord Seal would be able to give off a might that would make others feel afraid.

The sixth function was quite special, which was having a certain chance to spawn a City Spirit. These were spirit creatures that were birthed by Cities, and they were quite useful. Not only could they control the entire City, but they could also use a portion of the City's power.

These were the six functions of the new City Lord Seals, and they were quite good, However, it was a pity that people could no longer use their Cities' power and obtain a massive amount of power. If Zhao Fu could choose, he would still choose the power, as it was more useful.

The third system announcement was that Region Creatures had been weakened, which referred to the region boss monsters. They had become weaker, but no one knew by how much. However, it was most likely by a lot, given that City Lord Seals had lost the ability to gather power.

Zhao Fu could not help but worry - the Wyverns, Corpse Soul Commanders, and eight Aquatic Beast Kings had all fused with City Lord Seals, and they most likely counted as Region Creatures.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and immediately sent people to check on them. After hearing back, Zhao Fu's expression became quite grim; the Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders had all lost around 40% of their power.

This meant that they only had 60% of the power that they normally wielded, while the eight Aquatic Beast Kings lost half of their power. Zhao Fu could not help but feel enraged.

At the same time, Zhao Fu discovered why the Wyverns had lost 40% of their power while the Aquatic Beast Kings had lost 50% of their power.

It was because the Aquatic Beast Kings were true Region Creatures, while the Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders had only obtained their Region Power from fusing with City Lord Seals and were not true Region Creatures. As such, they were not affected as much.

The Region Power being reduced meant that the power that each region supplied had decreased as well. Whenever Zhao Fu cleared out a region, he would obtain Region Power, but now that was going to decrease as well.

The fourth system announcement was about the spherical crystal, the Heaven Domain Spirit Crystal. Each world had one, and because Great Qin had unified the human world, it had appeared quite close to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu looked through the information in detail and found out about the use of the Heaven Domain Spirit Crystals. They were, in fact, massive teleportation channels that could send one to another world. They could also be upgraded and travel across multiple worlds.

If they were upgraded to the peak, Zhao Fu could even use it to travel to the Heaven Domain; with this item, things would be much more convenient in the future.

Zhao Fu found the human world's Heaven Domain Spirit Crystal and found that he could not use it yet. This was because the human world was still within the Heaven Domain Boundary. He also found that it was like a teleportation channel and could hide its teleportation point and reject incoming teleportation requests.