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A massive explosion sounded out not too long after Tina Pendragon left, and a golden aura shot into the sky, forming a massive golden pillar of light. Clouds started to swirl as a massive aura spread out.

This sudden explosion of aura caused the residents in the Great Qin City to feel quite startled. They walked out and looked at the golden pillar of light in front of the palace.

Zhao Fu was not too surprised because he knew that this was due to the enfeoffing of concubines. The abnormal signs would soon calm down.

However, what Zhao Fu did not expect was that in the next second, the entire human world's Fate swarmed over.

"What's going on?" Sensing these changes, Zhao Fu felt quite confused and walked out of the palace.

"Skreee!!" A piercing phoenix cry sounded out as the Emperor Phoenix Statue turned into a 1,000 meter wide golden phoenix and elegantly danced in the sky, scattering countless golden motes of light. Golden rain seemed to descend onto the Great Qin City, painting a beautiful scene.

The human world's Fate gathered towards the golden pillar of light, and the golden phoenix also circled around the pillar of light as the aura coming from there became stronger and stronger.

Zhao Fustill did not understand why the human world's Fate was gathering.

Countless rays of golden light shot out from the massive pillar of light as a golden pearl that was as big as a marble started to absorb Phoenix Qi and Fate from the human world.

The massive amount of Fate and Phoenix Qi flooded into the golden pearl, causing it to become larger and larger and give off an even more intense golden light. A terrifying might gradually suppressed the heavens and earth, and it was not just those in the Midland Continent who could feel it; those on other Continents could also sense this power.


A massive sound rang out as the golden pearl exploded out with a formless energy that instantly spread throughout the entire human world, shaking the heavens.

Countless traces of Phoenix Qi rose up from the imperial concubines within the palace and floated towards the golden pearl. All Continents of the human world gave off Fate as well, which quickly flew towards the golden pearl.

The oceans of fate and Phoenix Qi were absorbed by the golden pearl, causing the shockwaves to come off from it to become even more intense. It was not enough to make people feel terror.

Finally, the golden pearl absorbed all of the Fate and Phoenix Qi without leaving even a bit behind. It was now ten meters wide and silently floated in the sky, giving off a faint light without any terrifying auras anymore. It just looked like a massive orb floating in the sky.

Zhao Fu could clearly sense how terrifying this golden pearl was; the power that it contained was not weaker than that of a Clan Armament, and it could cause a person to feel as if their heart had fallen into an abyss.

The massive golden phoenix flew around the golden pearl, seeming incredibly joyful. It then gulped down the golden pearl in one mouthful.

Immediately, the heavens and earth dimmed as the sun and moon lost their light as clouds swirled. The golden phoenix gave off brilliant golden light as if it was a massive golden sun.

"Skreeee!!" the massive golden phoenix spread its wings and gave off a massive cry. A shocking power exploded out, instantly covering the human world and causing it to fall into shock.

Those on other Continents could see a massive wave of golden light spreading over, following which the human world's sky was dyed gold.

Images of phoenixes appeared in the sky, and countless other birds flew joyously in the sky as golden light lightly fell.

Everyone felt traces of golden light enter their bodies, causing their bodies to be surrounded by a warm energy. Some illnesses and injuries were quickly healed, and some people's bloodlines became stronger.

The countless concubines in the Great Qin Palace were bathed in the golden light, and the phoenix images elegantly descended from the sky and entered their bodies.

Powerful auras spread out as their bodies all gave off golden light, and they started to go through changes.

All of them seemed to become younger, and their skin became more supple. Their bloodlines seemed to change as well, as a powerful bloodline power fused into their bodies; this was the Phoenix Bloodline.

Even though it was only a weak trace of the Phoenix Bloodline and was not very powerful, it had given them great benefits.

Every person's Grade increased; those with low Grades all rose to A grade, and some who already had high Grades continued to increase, some of them even reaching SSS grade.

Moreover, each person obtained at least 20 or so years of lifespan, and some of them who already had cultivation now had Stage 1 power.

These benefits were simply shocking, but they only applied to Great Qin's concubines. If it applied to every resident of Great Qin, Great Qin would have become terrifyingly powerful.

Within Zhao Fu's body, the golden dragon laughed as it said, "Congratulations, your Emperor Phoenix Statue is on the same level as a Clan Armament now. All of Great Qin's residents' bloodlines have become stronger, and their foundations have been stabilized."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu also laughed. However, in the next moment, his expression changed as he sensed a massive amount of power flow into his body.

The phoenix crystal within Zhao Fu's body continuously trembled excitedly as it devoured the power that entered Zhao Fu's body.


A massive explosion sounded out as the phoenix crystal devoured the power flowing into Zhao Fu and gave off an intense golden light. Zhao Fu uncontrollably released a terrifying aura that blasted out like a wild gale, and a golden aura flame erupted around him.

Above the Great Qin City, the golden phoenix was now 10,000 meters wide, and a golden flame burned around its body. The power it gave off was simply terrifying, and it now flapped its wings, causing golden light to fall onto Zhao Fu's body.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


In that moment, the phoenix crystal within Zhao Fu's body continuously trembled as if it had a life of its own. It gave off a terrifying aura and shot out of Zhao Fu's body and into the sky.

The phoenix crystal gave off brilliant golden light and gave off a terrifying aura as a massive amount of Great Qin's Fate once again madly gathered.

The phoenix crystal ravenously devoured Great Qin's Fate, causing its terrifying aura to continue to climb until it reached its peak.


The phoenix crystal exploded out with a platinum aura, which condensed into a massive figure that contained a might that caused people to feel terror.

This image had the head and body of a dragon, but it had a phoenix's wings and claws. Its body was covered with platinum-colored scales and gave off an incredibly noble aura.

Zhao Fu was not sure what this was, and the golden dragon explained, "This is a Dragon Phoenix - it is primarily a dragon and secondarily a phoenix. It is something formed from Fate."