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 In actuality, the rebel line of the Six Desires Celestial Sect would appear every now and then, and any disciple who could kill those people would be given immense rewards from the Sect. It was also a display of strength for the disciples.

After all, the people from the rebel line were all extremely powerful and surpassed ordinary people. They could even fight people from higher Stages, and this was quite normal.

Moreover, the Six Desires Demonic Art greatly suppressed women, and women who did not cultivate the Six Desires Celestial Art would find it difficult to deal with. This was because the Six Desires Demonic Art and Six Desires Celestial Art countered each other.

Not only would those who killed people from the rebel line receive great rewards and glory within the Sect, but they would also become famous within the Heaven Domain.

The current Sect Master of the Six Desires Celestial Sect was incredibly powerful and had held the head of someone from the rebel line as he defeated countless competitors. With the support of the higher-beings, he had ascended to the position of Sect Master and was worshipped by countless people.

As such, everyone was quite excited that someone from the rebel line had appeared; this was their opportunity to become famous in the Heaven Domain.

The Six Desires Celestial Sect used its own power to search for that person, and it also spread the news out, causing a great commotion.

"What? One of those bastards has appeared again? Hurry up and kill him so he doesn't touch women from my family!" Countless people immediately had such thoughts, because people from the rebel line of the Six Desires Celestial Sect were always a blight to the Heaven Awaken World. Every time they appeared, they would take countless beautiful women and cause countless women to fall and voluntarily follow them.

Those people had a charm that could easily seduce women, no matter if they were wives, young girls, or Holy Daughters. It could be said that any female could be attracted.

This made any man hate anyone from this rebel line and made them want to kill such people; they could not allow such people to exist, or else the women from their families would be doomed.

There were many stories about people from the rebel line in the Heaven Domain; one person had snuck into a Kingdom and done it with countless concubines, and afterwards many of them wanted to leave with him. However, they had been mercilessly tossed away, being executed.

Another person charged into the Devil Domain and had a great 'battle' with 300 or so female dragons, the results of which seemed to cause the heavens and earth to go dim and mountains and lakes to crack. Nine days later, he had actually emerged victorious.

There was even one time a person had seduced the Empress Dowager of an Empire, sending the entire Empire into an uproar. Countless peak experts had come to obliterate that person, and even though he had died, he had done something very few others would be able to do, and his name was remembered forever.

There was also a Charm Demon higher-being who had found someone from the rebel line, and the two of them had gone at it together. The Charm Demon higher-being was surprised to find that she could not use her Charm abilities to control him.

Of course, that person could not use the Six Desires Demonic Art to control the higher-being either, so it could only be said that they had fought to a draw. Afterwards, the Charm Demon higher-being had wanted to take him to the Demon Domain, give him protection, and make him her only man.

That person had agreed to go with her, and the Charm Demon higher-being liked him immensely. She also prepared many Charm Demons for him, and they had lived deeply in love together.

However, during that time, a supreme expert had appeared in the Six Desires Celestial Sect, and that person had charged into the Demon Domain with his sword. The Charm Demon higher-being had tried to protect that person, but she had been forcefully sealed and that person was destroyed by the supreme expert.

Each generation of the rebel line had been exterminated, so no one knew how the legacy had continuously been passed on.

It was said that the supreme expert found the core of the legacy but did not destroy it, allowing it to continue to exist; no one knew if this was true or not.

Those were only some of the stories from the past. The rebel line of the Six Desires Celestial Sect was quite notorious, and everyone hated those from the rebel line.

Within the Heaven Domain, people called the rebel line 'Celestial Evil!'

Hearing that a new generation of Celestial Evil had descended, countless people were shaken and felt quite surprised. They sent out people to find this person; once found, they would immediately kill him.

The Six Desires Demonic Art was called the greatest of the four great desire Arts.

The Holy Book Pavilion even added this to their books and circulated it so that more people knew about it.

Some factions were determined to kill this person, while other factions were willing to take him in. Of course, those were mainly the evil factions, such as some Sects that promoted Dual Cultivation, and some particularly licentious races welcomed him too.

However, they did not dare to openly welcome him due to the Six Desires Celestial Sect. The six higher-beings were not people to offend lightly.

News of this quickly spread, and it became a hot topic for discussion.

"Hubby!" a beautiful woman sat within a handsome-looking man's embrace, and hearing the discussions of the people around them, she called out to him.

The handsome-looking man lightly smiled as he nodded with a glimmer in his eyes - that Six Desires Celestial Sect was quite terrifying to be able to discover him already. He had to be more careful to avoid being caught by them, or else he would be dead without a doubt!

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu had no idea that he had been dragged into such a big matter.

"Roarrr..." The Six Desires Demon Gods looked at Zhao Fu and gave happy and excited roars. They then gave off powerful auras as they turned into rays of light and shot towards the Great Qin Palace.


An explosion sounded out as the hall that Zhao Fu was in seemed to give off boundless demonic light. The Six Desires Demon Gods directly entered Zhao Fu's body, their bodies and minds entering the six crystals.


Zhao Fu instantly broke through the fourth level, and a terrifying aura instantly spread out and created a massive gale. Countless doors and windows were blasted open, and if it weren't for the magic formations protecting the hall, it might have been destroyed.

After successfully breaking through to the fourth level, Zhao Fu had a smile on his face; he had never thought that his Cultivation would break through as well. Now, Zhao Fu's Cultivation was at Stage 8-6.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In just three more Steps, he would be able to break through to Stage 9. However, after that, Cultivating would become more and more difficult. It would take at least a few years for Zhao Fu to break through Stage 9.

The abnormal signs in the sky gradually faded, and the puppet-like residents returned to their normal states. They were covered in cold sweat and felt quite afraid; that feeling from before had been much too terrifying.

"Your Majesty, are you alright?" Li Si, who had been outside enfeoffing concubines, quickly walked into the hall and asked after everything had settled.

Zhao Fu smiled and indicated that he was fine before asking Li Si to prepare some intelligence reports on the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world. Now, it was time to consider other matters.