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 Zhao Fu had never thought that such a thing would happen, nor did anyone else. This matter didn't just affect Great Qin heavily; it was as if the entire Heaven Awaken World had taken a fatal blow.

This matter once again changed Great Qin's plans and even changed its overall direction. Everything had to be considered in light of these new circumstances.

Zhao Fu had been planning to leave the human world, and at that moment, within the boundless ruins at the center of the Heaven Domain, eight massive crystals giving off immense aura floated there, giving off a faint light.

Suddenly, a crystal pearl appeared at the center of the eight crystals, giving off formless ripples. The eight crystals slightly trembled, giving off a faint light.

Even though they only gave off a faint light, they were core items of the Heaven Awaken World. Any slight disturbance could cause terrifying abnormal signs.

Due to the disturbance of the eight crystals, a terrifying shockwave instantly blasted out. Countless higher-beings in closed-door cultivation were roused and revealed expressions of shock.

Following this, countless ordinary people also sensed those world-destroying ripples and felt as if they had fallen into a bottomless abyss. They became filled with despair, and both their bodies and souls trembled.

The terrifying ripples swept out from the Heaven Domain; the inner regions were completely blasted while the outer regions were affected by the ripples as well.

Instantly, Zhao Fu felt as if he had been hit by an enormous wave. His body froze, and his soul seemed to be like a flame within a berserk gale; it continuously flickered as if it was going to be blown out in the next moment. In that moment, Zhao Fu felt a terror from deep within his soul.

This power exceeded anything Zhao Fu could imagine; even if he released all of his power, including the Great Qin Seal, Nation Armaments, Clan Armaments, and the human world's power, it was useless.

In front of that power, he seemed as small as a grain of sand that could be easily destroyed, and he could not resist at all.

"What's going on? Why are there such terrifying ripples?" Countless people could not understand what was happening and looked completely shocked. These ripples were simply too terrifying and exceeded what they could endure.

The Heaven Awaken World became completely silent, without even a bit of sound as the terrifying ripples covered the entire Heaven Awaken World.

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Above, the godly spirit world could sense the terrifying power from below; that power caused everyone's bodies to freeze and feel an innate fear, and their expressions fell.

The godly spirit world could not resist at all, and it was also covered by the ripples, also falling into silence.

Below, in the Underworld, countless ghosts felt a heaven-shaking power from above, causing their bodies to seem to sink. They could not resist at all, and their faces were filled with terror, unable to move their bodies at all.

The Underworld was instantly covered by that monstrous power and sank into silence; countless Ghosts were incredibly terrified.

The godly spirits above and the ghosts below looked towards the Heaven Awaken World in the middle at the same time, wondering, "What happened in the Heaven Awaken World? What could release such terrifying power?"

The abnormal signs continued, and that power became stronger and stronger, making people feel more and more fear.


A massive sound rang throughout the entire world as if the heavens and earth were going to split. In that instant, the crystal pearl gave off an intense light.

At that moment, the source energy of countless worlds madly gathered, and the godly spirit world and Underworld were unable to escape either. Waves of energy were forcefully drawn out and gathered towards the crystal pearl.

"What's happening now?" Countless people could sense the immense amount of source energy being drawn away, causing them to look shocked. They had no idea what was going on.

However, what happened next shocked everyone. Countless people, Sects, Kingdoms, godly spirits, and Underworld officials felt the power from their bodies being taken as well.

"Roarrr!!" A furious, heaven-shaking roar sounded out from within the Demon Domain. It was from the most powerful demon beast within the Demon Domain, and a sky-toppling demonic might spread out. It was enough to shake tens of thousands of world, and facing that terrifying power, it started to resist.

The most powerful demon beast in the Demon Domain was naturally incredibly powerful, and it could resist even a few higher-beings. What's more, it was not just this demon beast that resisted.

"Roarrr!" An ancient dragon's roar tore through the sky as an enormous dragon's might exploded out, causing worlds to fall into despair. The most powerful existence in the Devil Domain started to resist as well, and it was also incredibly powerful.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the most powerful expert from the God Domain exploded out with his power, making him seem like a golden sun. Fathomless light shined out with immense power, and he too started to resist.


Another massive explosion rang out, causing the world to tremble as the most powerful Human Empire in the Human Domain also unleashed immense power, forming a giant that gave off destructive power as it resisted.


A massive sound came from the Spirit Domain as the sky became five-colored and monstrous ripples spread out, enough to destroy everything. The Spirit Realm also started to resist.

Power was the source of people, Sects, and Kingdoms, and since that existence wanted to steal their power, naturally countless people started to resist.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Booms continuously sounded out, seeming as if the world was going to fall apart as pillars of light bringing with them terrifying power shot into the sky. Power that could shake worlds continuously blasted out, making it seem as if it was the end of the world.

Everyone used their own methods to resist that terrifying power.

The countless godly spirits in the godly spirit world unleashed their own godly might as they resisted, wanting to stop that power.

This was the same in the Underworld - terrifying auras continuously exploded out and spread out, desperately fighting back against that power.

This sent the godly spirit world and Underworld into chaos, and the terrifying auras caused countless people to feel horrified. Countless creatures felt as if they were swept up in a flood of chaos, and they felt incredibly terrified and helpless.

The three worlds sank into chaos and panic, and terrifying auras continuously swept out. Some places and space started to twist and collapse as if the world was going to end.

Higher-beings exploded out with powerful auras and rushed out of their closed-door cultivation, turning into rays of light as they flew towards the boundless ruins at the center of the Heaven Domain, wanting to know just what was happening.