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 The Chaos Imperial Star gave off a blinding blood-red light that tore through the entire sky, seeming to dye the entire human world blood-red. The aura of killing and disaster spread like floodwaters, making everyone feel as if they had fallen into an abyss, and terror swept through their hearts.

The Celestial Emperor Star was like a golden sun that gave off fathomless golden light and covered the world. Under this light, all creatures instinctively wanted to submit, and it was as if the ruler of the world had appeared.

The Nether Emperor Star gave off a bright starlight, causing countless traces of Yin Qi to rise up from the ground. The world was filled with a cold and eerie feeling as all sorts of souls and ghosts appeared, gathering towards the Nether Emperor Star.

The three Stars each gave off the power to shake the heavens and the earth, and their light seemed to be able to pierce through the world. The thousand King's Stars continuously trembled because they now felt a wave of fear.

Just now, they had exploded with that King's Aura to challenge the three Emperor's Stars because they felt that they had the ability to destroy those three Emperor's Stars.

However, the three Emperor's Stars had released their might, causing their starlight to cover the entire human world. Their Emperor's Aura was unstoppable, and under this might, the thousand King's Stars became dim.


A massive explosion once again sounded out as the three Emperor's Stars started to counterattack against these King's Stars, which had just challenged them.

The three Emperor's Stars gave off a wave of world-destroying Emperor's Aura, which turned into a shockwave that swept out incredibly quickly. In just an instant, the thousand King's Stars had been knocked back by an immense force.

The stars that were close actually shattered, and those at the middle became cracked. Those at the outer edges were also somewhat affected.

How could these small King's Stars resist the Emperor's Aura? The remaining King's Stars hid in the sky in fear, disappearing quickly.

The countless Legatees suffered a massive backlash from this. They felt as if they had been struck by an unimaginable force and coughed up a large mouthful of blood. Some of them fell from the sky, and it was uncertain if they were still alive.

A trace of fear appeared on the four Guardian Beasts' faces; they had never thought that Zhao Fu's power would be so great to be able to even injure them. They did not know that Zhao Fu had once suppressed the Spirit Light world's four Guardian Beasts.

Without the Legatees' support, the bindings around Zhao Fu naturally dispersed. Zhao Fu looked down at the battlefield below and slowly raised the Emperor Killing Sword.


Zhao Fu's sword descended as a shocking blood-red light slashed out, seeming to be able to tear apart the world. The defensive wall was slashed apart by the strike, and a sword gash that was 10,000 meters wide and spanned a few regions appeared. That terrifying power caused the Western Continent's army to sink into boundless terror.

The three Emperor's Stars gradually faded it into the sky, and Zhao Fu powerlessly fell from the sky. Xianru suddenly appeared and caught Zhao Fu.

Bai Qi looked away, his gaze becoming cold as he drew the Seven Murders Sword and pointed it towards the sky. The 14 others with General Armaments also raised their General Armaments and pointed them towards the sky.

"Seven Murders Star!"

"Army Destroyer Star!"

"Voracious Wolf Star!"

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Loud shouts sounded out as rays of aura containing terrifying power shot into the sky, causing the sky to tremble, after which stars giving off terrifying auras descended.

There were 15 stars in total giving off different starlight, different than the King's Stars and Emperor's Stars. These stars all gave off General's Aura as they were General Stars.

The 15 General Stars gave off terrifying might as they covered the entire battlefield, causing the atmosphere to become much heavier. The starlight dyed the world into different colors, and under those General Stars, everyone felt a sense of terror.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Bai Qi and the others activated the sixth special effect of the General Armaments, and auras continuously rose up from the soldiers. The soldiers' eyes became blood-red, and massive power emanated out from their bodies as battle intent filled their minds, causing them to go out of control.

"Kill!" Great Qin's soldiers gave off different auras, making them look like a multi-colored sea. They gave off a world-destroying aura as they charged towards the defensive wall.

Under this terrifying aura, the Western Continent's army instinctively felt terror. It was unknown how many of the Legatees were still alive, causing their morale to fall. They were unable to oppose Great Qin's ferocious aura at all.

The 100 meter tall Corpse Soul Commanders climbed up the defensive walls and destroyed the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae before chaotically swinging their weapons about, smashing soldiers into meat paste. The scene was incredibly gory and shocking.

With nothing to threaten them anymore, the Wyverns became fearless again. They blasted out flames and icy air, burning or freezing soldiers to death. After unleashing their blasts, the Wyverns leapt forwards and smashed people flying. The Wyverns started slaughtering, taking revenge for earlier.

The 20,000 Stage 4 Generals that Great Qin had hidden suddenly revealed themselves, ferociously attacking the Western Continent's City Lords, forcing the 40,000 City Lords into retreating.

Finally, Great Qin's army on the ground charged forwards like an ocean towards the defensive walls, scaling them in just a short while and breaking through the Western Continent's defenses. This meant that the Western Continent's army had failed and that Great Qin had won the final battle.

Seeing that they had already lost, countless soldiers and City Lords started to retreat and escape. Some soldiers and City Lords completely gave up, kneeling on the ground to surrender to Great Qin.

This half-month long war finally concluded, and Great Qin's soldiers and City Lords charged into the Western Continent. Now, all there was left was to conquer the Western Continent's regions. Soon, the human world would belong to Great Qin.

Boom! Boom!

Two massive explosions sounded out as two rays of light shot into the sky with immense power. Two massive doors containing incredible power appeared; one was engraved with a picture of the Divine Sun Fire bird, giving off a fiery light, and the other was engraved with a picture of the Emperor Sovereign White Whale, giving off white light.

Su Yan turned to look at the Western Continent and sighed as he shook his head, feeling quite bitter, before he walked into one of the doors. Some others also followed behind him, after which they disappeared.

Zhao Fu woke up a few days later. His injuries were not very severe this time, and by now, Great Qin had conquered most of the Western Continent and Eastern Archipelagos. Now, they only had to clear out the regions. It could be said that Great Qin had completed its goal of unifying the human world.

Following this, Zhao Fu heard about the two large doors, causing him to frown.

Those two doors were doors to other worlds, and they could be used to summon creatures. The Western Continent's forces had used similar doors to summon many Outlanders, but these two doors were different - they had been created using the Divine Sun Fire Bird egg and Emperor Sovereign White Whale egg as their cores.

This allowed the two doors to connect to other worlds, and because the two eggs were eggs of the human world's Guardian Beasts and contained the human world's source energy, they could ignore the Heaven Domain Boundary.