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 Zhao Fu felt that the Six Desires Celestial Art that he cultivated was about to break through. The Six Desires Celestial Art was an Art of Celestials, so it was naturally quite profound. After cultivating it for so long, Zhao Fu had only reached the peak of the third level. In total, it had 24 levels.

Just then, Zhao Fu had lost control because he was about to break through to the fourth level. His cultivation had most likely been affected by the Platinum Dragon Phoenix, which was now helping him break through.

There were two cultivation methods for the Six Desires Celestial Art: One was Suppressing Desires, which produced celestial qi, and the other was Indulging Desires, which produced demonic qi.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhao Fu walked the second path, so he produced demonic qi; it could be said that Zhao Fu was a Demonic Cultivator.

Ever three levels of the Six Desires Celestial Art was a stage, which could give special effects or abilities. If Zhao Fu broke through the third level, he would reach the first stage.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to return to the palace. He closed the door of the palace and gave orders for no one to disrupt him before sitting cross-legged on the throne with his eyes closed, going into his cultivation status.

The six ball of demonic qi had become six massive vortexes, and the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi around him quickly gathered. The six vortexes became larger and larger as they absorbed this Essence Qi, and their attractive force became stronger and stronger.

The attractive force now seemed corporeal, and everyone in the Great Qin City could sense that the Great Qin Palace was giving off an attractive force that was gathering Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

The sky gradually darkened as demonic clouds gathered above the Great Qin Palace. Everyone looked towards the Great Qin Palace curiously. Because their Majesty regularly caused abnormal signs, they were not too surprised.

Zhao Fu did not know about any of this, and he only focused on cultivating the Six Desires Celestial Art. The six vortexes continued to absorb Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, and drops of demonic water started to appear.

This lasted for five days, and by now, the sky above the Great Qin Palace was completely covered by thick black clouds. It was as if the sky was weighed down, making the atmosphere quite heavy. A cold and dark demonic qi also spread throughout the Great Qin City.

From a distance, it looked like the Great Qin City was covered by a dark haze. The might coming from there could cause people to feel as if their hairs were standing on end, and they felt fear in their hearts.

The six vortexes in Zhao Fu's body had now formed six pools of demonic water. The demonic water was pure black, and it had been formed from the extreme condensation of demonic qi. Each drop contained immense power and could turn people into demons.

What Zhao Fu needed to do now was condense Six Desires Demonic Crystals. The Six Desires Celestial Art had started off as six small orbs of demonic qi, and now the second stage was to condense the demonic water into six demonic crystals.

Zhao Fu focused his mind and started to compress the demon water and continuously gather it. Only after spending much effort did he create a small black crystal that was as big as a needle head.

After the six black crystals appeared, Zhao Fu's body trembled and a powerful energy exploded out. The six black crystals started to wildly absorb the surrounding demonic water, becoming larger and larger.

The low demonic clouds in the sky started to go through changes, forming six massive vortexes. Six terrifying ripples came from the six vortexes, making everyone feel as if they had fallen into an icy cavern.

The six black crystals in Zhao Fu's body continuously devoured the demonic water. Soon, the six black crystals had devoured all of the demonic water, becoming round crystal pearls that were as big as longan fruits.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

At that moment, the sky went through massive changes. The six massive vortexes exploded out with an incredibly terrifying force as countless rays of black light shot out. Six figures giving off shocking demonic might appeared in the sky, and everyone in the Great Qin City felt their bodies sink.

The six figures all looked different and gave off dense demonic qi. A formless aura spread out, and the countless residents in the Great Qin City stood frozen in place. The figures' eyes were empty and looked like puppets.

One figure had no face, only having eyes, and there were 20 or so eyes. They covered its face, and they were all black and had runes within them. They looked quite terrifying, and its body was as skinny as a monkey and had black skin.

One figure was tall and slim and was a man's body. It was quite pale and had black hair. It also had no face, but on the two sides of its head, it had six pairs of pointed ears.

One figure looked both like a human and a beast; its upper body was that of a human and its lower body was that of a beast. It was covered with black fur and did not have a face either; it only had a long, blood-red nose and looked like a monster.

One figure looked like a small, elderly person. It was currently lying on its stomach, and there was a short horn on its head. It did not have a face either and only had a mouth filled with fangs and a very long tongue.

One figure looked like a woman on its upper body and did not have a face either. The lower half of its body was made up of many tentacles that continuously twisted about and were a fleshy color. It looked quite disgusting and horrifying.

The final figure looked quite normal. It was a person wearing a black cloak, and it was surrounded by demonic qi. However, there was nothing within the black cloak, only darkness and demonic qi that continuously changed.

The Six Desires of the Six Desires Celestial Art were as such: Eyes (desiring and coveting with the eyes), Ears (desiring praise), Nose (desiring delicious smells), Mouth (desiring delicious tastes), Body (desiring physical pleasures), and Mind (desiring fame and love).

In Buddhism's Great Treatise on the Perfection of Wisdom, the six desires referred to colors, shapes, carriage, voices, smooth skin, and attractive features. The 'six desires' referred to people's innate desires towards people of the opposite gender, and it was now more commonly called 'lust'.

The six desires could be said to be linked to people's biological desires, and no one could avoid having them. Moreover, people could not get rid of them, or they would become like puppets.

The six figures in the air represented the six inescapable desires; they were the Six Desires Demon Gods and controlled the six desires.

All residents present were affected by the Six Desires Demon Gods, becoming like puppets because they had their six desires controlled; they could not see, hear, smell, move their bodies, or even think.

This sort of control power was very powerful; however, as a Celestial Art, it was not too surprising that it was so powerful.

Within the Heaven Domain, there was a grand Sect that had six 1,000 meter tall statues. These statues were human-shaped, wore robes, had cold expressions, and gave off boundless celestial qi.