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 Zhao Fu waved his hand and the image of the Dark God disappeared. The black Book of God automatically flew into Zhao Fu's hands, after which he placed the refined Clan Armament in the City Hall so it could also be nurtured by Great Qin's Fate.

Following this, Zhao Fu heard that Tina Pendragon had woken up. After waiting a few more days for her wounds to recover some more, he had people bring her to him.

After a few more days of recovery, Tina Pendragon had more or less recovered from her injuries. There was a rosy glow on her cheeks, and she no longer looked as pale and weak.

Zhao Fu sat on his throne as he looked at Tine Pendragon and asked, "How is your recovery?"

Tina Pendragon felt a bit surprised; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would be concerned about her body. She nodded and replied, "I'm mostly recovered; thank you for healing me!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Tina Pendragon currently felt quite conflicted, because the Great British Kingdom had been destroyed and all of its territory had been conquered. Most of its residents had submitted, and her family was under the control of Great Qin.

It could be said that Great Qin was her greatest enemy, but Great Qin had now saved her life. Everyone treated her quite courteously, and she could somewhat guess at the reason.

"Now, your Great British Kingdom has already perished; what will you do now? We hope you will submit to Great Qin," Zhao Fu said. He intended to have her submit, and it could be said that he had already shown her immense respect.

Tina Pendragon sank into her thoughts for a while and found that she had no other option. Even though before she had said that she would not submit to anyone, her family and friends were all under the control of Great Qin, and she did not want to be killed as a fallen Queen. That would be a humiliation to her family.

Moreover, Great Qin's Legatee had already shown her much courtesy. Normally, those who dared to oppose him would have been killed already, instead of being able to stand in front of him like this.

Tina Pendragon made her decision and deeply breathed in as her golden eyes looked at Zhao Fu earnestly and said, "I'm willing to submit to you, but I have a condition!"

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and asked, "What is the condition?"

Tina Pendragon replied seriously, "I hope that you will be an enlightened liege, a good Emperor, or else I will leave."

Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh; so that was the only condition. He replied, "Do you really think that We are bad, and that We are an incapable ruler? You can travel around have personally have a look at Great Qin's scenery and people.

"Also, you can rest assured - We will view the Great British Kingdom's subjects as Our own subjects and will not treat them any differently."

Hearing this reply, Tina Pendragon was able to relax. She knelt down on one knee and lowered her head as she said respectfully, "I, Tina Pendragon, am willing to submit to Great Qin's Majesty!"

A smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he walked down from the throne and came before Tina Pendragon, saying, "There's one other matter that We want to ask you about."

Tina Pendragon felt quite confused; what else would there be for Zhao Fu to ask her about? She looked up and asked, "What is it, Your Majesty? I will consider it seriously; as long as it does not violate my principles, I will agree."

Zhao Fu's smile became brighter and seemed a bit flirtatious as he lifted up Tina Pendragons' chin and said, "We want you to become Our concubine!"

Tina Pendragon was the strongest Queen in the west and the leader of eight Legatees. She was the most powerful person apart from Zhao Fu, and she was undoubtedly the woman with the most Phoenix Qi in the human world. Moreover, her peerlessly beautiful looks were incredibly rare in the whole world.

This was especially so for her natural King's aura, which made people intoxicated with her; any man would instantly like her.

Tina Pendragon's face became red; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would suddenly say such a thing. Looking at the handsome face in front of her, Tina Pendragon's breathing quickened, and she could not help but think about the scenes during the Legacy Trial of Zhao Fu violating her.

Even though it was fake and just an illusion, it had caused Tina Pendragon's face to become bright red, and she felt so embarrassed that she could not look at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu laughed and had never thought that Tina Pendragon would react in such a way. Even though he was not sure if Tina Pendragon had any feelings towards him, it seemed that she was not resistant. Zhao Fu was not so narcissistic that he believed that all women in the world were infatuated with him.

There were only a few within the harem who had true feelings for Zhao Fu, who he also had true feelings for. Most of them had submitted because their faction had been conquered or for their own interests.

The reason why Zhao Fu asked Tina Pendragon for her thoughts was because her status qualified for Zhao Fu to treat her like this.

"What do you say? We will treat you well. In actuality, there's no use even if you disagree; for various reasons, you must become Our concubine," Zhao Fu smiled as he said with a trace of domineeringness.

Tina Pendragon glared at Zhao Fu, saying, "You're always so domineering. If you don't treat me well, I'm going to leave."

Zhao Fu understood her intentions and smiled as he nodded and pulled her up.

Following this, Zhao Fu called Li Si and had him deliver up the Imperial Edicts that they had already prepared. There were many of them and were split into dozens of books, with many people's names written on them. One of them had Tina Pendragon's name on it.

These Imperial Edicts were for conferring the title of concubine on people. Now that the human world had been unified, the women of various Dynasties and some others who had a large amount of Phoenix Qi were brought to the Palace.

There were many of them and this included those who had escaped to the Western Continent from other Continents, people from the Western Continent, and people from the Eastern Archipelagos.

Zhao Fu took out the Great Qin Seal and started to stamp the Imperial Edicts.

Tina Pendragon's face became slightly red as she asked in curiosity, "Your Majesty, why are you making so many women concubines? Can you really handle them all? Also, your harem is already massive."

Zhao Fu smiled as he explained the matter of Phoenix Qi to her. The thing that Tina Pendragon had been wondering about this whole time was finally answered, and she inwardly let out a sigh of relief - Zhao Fu was not as lascivious as she had thought.

Li Si waited by Zhao Fu's side, and looking at Tina Pendragon, he could tell that she had submitted to His Majesty. A woman like Tina Pendragon would be of great help to Great Qin, so he gave a trace of a smile.

Tina Pendragon noticed Li Si's gaze, and she did not feel too embarrassed, as she had already accepted her new status. A while later, Zhao Fu gave the stamped Imperial Edicts to Li Si to confer the titles.

Zhao Fu then asked Tina Pendragon caringly, "Tina, you still haven't fully recovered from your wounds; you should go back and rest. We will treat your family members well, and if you want to see someone, just let your attendants know."

Tina Pendragon felt a warmth within her heart and smiled; she had never thought that such a day would come. Great Qin's ruthless and bloodthirsty Legatee actually knew how to care about others.