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 Currently, only higher-beings could move; under those terrifying ripples, everyone else's bodies froze and could not move at all.

The human world was not spared from these abnormal signs either. Countless people stood transfixed in terror, and Zhao Fu could only struggle a tiny bit. His body instinctively trembled; it could be seen just how terrifying this power was.

Heaven-shaking powers resisted, causing those ripples to gradually weaken, and the pressure on the people's bodies grew lighter.

Now, everyone was able to let out a sigh of relief - it was almost over!

The higher-beings' expressions slightly relaxed, and they continued towards the center of the ripples.

Within the boundless void, the crystal pearl was floating in the air, and the ripples from the eight massive crystals grew weaker; it seemed that things were about to settle down.

However, at that moment, the crystal pearl gradually formed a person's image. This person looked illusory, and their body and face looked quite hazy.

The only sensation it gave off was that it was incredibly powerful, beyond anything that anyone could imagine. In front of that power, the heavens and earth seemed incredibly small, and the countless higher-beings seemed like ants.

This figure looked at the world in front of it, and a shocking power burst forth. That power was unimaginably monstrous, and shockwaves that could cause the heavens and earth to explode swept throughout the three worlds.

The countless resisting forces were instantly suppressed and were unable to resist at all. The expressions of countless godly spirits, Emperors, and Underworld officials all fell.

This power greatly exceeded anything they could withstand; they all felt incredibly tiny and powerless, and they could not help but feel defeated.

The higher-beings who had headed over to see what was happening felt as if they had been pressed against the ground by a massive, formless hand. They all crashed from the air and smashed out large craters. The power that covered them made it so they could not budge at all.

Luckily, this power did not harm anyone, only forcefully suppressing them, or else it would have been enough to wipe out everyone.

Zhao Fu was in the boundary of the outer regions, and he had not been able to resist at all from the start. After this new wave of power spread out, Zhao Fu's legs started to go weak, while ordinary people had already collapsed onto the ground.

The figure in the boundless void started to gradually disappear and turned back into the crystal pearl. Countless worlds' source energy, and the power of countless people, Kingdoms, Sects, godly spirits, and Underworld officials were gradually absorbed.

By now, no one was able to resist at all and allowed their power to be absorbed. The heavens and earth continued to go through changes, and the sun, moon, and stars became dim.


The eight massive crystals exploded out with power that could annihilate countless worlds. Fathomless light pierced through countless worlds, and the Heaven Awaken World, the godly spirit world above, and the Underworld below were all covered by those eight lights.

The eight crystals sent power into the crystal pearl in the middle, and the boundless source energy fused into the crystal pearl.

After receiving an immense amount of source energy, the ripples that the crystal pearl gave off became more and more terrifying, and it gradually became larger and larger.

In the end, the crystal pearl became massive, about an eighth of how big each of the eight crystals were. It was now eight-colored and gave off an even greater might, as well as a suffocation that seemed to be able to kill.

The attractive force also disappeared, and the horrifying ripples also ceased. The scenes of the world chaotically collapsing gradually stopped as well.

Beautiful clouds covered the skies of the three worlds, and countless multicolored lights descended, creating a beautiful scene.

At that moment, massive orbs of colored light giving off immense power gradually descended from the sky and fused into the ground before disappearing. Rays of light then exploded out of the ground, and an enormous crystal hung in the air.

This crystal was spherical and was about two meters wide. It floated six meters high in the air, giving off a faint light.

Finally, all abnormal signs ceased and everything returned to normal. Everyone regained control over their bodies and let out sighs of relief. Their bodies were all covered with cold sweat, and everything was finally over.

The major figures' expressions became quite grave; even now, they had no idea what was going on - just what had caused all of this?

The higher-beings who had wanted to head to the center of the ripples could not help but retreat.

Before, they had not even been able to get close and could only observe from a distance. Now, that place was covered with a barrier, and even if they went, they would not be able to find anything. Moreover, they were quite afraid of that power from just then.

Back at the human world, everyone regained their ability to move. Li Si brought people to the palace and looked at Zhao Fu as he asked caringly, "Your Majesty, are you alright?"

Zhao Fu had been looking at the sky, in the direction that the terrifying ripples had come from, trying to guess just what had happened. Hearing Li Si's words, Zhao Fu examined himself and found that he was fine. Just as he was about to say that he was alright, his expression changed and was shocked to find that he could not use the Great Qin Seal.

What was going on? Zhao Fu felt a bit panicked - the Great Qin Seal was the core item of Great Qin, and it had great influence on Great Qin.

Zhao Fu tried again and found that it was indeed impossible to use the Great Qin Seal as if it did not have any power at all.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite serious as he asked the others, "Try to see if you can use your Official Seals or City Lord Seals."

The others obeyed and tried, and their expressions also fell as they reported, "Your Majesty, we're unable to use our Official Seals and City Lord Seals."

Others quickly ran over to Zhao Fu to report that countless City Lord Seals and Official Seals had been rendered unusable. This caused Zhao Fu's heart to sink, and his expression became quite unsightly; why did all of the Seals' powers disappear?

Zhao Fu immediately ordered people to go to other worlds to have a look; hopefully it was not just the human world that was like this.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Before the people he sent out had returned, Zhao Fu received a series of system announcements, as did countless other people in the Heaven Awaken World.

"System announcement! The Heaven Awaken World's New Age has begun, and the laws have been changed."

"System announcement! All City Lord Seals and Official Seals have been rendered ineffective and have become treasures. Please look at their descriptions."

"System announcement! The Region Creatures have been weakened, and the Region Power has been reduced."

"System announcement! The Heaven Domain Spirit Crystal has been unlocked. Each world will obtain a Heaven Domain Spirit Crystal. Please check its description."

"System announcement! Some Armaments' attributes have changed, including Nation Armaments, Sect Armaments, and Clan Armaments. All similar Armaments are included."