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 "Oh?" Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised; he had never thought that the Dragon Phoenix would also be a creature formed by Fate; it was similar to a Fate Dragon.

However, what was key was that this Dragon Phoenix was not something that Zhao Fu had formed, and it was not his own Fate Dragon. Rather, it was something that had been formed from a phoenix crystal created by the Emperor Phoenix Crystal. It was innately linked to the Emperor Phoenix Statue.

According to the golden dragon, Dragon Phoenixes were quite special and incredibly rare because it was too difficult to form them.

On the other hand, something similar to Dragon Phoenixes were Phoenix Dragons, which were quite common - Wu Qingniang had one.

The difference was that for Phoenix Dragons, the phoenix was the primary while the dragon was the secondary. Some women who could become Queens would have them; dragons represented Kings and belonged to men, while Phoenixes belonged to women. As such, women who could become Queens had Phoenix Dragons.

However, it was incredibly difficult for Dragon Phoenixes to appear because men could not possess Phoenix Qi, and this was the case even if a man was made a concubine.

There were countless Kingdoms in this world, and there would definitely be Kingdoms ruled by women. In those Kingdoms, it would be women taking men's hands in marriage, and they could divorce men.

If a Kingdom was ruled by a Queen, she would normally have male concubines. Even though they were called concubines, they would not be acknowledged by the heavens and earth to be true concubines. After all, true concubines needed to have Phoenix Qi, which men did not have.

As such, Dragon Phoenixes were incredibly rare; if it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Fu possessed the Emperor Phoenix Statue, he would not be able to form a Dragon Phoenix.

In the Heaven Awaken World, if a man had a Dragon Phoenix, countless Queens would view him as a peerless treasure and would definitely marry him.

In normal circumstances, dragons represented Kings and symbolized expanding one's territory, while phoenixes represented concubines and symbolized stabilizing the kingdom. If a woman was the Queen, the situation would be the opposite - having a male concubine with a Dragon Phoenix would be of immense benefit to the Kingdom.

Not only did Dragon Phoenixes have a stabilizing function, but it also had an expanding function; someone with a Dragon Phoenix was dozens of times more valuable than an ordinary concubine. Ruling as a Queen was already quite difficult, but with the help of a Dragon Phoenix, it would be of great help to her King's Fate.

With so many benefits, all Queens would view men with Dragon Phoenixes as priceless treasures; countless Queens could only dream of such a thing.

More importantly, the Dragon Phoenix that Zhao Fu had was the highest-grade of Dragon Phoenix, which was a Platinum Dragon Phoenix. They were incomparably rare, and ordinary Dragon Phoenixes could not compare to even one-ten thousandth of them.

Zhao Fu was the vessel for this Dragon Phoenix, and his own qualities were exceptional. Moreover, it was formed from the core of the Emperor Phoenix Statue, which had boundless Phoenix Qi, and it had also absorbed the Fate of a world; how could the Dragon Phoenix produced not be incredibly rare?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Now, if Zhao Fu shouted, "I have a Platinum Dragon Phoenix, who wants to marry me?" there would be countless Queens swarming over and fighting to the point that the heavens and earth would become dim. Adding on his handsome face and his noble and domineering aura, any Queen would want to have him.

However, Zhao Fu would not be willing to do such a thing; no man wanted to be a woman's concubine! No man wanted to just live in the palace and perhaps even serve a woman with a few other men. Zhao Fu would be more willing to die than do such a thing.

Zhao Fu walked the path of Kings and Emperors; how could he become someone else's concubine and serve someone else?

Of course, Zhao Fu had to be cautious in the future and not let out any of his Platinum Dragon Phoenix's aura. Otherwise, if other Queens found out, if Zhao Fu could not fight against them, he would be captured by them and suffer a terrible fate.

The Platinum Dragon Phoenix looked at Zhao Fu; it now had its own life.

A while later, the Platinum Dragon Phoenix gave a satisfied and happy expression, and it gave off an immense amount of power as it dove into Zhao Fu's body. As the Platinum Dragon Phoenix shot into Zhao Fu's body, it caused Zhao Fu's aura to once again rise.

Now, Zhao Fu's aura had changed slightly; there was a trace of gentleness that would make countless Queens want to care for him.

Zhao Fu did not want such a thing, but because it was brought by the Platinum Dragon Phoenix, there was nothing he could do about it. Luckily it was only a trace, or else Zhao Fu's noble and domineering aura, as well as his terrifying image in other people's hearts, would have been ruined.

With the Platinum Dragon Phoenix, Zhao Fu now had five Fate Dragons. His Fate had greatly increased to the point that it was quite rare even within the Heaven Awaken World.

After the Platinum Dragon Phoenix entered Zhao Fu's body, the golden phoenix in the sky landed on the Heaven Prayer Platform again and turned back into the Emperor Phoenix Statue. It could now be used like a Clan Armament.

Zhao Fu had just refined the Book of God, and now he had obtained another Clan Armament, making him feel quite happy. Soon, the abnormal signs gradually disappeared.

Zhao Fu planned to return to the palace to read through documents, but just as he turned around, he seemed to lose control of his body. A massive wave of demonic qi rushed out of his body, rushing out like a corporeal shockwave that caused the ground to crack.

What was going on?