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 After Zhao Fu recovered from his injuries, he went to the prison. Zhao Fu had waited a long time for this, and it was time to end all of this. Zhao Fu's expression was cold, and he did not bring anyone with him. He also ordered the guards to leave, leaving him by himself.

Zhao Fu did not hide his appearance and went to a relatively big part of the prison. An elderly man immediately recognized him, and he venomously glared at Zhao Fu as if he wanted to cut Zhao Fu into a thousand pieces.

He was Li Shan, the old patriarch of the Li family. His face was quite pale, and he looked quite wan and sallow as if he had aged ten or so years.

The others noticed Zhao Fu's arrival, and some did not know who Zhao Fu was and took him to be an official.

Soon, the Li family's old patriarch coldly said, "You're the bastard of the Li family. You're here for revenge, right? Kill or maim as you please; my Qing'Er will take revenge for me sooner or later and present your head to me as a sacrifice."

Only then did everyone realize that this young man was Great Qin's Legatee, the person who had shaken the entire world. Their expressions immediately became filled with terror and hatred as they looked at Zhao Fu.

Li Zhe furiously leapt over, loudly cursing, "You bastard, you destroyed the Li family. It's because of you that the Li family fell to such a state. I'm going to kill you, you little brute, for doing such a thing to the Li family."

The door of the cell was open, and Li Zhe grabbed Zhao Fu's clothes and loudly cursed at him as he punched Zhao Fu's face.

Zhao Fu did not retaliate and did not block either, allowing Li Zhe, his father, to hit him. He was incredibly calm, and there was even a trace of a smile on his face.

Li Zhe disregarded everything and continued to vent as he sent a few more blows towards Zhao Fu's face. He had wanted to continue when Zhao Fu slapped him on the face, causing him to fly back and crash onto the ground. Half of his face was red and swollen, and a trace of blood leaked out of his mouth.

Immediately, Li Zhe seemed to explode as he crawled up from the ground, looking at Zhao Fu as if he wanted to kill him. "You little bastard, you dared to hit me? I swear I'm going to slaughter you and feed you to dogs. I goddamn regret not killing you and that slut."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Zhao Fu expressionlessly waved his hand, causing a massive force to blast Li Zhe back. He once again crashed to the ground and coughed up another mouthful of blood.

Li Zhe furiously tried to get back up and rush at Zhao Fu, but he was held back by the others. If he rushed up again, he would simply be asking to suffer more.

However, he still profanely cursed at Zhao Fu, "I'm going to kill you, you bastard. I'm going to make you die a horrible death and turn you into meat paste."

"Arghh!!" Zhao Fu waved his hand, causing Li Zhe to cry out as a cold light shot out and lopped off one of Li Zhe's ears, causing blood to fly everywhere.

Only then did Li Zhe stop cursing. Zhao Fu did not hold back at all; he had allowed Li Zhe to hit him a few times to wipe away his last traces of hesitation and connections to the Li family.

Everyone around them looked at Zhao Fu hatefully, while Zhao Fu lightly laughed and asked, "How should I deal with you? Kill you all one cut at a time, or take apart your souls? I can do anything to satisfy you all."

The Li family's old patriarch shouted angrily, "Kill us if you want, just do it quickly. You're my grandson, and there's your father, your grandma, your stepmother, and your sister-in-law. If you're really going to be that cruel, aren't you afraid of being rebuked by the rest of the world?"

The elderly woman helping Li Zhe stop the bleeding now also spoke. She was the Li family's old patriarch's wife, Li Zhe's mother. She looked like she was 40 or so years old and had a mature figure. Back then, she was definitely a top-tier beauty. She was called Liu Yuexian, and she looked pained as she pleaded, "Our Li family treated you and your mother poorly, and the old patriarch and I will bear everything. You can kill us to vent out your anger, but please let everyone else off. After all, Zhe'Er is your father. Please, I'm begging you."

Seeing his mother plead with Zhao Fu, Li Zhe said angrily, "Don't beg that bastard; he can kill us if he wants. I'm not afraid of him, and even if I become a ghost, I won't let him off."

"Arghhhhh..." Li Zhe once again cried out in pain as traces of Emperor's aura came out from Zhao Fu's body and entered Li Zhe's body. They were like countless bugs that bit at his body, making him feel immense pain.

His wife, Zhang Shuyun, knelt in front of Zhao Fu, saying, "Please don't torture Zhe anymore; I'll do anything you want."

Seeing his own wife beg Zhao Fu as well, Li Zhe felt even more furious and endured the pain as he continued to curse at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu found that Li Zhe really cared about this woman, so he stepped forwards to caress her beautiful face.

Zhang Shuyun was terrified and did not dare to dodge, allowing Zhao Fu to caress her face.

Seeing this, Li Zhe was almost angered to death, and he felt as if his eyes were going to explode. He loudly roared, saying, "I'm going to kill you! I'm going to dismember you into a thousand pieces! I'm going to feed you to dogs!"

Zhao Fu laughed happily; this was a true laugh from the bottom of his heart. The anger he had suppressed for 20 or so years had finally been vented today.

Zhao Fu disregarded Li Zhe and continued to caress Zhang Shuyun's face as he gave a gentle smile and said, "You should know what to do now. As long as you properly serve me, not only will no one in the Li family die, including Li Zhe, but I'll also even spare your son in the future."

Zhang Shuyun lowered her head and started to weep. She turned to look at Li Zhe in immense pain before nodding.

Seeing his beloved wife going to serve someone else with the unimaginable pain that he was suffering, Li Zhe gave a heart-wrenching howl.

The Li family's old patriarch was almost angered to death. He glared at Zhao Fu and pointed at him with a trembling hand as he cursed, "Bastard! You'd go so far to do such a thing, you..."

Before he could finish, Zhao Fu waved his hand and sent him flying before grasping with his hand and pulling Liu Yuexian into his embrace. Liu Yuexian struggled in terror, and Zhao Fu took out a medicinal pill that could increase longevity and fed it to her.

Liu Yuexian became younger at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye, and she now looked 30 or so years old. She no longer struggled; after all, after living for such a long time, she knew what to do.

Moreover, she felt happy after becoming so much younger; any woman would want to keep her beauty from when she was younger. She knew what Zhao Fu wanted, so she took the initiative to hug Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not expect this, but this angered Li Shan so much that he coughed up a mouthful of blood, unable to say anything.

Zhao Fu loudly laughed before saying, "I'll treat them well!"

Following this, Zhao Fu hugged the two women, and he brought along Yang Yanyu as he left the prison, leaving behind Li Zhe and Li Shan's furious shouts.

After leaving, Zhao Fu ordered people to take care of Li Zhe and Li Shan; he didn't want them to die. He then had people take Liu Yuexian and the two other women away.

He would not do anything to them, nor would he make them his concubines, though they had a large amount of Phoenix Qi. He had his own bottom line that he would not cross.