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 In terms of strength, Bai Qi was slightly weaker than the Ironback Demon Bear, but with the other three helping him, the situation was in his favour.

With all of the Ironback Demon Bear's focus on Bai Qi, Doke stabbed out with his spear and pierced the bear's side. The Ironback Demon Bear was forced to shift its attention from Bai Qi to Doke.

Of course, Doke could not contend with the Ironback Demon Bear, and he was forced to continuously dodge its attacks. However, Gatly raised the golden shield and blocked a few hits for Doke while distracting the Ironback Demon Bear as well. Daisy constantly cast magic spells, sending wooden spikes flying towards the Ironback Demon Bear.

Their teamwork was quite good, so Zhao Fu did not act, allowing them to take on this challenge themselves. He stood behind the serious soldiers, who had formed a defensive formation to 'protect' him.

When Bai Qi saw the Ironback Demon Bear's attention shift to Doke, Bai Qi quickly ran over to its side and slashed with his sword, leaving a 30-centimeter long gash on its side.


The Ironback Demon Bear roared in fury and turned to bite Bai Qi. Bai Qi quickly leaped to the side, but the bear immediately swiped with its paw, sending five wind blades towards him.

Bai Qi dodged to the left and to the right, avoiding four of the wind blades. When the fifth wind blade came near him, he raised his sword and slashed downwards, sending a ray of sword light at it. As it collided with the wind blade, an explosion sounded out, and the two attacks canceled each other out.

At this moment, Doke stabbed his spear towards the Ironback Demon Bear's anus. Because the Ironback Demon Bear's entire back was covered with a metallic material, it would be impossible to injure it from there. As such, the Ironback Demon Bear had three weak areas: its head, midsection, and anus.

When it was attacking Bai Qi, it left its backside exposed, so Doke planned to use his 2-meter long spear to stab through its anus. However, the Ironback Demon Bear turned around, so Doke stabbed its right buttock instead.


The Ironback Demon Bear once again howled in fury and turned to attack Doke. Seeing this, Bai Qi rushed up - right now, he was using a tactic where he would immediately retreat if the enemy advanced, while he would immediately advance if the enemy retreated. Even though the Ironback Demon Bear was quite powerful, it was at a disadvantage due to the cooperation between Bai Qi and the others. This was the power of working as a team.

"Roar!!!!" as the Ironback Demon Bear roared, it stood up on its hind legs. It gave off a powerful aura of suppression and struck fear into the hearts of those around it.

Suddenly, the Ironback Demon Bear raised its paws high and slammed them down onto the ground, causing it to crack. At the same time, shockwaves rippled out, forcing Bai Qi, Gatly, and Doke back by seven or eight steps.

In the next moment, what surprised everyone was that the Ironback Demon Bear chose to run. The Little Grey and Little Black, who were Chief grade, already possessed high intelligence, and as a Lord grade existence, the Ironback Demon Bear definitely possessed great intelligence as well. It knew that continuing to fight wouldn't benefit itself, so it chose to run.

The Chiefs or Lords of herds would find it difficult to run away, as it had a herd to look after. However, Chiefs or Lords that lived by themselves did not have to worry about that.

The Ironback Demon Bear was quite fast, and it ran 10 or so meters in the blink of an eye. However, at this moment, a white ray of light shot towards the Ironback Demon Bear's anus.

The bear was fully focused on running, and it did not notice the white light. However, as it came near, it split into seven white rings of light, and by the time the Ironback Demon Bear noticed, it was too late. In that instant, it felt a massive force slam into its anus.


Daisy's full-force Holy Ring Light sent the Ironback Demon Bear flying 10 or so metres, and it crashed through many trees before falling to the ground. Its anus was completely obliterated, and it looked incredibly wretched. Its face was contorted in pain, and it also had a slightly complicated look.

Seeing this, Doke couldn't help but laugh, and everyone turned to look at Daisy, who was filled with a saintly aura. Daisy felt quite helpless - she hadn't aimed there on purpose. Because the Ironback Demon Bear was escaping, that was the most likely place for the Holy Ring Light to hit.

"Roar!!!!" the Ironback Demon Bear's furious roar seemed to sound out throughout the entire forest, shaking trees to the point that their leaves fell. The Ironback Demon Bear stood up and gave off an incredibly powerful aura, causing the air to freeze. The ground around the bear could not withstand this aura, and the ground started to crack.

The Ironback Demon Bear's body rapidly enlarged until it was 7 meters tall. Its hair stood on end, and its eyes became blood-red - it had entered a berserk state.

This was a power that Lord grade creatures had. Its aura weighed down on the normal soldiers, making them feel as if there was a heavy rock pressing down on them, and it was difficult for them to breathe.

Suddenly, the Ironback Demon Bear started to attack. It opened its mouth as 30 or so energy bombs condensed and flew towards Bai Qi and the others.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A chain of explosions sounded out as craters formed on the ground. Even though Bai Qi and the others quickly dodged, there were simply too many energy bombs to dodge. As such, they were forced to block some of them. The energy from the explosions was quite great, injuring the four of them, and they fell to the ground with blood leaking out of their lips.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Ironback Demon Bear walked over, and it gave off an incredibly powerful aura. Wherever it stepped, the ground sank down, leaving behind deep pawprints.

Bai Qi and the others wretchedly crawled up from the ground. Just as they were preparing to block the berserk Ironback Demon Bear, a calm but unquestionable voice said, "Get back!"

Hearing this, Bai Qi and the others retreated without hesitation.

Zhao Fu appeared behind them without them noticing, and because Zhao Fu was worried about his appearance being exposed, he always wore his black cloak except when within the Great Qin Village.

The berserk Ironback Demon Bear watched the cloaked person, who had been standing behind others, come out and walk up to it, and when it felt the person's weak aura, the berserk bear did not think much about it before walking towards Zhao Fu. Every time it took a step, the ground shook, and the aura it gave off was like that of a small mountain.

Facing this monstrous aura, Zhao Fu did not move at all, and he held the Sky Demon Sword, which gave off an evil aura.

Battle-wielder's Power!

Soul-wielder's Power!

Kill-wielder's Power!

Following this, Zhao Fu said 12 names, and the grey ring on Zhao Fu's right hand flashed with a strange light. The Assassin Lord's Ring could use all 12 equipment sets' power, and even though four of them already had owners, Zhao Fu could use some of their power.