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 These were the Six Paths Celestials who controlled the Great Daos of Six Desires. They were extremely powerful and were on the same level as the Six Paths Demon Gods.

The Six Desires Celestial Art was split into two paths, and if Zhao Fu had walked the first path, Suppressing Desires, it would have been these Six Desires Celestials appearing, as opposed to the Six Desires Demon Gods.

From this, it could be said that the Six Desires Celestials and Six Desires Demon Gods were opposing existences. Even though they came from the same roots, they represented two completely different powers and were completely opposed to each other.

It was just like good and evil; those who were good could not tolerate those who were evil, and those who were evil could not stand those who were good. The two sides were destined to oppose, if not destroy, each other.

The Sect here was a famous Sect within the Heaven Domain, and it was called the Six Desires Celestial Sect. Legends said that it was a legacy from the ancient Six Desires Celestials.

What they cultivated was not the complete Six Desires Celestial Art but an incomplete Six Desires Celestial Art. Over the ages, they had continuously refined it and perfected it, creating the current Six Desires Celestial Art. As such, it was somewhat different from what Zhao Fu Cultivated.

The Six Desires Celestial Art that Zhao Fu Cultivated was complete, because he had obtained it from the golden dragon. The golden dragon was the Heaven Murder Empire's Fate Dragon, and the Art had been obtained by their most magnificent Emperor from a Celestial.

No one knew how the Six Desires Celestial Sect had obtained the Six Desires Celestial Art, and they walked the path of Suppressing Desires. They naturally worshipped the Six Desires Celestials.

As one of the Great Sects of the Heaven Domain, the Six Desires Celestial Sect was incredibly powerful and could shake the surrounding 100 Domains. Otherwise, it would not qualify to be called a Great Sect.

Even a small sect within the Heaven Domain would be able to easily suppress countless Kingdoms in the outer Domains.

Currently, the Six Desires Celestial Sect had six higher-beings controlling it. A single higher-being was a peak existence and had the power to destroy the heavens and earth; no matter where they went, they would be shown utmost respect, and there were not many in the Heaven Awaken World.

The Six Desires Celestial Sect alone had six higher-beings, so it was only natural that it had a grand status even within the Heaven Domain. Everyone treated it courteously and no one dared to offend them lightly.

At that moment, the statues of the Six Desires Celestials suddenly gave off an intense white light, which became six pillars of light that brought with them terrifying auras and shot into the sky. They seemed to have detected something and wanted to destroy it.

These sudden ripples caused everyone in the Six Desires Celestial Sect to feel quite shocked, and even the six higher-beings in closed-door cultivation immediately sensed these changes.

One of them frowned as he said, "Why are the Six Desires Celestials reacting so greatly? Could it be that someone has stepped onto the evil path and caused the Six Desires Demon Gods to appear? Otherwise, the Six Desires Celestials wouldn't react like this."

Someone else said seriously, "For someone to cause the Six Desires Demon Gods to appear means that that person must have extraordinary talent and has cultivated the Six Desires Celestial Art to a high level. We must kill that person, or else he will become a scourge and cause the Six Desires Celestial Sect to lose face."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Another person sighed, "Back then, the Young Sect Master rebelled against the Six Desires Celestial Sect and changed the Six Desires Celestial Art into the Six Desires Demonic Art. That has been settled now, but each generation of his legacy causes a lot of chaos."

A woman coldly harrumphed, "And each time, it causes harm to many women and brings shame to the Six Desires Celestial Sect. Back then, the Sect Master was too soft; if he had cut down the Young Sect Master, none of that would have happened."

Another person said after some thought, "I remember it has been a few hundred years since we killed the last generation of the Young Sect Master's legacy. I thought that we had killed everyone of that line; I never thought that after so long, it would once again reappear."


A massive explosion sounded out as the Six Desires Celestials gave off an even greater aura and the pillars of white light became even more intense. Six terrifying figures descended from the pillars of light, and a shocking aura swept out.

Those terrifying ripples caused the six higher-beings' expressions to fall, and one of them said in shock, "The Six Desires Celestials actually descended; that person is terrifyingly dangerous - those ripples far surpassed the ones that the Young Sect Master caused back then."

The other higher-beings were dumbfounded as well. It was the first time they had seen the Six Desires Celestials react like this, and the next scene made them even more shocked.

The Six Desires Celestial Sect's Sect Armament seemed to detect danger and started to slightly tremble. It gave off world-destroying power that caused everyone in the Six Desires Celestial Sect to fall into terror. The Six Desires Celestial Sect's Fate started to go into turmoil, looking quite unsettled.

"This... the Six Desires Celestial Sect's Fate is reacting so greatly; we have to take this seriously. This signifies that that person is terrifying to the point that he can overturn the Six Desires Celestial Sect, or else the Six Desires Celestial Sect's Fate would not be so unsettled."

The other higher-beings looked incredibly serious; this matter completely exceeded what they had expected. With how powerful the Six Desires Celestial Sect was, such a thing was incredibly rare. Once something like this happened, it would definitely be a big matter; that person was indeed incredibly dangerous.

"What shall we do?" a higher-being seriously asked the others.

One of them said with immense killing intent, "With how dangerous that person is, we must exterminate him at all costs. Also, we have to completely get rid of the Young Sect Master's legacy to prevent something like this from happening again."

Hearing this, everyone else nodded.

Another higher-being said, "We don't know where this person is or have any other information on him. How will we find him?"

One of them coldly laughed as he said, "In actuality, we don't need to personally act; as long as we spread news about this, those who have been harmed by the Six Desires Demonic Art will definitely want to kill him; there are countless such people.

"Right now, it's not just us who want to kill him; other people want to kill him as well. He won't be able to hide within the Heaven Domain, and once his identity is exposed, he'll be dead without a doubt. Even if there's another higher-being protecting him, he must die. When that time comes, the six of us can personally act and put an end to this."

Another person sighed and said, "Back then, the Young Sect Master was a peerless genius and yet fell to such a state. Now, there's no turning back."

"Let's not talk about such matters anymore. Let's give out the order to disseminate this information and have people look for that person's identity and location to resolve this as quickly as possible," another higher-being said coldly.

Everyone else nodded and quickly gave out orders. Countless disciples were shocked, because the six higher-beings had personally given out orders, showing just how important this matter was.

After hearing that they were to look for a person, they all felt quite excited. If they could find this rebel line from the Six Desires Celestial Art, the rewards would definitely be unimaginable.

Countless people wanted to leave the Sect to go and find that person.