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 Beside them was a woman who used to be Oleg's woman. She had a fiery figure and a beautiful face, but she was a bit lacking compared to Oleg's mothers and older sister.

She stood up and charmingly smiled as she helped Zhao Fu put on his clothes, saying, "Your Majesty, there's no need to pay too much mind to her. She seems all stubborn and unyielding, but wasn't she moaning in pleasure under you just then? Also, Your Majesty, I'm called Macey and I'm willing to serve Your Majesty every day and bring Your Majesty pleasure."

Those words caused Oleg's older sister's face to become red. She lowered her head and did not say anything, and Oleg's three mother's expressions became quite unsightly.

From Zhao Fu's attitude towards them, they could tell that he quite liked them. This meant that they would have immense opportunities in the future. After all, this man was the ruler of the world, so there was nothing bad about currying favor with him.

Moreover, they quite enjoyed the feeling of being ravaged by him; they had already fallen in love with it and could not leave Zhao Fu anymore.

Whether it was for their original aim or for the needs of their bodies, they had to make Zhao Fu happy. Seeing how displeased Zhao Fu seemed, their future could be quite grim. It was possible that he would throw them to soldiers to screw them to death.

However, Zhao Fu did not mind too much. He put on his clothes and took the Nation Armament that was floating in the air and headed to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

Terrifying ripples spread out as Nation Armaments were refined after another. Finally, only the Clan Armament was left, which was Babilon's Book of God.


A massive pillar of light bringing with it terrifying power shot into the sky, causing the sky to tremble. A monstrous aura spread out, causing the weather to change and for clouds to swirl as countless traces of Fate madly gathered.

An enormous vortex appeared in the sky, giving off a massive aura that could shake the surroundings. The countless traces of Fate quickly gathered, causing the pressure to become stronger and stronger. Following this, the vortex suddenly formed a massive black orb.

This black orb was very round and seemed corporeal, and it felt abnormally tough. It looked completely harmless but gave off a heaven-toppling flame, and its might was almost corporeal and was enough to kill people.

The Book of God went through its final resistance, giving off piercing white light, and a massive figure appeared in the sky.

This figure was 1,000 meters tall and looked like a middle-aged man. He had a kind demeanor and wore snow-white robes. There was a massive orb of light behind his head, which gave off a fathomless white light like a sun. The heavens and earth trembled in excitement as if they had met their owner.

Sensing this power, those who believed in God looked madly passionate and excitedly knelt on the ground; there were countless people.

The world was filled with a kind, holy, righteous, and pure aura. Everything seemed incredibly wonderful as if it was heaven.

Everything was because of that figure. The figure was the Church's master, the one that the Church worshipped. It was the God who had created everything.

Why was Ancient Babylon's Clan Armament the Book of God? It seemed that the Book of God was more suited to the Church, as its name and attributes were more appropriate for the Church.

This concerned a big secret - the Book of God was a special Clan Armament because it not only had the properties of a Clan Armament but also had the power of a Faith Armament. Faith Armaments were the most important items to godly spirits.

They were incredibly powerful and useful, as they could gather Faith Power and could control followers; they were the most powerful killing weapons of godly spirits.

Ancient Babylon was where the Bible's original 'Eden' had been!

The Garden of Eden was paradise on earth, and according to Genesis of the Bible, God made the ancestor of all humans, Adam, in his own image, and then used one of Adam's ribs to create Eve. He settled the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden.

There was a big connection between Babylon and God, but because it was so long in the past, no one knew just what it was.

Ancient Babylon was one of the four great civilizations and had a very long history. It had many cities, which was quite rare during the ancient world, and it had many epics, myths, pharmacopoeias, and history books. It was one of the cradles of western civilization, and it had the Hanging Gardens, which were now ruins.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Now, this Book of God belonged to Great Qin. Zhao Fu disregarded the struggling of the God above and invoked the Heaven and Earth Fate.

An explosion sounded out as an even bigger wave of Fate gathered in the sky. The black orb gave off an intense black light as it absorbed even more Fate, and its might seemed to be able to cause the world to collapse.

Within the black orb, a formless power sealed the struggling Book of God, and Zhao Fu cut his palm, releasing his Emperor's blood to refine it. Zhao Fu's blood and Great Qin's Fate gradually seeped into the Book of God, and the image of God in the sky gradually collapsed.


A few hours later, a clear cracking sound rang out as a small crack appeared on the black orb, causing black light to seep out.

At the same time, an aura of darkness, destruction, and chaos came out from within the black orb. This aura caused countless people to feel incredibly shocked, and they felt as if they had fallen into icy water. It was a coldness that seemed to be able to freeze their souls.

Crack, crack, crack...

Cracking sounds continuously sounded out, and soon the black orb was covered with cracks. Everyone started to feel anxious, not knowing what would happen to the Book of God.


A massive explosion sounded out as the black orb exploded. Countless black shards shot out in all directions as a book giving off black light appeared.

Countless rays of black light descended from the sky, and black feathers fell like snow. The heavens and earth were filled with a cold and dark, but beautiful, atmosphere.

The image of God once again appeared, but it looked different this time - it now gave off fathomless black light and was wearing black robes. Its appearance was quite savage, looking like a Dark God.

However, Great Qin's residents felt a warmth in their bodies, and some of their illnesses and ailments disappeared. Their bloodlines became even stronger, and their strength became greater; they had obtained quite a lot of benefits from this.

The Book of God had been turned into Great Qin's Clan Armament, and it was now quite important to Great Qin.

Because everyone was now a subject of Great Qin, everyone received great benefits and rejoiced.

Zhao Fu had never thought that the Book of God had been corrupted; he had not wanted such a thing. After all, the golden dragon said that it could be used by a godly spirit nurtured by Great Qin, allowing its effects to be more powerful. However, Great Qin did not have any Darkness type godly spirits, only Water and Light.

Now, this Book of God could only be used as an ordinary Clan Armament. It was weaker than the Imperial Ruler's Seal by a bit but was stronger than the two other Clan Armaments.