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 After reading through the intelligence reports of the two worlds, Zhao Fu felt that the Dark Demon world would be more difficult to take care of, and there was not too much room for development. On the other hand, there was a lot of room for development in the Fish Scale world because they were already ready to unify the Darkwater Continent.

After making some preparations, Zhao Fu prepared to head to the Fish Scale world to unify the Darkwater Continent when suddenly abnormal signs once again erupted.

Countless traces of Fate and Essence Qi madly gathered, and the heavens and earth seemed to tremble. These terrifying ripples caused countless people to feel despair, and it was as if the world was going to be destroyed.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four shocking explosions sounded out as four massive pillars of light shot into the sky with enough power to shake the world. The sky seemed to be torn as four different colors spread out and took up positions in the sky.

The four massive pillars of light also spread in four directions, giving off boundless auras and shaking people's hearts.

"Roarrr!!" A domineering dragon's roar sounded out as a massive azure dragon appeared in the sky. Its figure was enormous and seemed to take up the entire sky. Its azure scales looked like azure jade, and it had many branches on its horns; it had powerful-looking claws and looked quite mighty.

"Skreeee!" A cry sounded out as a flaming bird also appeared in the sky. It looked like a phoenix and yet not like one either. Its eyes looked like rubies and gave off an intense red light.

"Roarrr!" Another heaven-shaking roar sounded out as a massive whale appeared in the sky. This whale was snow-white and had blue eyes. It was extremely beautiful and also had a pair of pure-white wings.

"Neeee!" A massive deer appeared in the sky, surrounded by celestial qi. The deer's fur was rainbow-colored and it had platinum-colored horns, and it gave off a gentle aura.

This was the first time that the four Guardian Beasts had appeared in front of people together. Countless people looked up at the sky in shock.

"Great Qin's Legatee!" An ancient voice sounded out in the north; it was from the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon.

Hearing this voice, Zhao Fu flew into the sky and stood at the center. He looked at the Guardian Beasts around him and asked the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon, "What do you want to talk to Us about?"

A trace of a kind smile appeared on the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon's face. Zhao Fu's performance had completely exceeded his expectations, and such a peerless genius would definitely shake the Heaven Awaken World. Perhaps one day he would even need Zhao Fu's help.

Moreover, with Zhao Fu's terrifying power and his identity as the ruler of the human world, he had the qualifications to speak with him on the same level.

"Congratulations, you have become the ruler of the human world, and our mission has concluded. It is time for us to leave. Back then, I made a promise to protect Great Qin's foundation for 100 years; now, because you have unified the human world, I am released from that promise.

"I had never thought that you would be able to unify the world so quickly, but because you have done so, our mission has ended ahead of time. The Heaven Domain Boundary will also disappear ahead of time, so you need to make preparations to face the true Heaven Awaken World."

After hearing the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon's words, Zhao Fu earnestly nodded. Even though he was prepared for this, hearing that the Heaven Domain Boundary would disappear soon, he felt quite at a loss. He still did not feel too much confidence in facing the true Heaven Awaken World.

The Sky Desolation Azure Dragon continued to speak, saying, "With your talent, you will head to the Heaven Domain someday, so perhaps we will meet again. I hope you will protect the human world well."

Zhao Fu replied sincerely, "Don't worry, with Great Qin present, the human world will definitely be safe and sound."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Sky Desolation Azure Dragon laughed as it nodded and said, "We trust you. Now, it's time to give you a final gift. We hope it will be of use to you."

The four Guardian Beasts gave off terrifying auras that seemed to instantly inundate the human world like a tsunami, causing people to feel despair.

The four Guardian Beasts' bodies gave off large amounts of light, which condensed in front of them. Four orbs of light giving off terrifying power formed, and four drops of blood that contained their source energy flew out from their foreheads and fused into the orbs of light.

The four orbs of light condensed to form four pieces of jade. They were all different colors and were about three fingers long. There were four figures within them, which looked like tiny versions of the four Guardian Beasts.

The four pieces of jade flew over to Zhao Fu, and he stretched out his hand to catch them before taking a look at them.

[Four Soul Jades]: Four precious jades condensed from the soul blood of the four Guardian Beasts. They have powerful effects and abilities. Please use them carefully.

"Thank you all!" Zhao Fu had a trace of a smile on his face and felt that these four Soul Jades were quite extraordinary. Soul blood was incredibly important to anyone, and now that they had used their soul blood to create these jades, Zhao Fu expressed his sincere gratitude.

The four Guardian Beasts lightly laughed and said, "Hopefully we will meet again in the future!"

Following this, four rings of rainbow light appeared in the sky. The insides of the rings were filled with rainbow light as well, and no one knew what was inside.

The four Guardian Beasts entered the rainbow rings and their bodies gradually disappeared. The ripples and abnormal signs gradually disappeared, after which Zhao Fu received a chain of system announcements.

"System announcement! The human world has been initially unified. The Great Qin Empire has become the only Kingdom in the human world. After Great Qin clears out all of the regions, the human world will be fully unified, and the human world's Fate and Great Qin's Fate will be truly fused."

"Warning! The four Guardian Beasts have departed; humans, please protect your world."

"System announcement! Because the Great Qin Empire has unified the world, the Heaven Domain Boundary will disappear ahead of time in three months."

"Warning! Once the Heaven Domain Boundary disappears, the human world will lose all protection. All people and creatures will be able to enter the human world, which will bring much danger. Please prepare ahead of time."

"System announcement! The human world's consciousness has started to fuse into the Heaven Awaken World. The human world will become part of the Heaven Awaken World."

"System announcement! The Heaven Awaken World's Fate is slowly entering the human world."

After going through the system announcements and warnings, Zhao Fu fell into his thoughts. There were still three months until the Heaven Domain Boundary disappeared. When that time came, Great Qin would be revealed to countless people, which was quite dangerous.

Before, Zhao Fu had wanted to head to the Darkwater Continent, but now that the human world was facing this massive threat, Zhao Fu could only give up on his original plans. Right now, the human world was his priority.

Following this, Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates to discuss this matter.

Now, the most important matter to Great Qin was to clear out regions. There was still a bit on the original two Continents that Great Qin still had not finished clearing, and now that there were two new Continents, the task had become much larger.

They had to clear out all of these regions within three months, build a Great Wall, and raise Great Qin to a Level 1 Dukedom Kingdom. Only then would Great Qin have some security.