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 "Long time no see!" Zhao Fu laughed as he looked at Gongsun Lin.

Hearing this somewhat-familiar voice, Gongsun Lin felt even more confused. She thought about it but could not remember where she had heard this voice.

Back then, Zhao Fu had always worn a black cloak, so he could understand why she did not recognize him.

Zhao Fu reminded her, "I'm Zhao Xin, the Zhao Xin you met at the auction back then."

However, Gongsun Lin still looked quite confused and still did not remember who Zhao Fu was. Zhao Fu felt quite hurt; he had remembered her all this time, but she had most likely forgotten about him already.

Only after much hard thinking did Gongsun Lin remember the person she had met in the Forest of Terror. Instantly, her eyes widened as her jaw dropped; she had never thought that she had met Great Qin's Legatee so early on. Now, he was the only Emperor in the human world

Back then, she had thought that Zhao Fu was just the leader of a small faction. Who would have thought that the leader of a small faction would have become such a major figure step by step.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry, it's been six years already. If you didn't remind me, I nearly would have forgotten. Thank you for the horse you gave me back then, I still have it with me even now," Gongsun Lin said, feeling quite embarrassed.

Zhao Fu nodded and did not feel very angry, and he ordered the soldiers to release her.

"How many pieces of equipment do you have on your Godly Armament List now?" Zhao Fu remembered the Gongsun family's tradition and asked, curious.

Gongsun Lin grinned and looked quite pleased as she took out a thick book and handed it to Zhao Fu, saying, "Look, these are my achievements over the past six years. There are 7,000 or so pieces of equipment now, and I can even forge Saint Armaments now!"

Zhao Fu took the thick book and flipped through it. Hearing what Gongsun Lin had said, he felt quite shocked - Saint Armaments were almost the peak of what could exist in worlds like theirs, and people who could forge them were incredibly rare.

"I can't let her get away this time!" Zhao Fu thought to himself as he said, "Stay in Great Qin, We will give you countless precious materials to forge whatever you want!"

Gongsun Lin hesitated and wanted to refuse at first. After all, if she received her materials like that, her work would lose much of its meaning. However, she could not just directly refuse; the current Zhao Fu was completely different than the Zhao Fu of the past.

For Great Qin's Emperor to treat her with such courtesy, if she refused, not only would she be executed, but the Gongsun family might also be dragged in as well.

"Lin'Er!" a clear voice filled with joy sounded out as a beautiful woman appeared. She was Gongsun Lin's older sister, Gongsun Zhu.

"Big sis!" Gongsun Lin looked extremely happy as she ran over and leapt into Gongsun Zhu's embrace.

Gongsun Zhu lovingly hugged Gongsun Lin. "Oh, you! Where have you been all these years? Why didn't you send any messages back home? Don't you know how worried dad and mum were?"

Gongsun Lin felt quite guilty; she had devoted all of her thoughts to forging equipment, or she would not have the prowess she did today.

"Big sis, after such a long time, you've become even prettier and more alluring. I just want to take a bite out of you!" Gongsun Lin giggled as she rubbed her face against Gongsun Zhu's chest.

Gongsun Zhu's face went red, and she glanced at Zhao Fu standing at the side as she said, "Alright, stop playing around, His Majesty is here. Also, why were you brought here?"

Gongsun Lin told her everything that had happened, and Gongsun Zhu let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, Great Qin had just been clearing out regions; if Gongsun Lin had been caught up in the war, she might have been killed indiscriminately.

"Big sis, do you think I should agree to him?" Gongsun Lin also told Gongsun Zhu about Zhao Fu asking her to stay in Great Qin.

Gongsun Zhu lightly smiled as she said, "The entire world already belongs to him, so where can you go? Also, only you would dare to think in such a way and even consider refusing; he only asked you because of your friendship in the past. No one would dare refuse him, as the consequences are too grave.

"Now that the situation is like this, if you stay in Great Qin, you'll have whatever rare materials you want. You won't have to wander about, and you can focus on forging and work on your Godly Armament List even more."

Gongsun Lin thought about it and nodded. However, after hearing her big sister mention the Godly Armament List, she became excited again and started to go through it.

The Godly Armament List was the tradition of the Gongsun family and represented their glory. Every member of the Gongsun family viewed the Godly Armament List with great importance.

Gongsun Zhu also briefly went through her own Godly Armament List; the materials she had completely exceeded anything that Gongsun Lin had obtained. After all, materials from an empire were definitely more precious than what a single person could obtain.

This made Gongsun Lin much more interested in staying in Great Qin.

Zhao Fu listened to the two women talk, and he smiled after hearing that Gongsun Lin was willing to stay in Great Qin. In the end, he did not want to force her.

"You two keep talking, We still have some matters to take care of. Lin, We will properly show you around sometime." Because there were still many things for Zhao Fu to do, he did not stick around.

Seeing Zhao Fu leave, Gongsun Zhu felt a bit disappointed.

She was also quite surprised that he would address her little sister as such because they sounded quite close. However, she felt quite happy that her little sister had the luck to befriend Zhao Fu so long ago. Otherwise, it was possible that the Gongsun family would have been destroyed for delivering the Clear Sable Sword to Zhao Fu.

Gongsun Lin smiled as she happily talked about the things that had happened in the past few years. She then asked Gongsun Zhu about anything interesting that had happened in recent years.

Gongsun Zhu bitterly laughed and told her about how she was Zhao Fu's concubine. This made Gongsun Lin quite angry; she had had a good impression of Zhao Fu and had never thought that he would treat her big sister like this.

"Alright, you don't have to be angry. Back then, he didn't know I was your big sister or that I was from the Gongsun family. I don't regret it, and I've been living quite well," Gongsun Zhu said as she smiled.

Gongsun Lin asked curiously, "Why don't you regret it? That fellow has countless women, and he doesn't treat you that well."

Thinking about the reason why, Gongsun Zhu's face went red and could not help but think of the few times they had done it next to the furnace. She was actually somewhat disappointed that Zhao Fu had left without doing anything.

Seeing this, Gongsun Lin could not understand why her big sister's face had become so red.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After returning to the palace, Zhao Fu ordered people to gather information on the Grassi, Half-Beast, and Elf worlds. Now that the Heaven Domain Boundary was about to disappear, they were Great Qin's main opponents, so Zhao Fu had to start making preparations.

There was also a shocking matter that covered not only the entire Heaven Awaken World but even the godly spirit world and Underworld as well. All races were dragged into it, and the human world was no exception either.