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 "Your Majesty, this Minister has expanded the army to six billion soldiers. These six billion soldiers are all part of the official army, and I have also gathered a force of three billion people's militia to speed up the clearing of regions.

"At the same time, this Minister has gathered ten billion civilians to help construct the Great Wall. Now that the human world has been unified, there should not be any danger, so the construction of the Great Wall can progress while clearing out regions.

"Great Qin's various Departments are also operating at their full capacity, providing resources and support. At this speed, it is possible for Great Qin to finish clearing the regions and level up into a Level 1 Dukedom Kingdom in time."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Si stood before Zhao Fu and reported these things in detail. Hearing that it was possible to finish clearing the regions in three months, Zhao Fu inwardly let out a sigh of relief. Without the strength of a Dukedom Kingdom, Zhao Fu did not feel too confident in facing other worlds.

"How is the situation in the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world? Have they received any system announcements? Will their Heaven Domain Boundary be affected? Also, does the Grassi world know of our Heaven Domain Boundary disappearing?" Zhao Fu asked.

Li Si continued to reply in detail, "The Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world are unaffected, and their Heaven Domain Boundaries are still in the same state. Only our world's Heaven Domain Boundary will disappear soon.

"As for the Grassi people, they don't seem to have noticed anything yet. The human world is slowly integrating into the Heaven Awaken World already, so the Heaven Awaken World's Fate has been gradually entering the human world. However, it is too slow, so they will not notice anything.

"During the final month, the speed will increase, and the various changes in the human world as well as the Heaven Domain Boundary will most likely result in the Grassi people sensing that the Heaven Domain Boundary is about to disappear."

Zhao Fu frowned and said, "We need to build more defenses on the Eastern Archipelagos. The situation has changed and the Grassi people have been waiting to invade this entire time. It's possible the two other worlds will also think that they can bully Great Qin and will try to invade as well."

Li Si nodded and said, "This Minister will immediately give out orders to carry this out!"

After watching Li Si leave, Zhao Fu turned his mind to the documents in front of him. Great Qin was quickly clearing out regions and constructing the Great Wall, and many other matters had cropped up. Zhao Fu currently felt quite rushed.

Now, his original plan had been ruined. He had wanted to wait to unify the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world before bursting out of their protection to attack the Grassi, Elf, and Half-Beast worlds and take them down before anyone could react.

If they could do that, Great Qin would have six worlds and would be four worlds away from rising from a Dukedom Kingdom into a Royal Kingdom.

After that, Great Qin would be the Ancient Stem Domain's twenty-first Royal Kingdom. With such strength, the would not be in any danger within the Ancient Stem Domain, and it would have a firm footing in the Heaven Awaken World.

However, now that the Heaven Domain Boundary was going to disappear and Zhao Fu did not have the time or strength to unify the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world, they had to focus on defense rather than offense.

Just like that, a month passed for Great Qin in nervousness, but they had developed quite well.

Whether it was in terms of clearing out regions or constructing the Great Wall, their progress was quite smooth; they had hope of finishing everything in the remaining two months, allowing Zhao Fu to let out a sigh of relief.

Zhao Fu stretched and moved about; in the past month, he had been busy with internal affairs, and his body had become quite stiff and sore.

Now that he knew that they could complete their goal, Zhao Fu did not feel as worried and decided to relax. Now that he thought about it, he had not found a boss monster of a region in quite a while.

Long ago, all of the region boss monsters seemed to have disappeared. Back then, Zhao Fu had thought that they had all gathered together somewhere, but after unifying the world, he found that they had indeed all disappeared.

Because Great Qin had unified the world, the Chaotic World and natural disasters had ended. By now, Great Qin had raised its Chaotic World Stone Stele to Level 12, which was the highest level. Because it had absorbed so much aura of war, it had even turned into a treasure.

Great Qin had obtained a large number of points and exchanged for many treasures. However, after the human world was unified, the Chaotic World had ended and no more items could be exchanged for.

Now, Great Qin did not have any more benefits from being a beginner, and it could only advance step by step.

Zhao Fu still felt quite curious as to why all of the region boss monsters had disappeared, and he had no idea what had happened to them. There should have been tens of thousands of them.

This matter was most likely related to the four Guardian Beasts, but it was a pity that he had not thought to ask them about it.

"Your Majesty, this subordinate has a matter to report," a guard said while kneeling, cutting off Zhao Fu's thoughts.

Zhao Fu looked at the guard and said, "Speak, what is it?"

Following this, the guard reported to Zhao Fu, causing him to lightly laugh. He nodded and said, "We understand, bring her to the Forging Pavilion!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" the guard replied before leaving.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Forging Pavilion and looked at a young woman who had some charcoal on her face and was bound with ropes. She was currently yelling, "Let me go, you Great Qin bastards. I want to see my big sis and my dad!"

She was Gongsun Lin, someone Zhao Fu had met very early on during the auction in the Holy Light City. She had helped Zhao Fu forge a Gold grade equipment back then, which was enough to show that her abilities were quite extraordinary. Zhao Fu had wanted to keep her and have her work for Great Qin, but it was a pity that she had chosen to leave.

Back then, he had been worried about her safety and gifted her a Black Forest Horse. After all these years, her temperament had become more mature, and her escape abilities were quite shocking; she had almost escaped from the guards quite a few times, so they could only tie her up.

When they had caught her, she had been forging equipment in a small Gnome Village. Her thoughts were quite pure; apart from forging, she did not know much. She did not even know that Great Qin had unified the world; after staying at such a small place, she had no idea what was going on.

The people who had caught her could tell that she was quite exceptional, and only afterwards did they find out that she was Gongsun Lin. Only after telling her that Great Qin had the Gongsun family did she become more cooperative and did not continue to run.

"We greet Your Majesty!" the surrounding guards knelt and called out seeing Zhao Fu arrive.

Gongsun Lin looked at the handsome young man walking over and immediately became more docile. Even though she only cared about forging, she had heard about how terrifying Great Qin's Legatee was and how Great Qin had unified the world.

After hearing about this, she had been scared stiff; she had never thought that things would change so quickly. She felt that in just an instant, =Great Qin had unified the human world without giving anyone any time to react.

However, why did she feel that this young man was somewhat familiar?